Fuel Pump Wires Color Codes (Ford, GM, Others)

Doing a DIY electrical job on your car? Know the wire color codes will greatly help you. This article explains fuel pump wires color codes for Ford and GM vehicles.

Different automakers use different wire colors to configure electrical circuits; if you tamper with the circuits, you need to know what each wire represents.

Fuel pump relays have four (4) wires of different colors; the colors differ by car model/make. However, the colors are usually black with white strips, grey, black, and pink or purple. Explained below are what these wires stand for in a typical fuel pump relay connection.

Fuel Pump Wires Color Codes

The fuel pump is a crucial part of any vehicle’s fuel injection system; its failure can trigger a lot of issues, including engine knocking. When the fuel pump is bad, the engine won’t get enough fuel to function, which can lead to several scenarios you definitely don’t want to experience.

That said, any issue with the fuel pump should be fixed as early as possible, even if it warrants you doing it yourself. DIYing your fuel pump system to fix electrical faults isn’t bad, but before you tamper with the wires, ensure that you know each wire’s purpose.

Usually, the fuel pump has four wires; a pink/black wire for grounding, a yellow/white wire that sends the fuel level info, a grey or orange wire as the pump’s power cable, and a blue wire that sends warning signals for low fuel level or other problems with the fuel pump.

When you turn the car on, the fuel gauge wire will read 5V current. Below is a more detailed explanation of these fuel pump wire codes.

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1. The Fuel Pump Wire

The actual fuel pump wire is typically grey or orange; it could be other colors, but grey and orange are common with Ford and GM vehicles.

2. Ground Wire

The fuel pump ground wire is usually black (with a white strip) or plain white (with no stripe) on Ford and GM motors.

3. Ignition or Starter Wire

On most cars, the fuel pump ignition or starter wire is black; it is orange on some vehicles. When you start your car, this wire kicks the fuel pump into action by powering a solenoid inside the pump relay; the solenoid is grounded.

4. Fuel Gauge / Fuel Level Wire

The fuel level wire is what relays the amount of fuel left in the tank to the ECU; the signal from this wire is transmitted to the fuel gauge on your car’s dashboard. This wire is usually coated yellow with a white strip or purple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Toyota Corolla Fuel Pump Wire Color Codes?

Here’s the most common fuel pump color code for Toyota Corollas: black/red (relay’s solenoid); green/red (ECU/grounds wire); black/red (the pump relay’s high power armature/switch); blue/black (fuel pump power wire). it is important to note that your car may have different color codes.

How Do You Find The Exact Fuel Pump Wire Color Code For Your Car?

You can always download the fuel pump wiring diagram or schematic for your car or truck model and see what each wire represents. Information about the wire color codes is unavailable in the owner’s manual.

How Do You Wire a New Fuel Pump?

This is quite a complex task, and you should have a professional electrician handle it for you. However, you can look up and study your car’s fuel pump wires color codes and connect the cables accordingly. Wrong fuel pump wiring can lead to costlier damages.

What Powers The Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump on any car is powered by the fuel pump relay – an electrical device that directs current flow to the pump itself. Any damage to the relay wire would cause the fuel pump not to function as designed.


Fuel pump wires color codes differ; a newer car model may come with different codes. That said, when dealing with fuel pump wires, you should follow a schematic that clearly indicates the specific functions of the fuel pump wires in your vehicle.

If you’re unfamiliar with electrical cables, it is best to have an auto electrician assist you with fuel pump wiring tasks.

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