Does a New Transmission Reset Miles? (Verified Facts)

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It’s no big surprise that transmissions fail due to several reasons. When your transmission fails, the best option you’ve got is to replace it with a new one. Now, there’s this question about replacing the transmission, “does a new transmission reset miles?”

Changing the transmission or engine of a high mileage vehicle does not reset the miles. The odometer is not connected to the transmission, and as such, the transmission system in motor vehicles does not influence miles readings.

The mileage reading on a vehicle plays a role in determining the car’s value. If you want to sell a used car, one of the main things buyers would look out for is the mileage reading on the odometer. A car with several miles would definitely cost less than a car with a few miles.

Does Transmission Connect To The Odometer?

Does a New Transmission Reset Miles

The odometer is an electrical device, connected to the wheels of a vehicle; it gets signals from the wheels as the car drives. Thus, as long as a vehicle’s tires are moving, the numbers on the odometer would keep increasing; the numbers stop counting when the wheels stop moving.

Yes, as you may guess, the odometer is what calculates the mileage of a vehicle, and it does that by reading and monitoring the movements of the wheels. On the other hand, the transmission is part of a vehicle’s drivetrain; it is a crucial component that should not be taken for granted.

A vehicle with a bad transmission would most likely not drive smoothly; or in worst scenarios, it won’t drive at all.

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The transmission system is indirectly connected to the engine, but it is not connected to the odometer. When a car has bad transmission, it is the engine that gets affected and not the odometer (or its readings).

There is practically no direct relationship between the transmission and the odometer in a motor vehicle.

Does a New Transmission Reset Miles?

Putting a new transmission won’t change the mileage reading on a vehicle. Before the transmission change, every component on a vehicle has the same mileage as outputted in the odometer.

It is even important that you write down the date you changed the transmission of your car; it is important for future references.

Asides from changing your transmission, changing any other component of your vehicle won’t reset the mileage – even if you change the entire wheels. The odometer device is standalone and its data can only be changed manually.

In essence, if you want to reset the miles of your vehicle, you have to manually tamper with the odometer, which is not an advisable act. Notwithstanding, changing your transmission is good, especially if you had a collision and the old one got badly damaged.

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In summary, your car does not obtain its mileage from the transmission or engine (even though these are seemingly the most important parts of a vehicle).

Hence, getting any of these replaced has nothing to do with resetting or altering the number of miles you’ve already got on a vehicle.

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