Avis Vs Budget: Car Rental Brands Compared

When you talk of Avis vs Budget, you’re literally considering hiring a ride for some specific purposes. It could be to hire a ride you’d drive all through your stay in a new city, or just a ride to take you to an important event, meeting, or appointment.

Whichever it is, Avis and Budget are good car rental companies, but there are some differences you may love to know.

Avis is a bit more expensive and considered a rental service for “Premium/Luxurious” cars. On the other hand, Budget does not have too many premium cars in its fleet, and it’s considered the lower-end among the two brands.

Avis Car Rental Overview

Mostly, you can only rent Avis in airports and in main rental centers. The company was founded by Warren Avis in 1948, in Michigan, United States, but now has its headquarters located in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States.

Avis car rental services are provided in many countries across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

Avis is practically the most popular car rental service provider in the world and it has a large fleet of “Premium” and “Luxury” car models – suitable for all kinds of cruising needs. The parent company of Avis Car Rental is Avis Budget Group. 

Budget Car Rental Overview

Budget Car Rental, commonly shortened as “Budget,” is a car rental service provided founded in 1958 by Jules Lederer and Morris Mirkin.

You’d save more by booking with Budget and the company offers a large fleet of modern rides. However, Budget’s fleet is not filled with as many luxury vehicles as you’d find with Avis.

There are several services offered by Budget, including a car wash – if you need the rented car to be washed inside out. Also, the parent company of Budget is the Avis Budget Group, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States.

Avis Vs Budget: Key Differences

Before comparing the differences between Avis and Budget car rental companies, it is important to note that they are both owned by the same parent company – Avis Budget Group.

So, in essence, Avis and Budget are sister companies; the parent company has other car rental brands, namely, Zipcar and Payless.

1. Types of Cars Available

Both Avis and Budget offer almost the same type of vehicles to their respective customers; however, Avis has more premium car models than Budget. In other words, you have more variety with Avis than Budget.

Notwithstanding, the type of cars offered by both companies include SUVs, compact cars, minivans, trucks sedans, vans, eco-friendly vehicles, sports cars, commercial vehicles, and specialty vehicles.

2. Rental Requirements

The rental requirements for Avis and Budget are practically the same – all drivers must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driving license.

Both companies also offer the same payment options and no deposit is required; you can pay with cash or using your debit/credit card.

3. Premium and Value-Conscious Tiers

Between Avis and Budget, Avis is considered the brand for the company’s Premium-Tier customers while Budget is the brand for Value-Conscious customers. A car you may see at $400 on Budget may be available at $500 on Avis – even though it’s the same car (the same model, chassis, etc.).

So, if you want to save more on car rentals, Budget is the best brand to go with, while Avis is there if you’re looking for a higher-end, more luxurious vehicle. Of course, both brands offer reasonable discounts so you can get the best deal, always.

4. Mileage Concerns

While Avis and Budget have mileage limits for their rented cars, Avis has more unlimited mileage plans than Budget. It is safe to say that AVIS is the winner when it comes to mileage limits.

However, for rental plans that come with mileage limits, when you exceed the mileage limit, you’d pay additional fees.

5. Price and Discounts

Renting cars with Avis is more expensive than renting with Budget; however, both companies offer discounts up to $200 or more.

6. Available Locations

Avis is available in 5,500 locations worldwide, while Budget is available in 3,925 locations. This calculation was in 2019; the brands have expanded into newer locations since 2019 to date.

What More?

The difference between Avis and Budget car rental services is not too many – and also not too significant. You’d mostly find Avis and Budget offices located in the same place (Avis on the right and Budget on the left).

Both brands are subsidiaries of the same parent company and typically have the same business model. In comparing Avis vs Budget, the major different is that Avis has more premium offers and vehicles than Budget. Just as the name implies, Budget is the car rental service for budget-friendly customers.

You’d find both Avis and Budget in most countries in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia. There are different ways to pay when you go with Avis or Budget car rentals.

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