Why Are FJ Cruisers So Expensive? (Explained)

Whether you’re buying a brand new one or a used model, FJ Cruisers are typically expensive. But why are FJ Cruisers so expensive (mostly the used ones)? You’d find used FJ Cruisers – with many miles – still selling at a price not too far from a brand new one.

Well, FJ Cruisers have such a fascinating lifelong history, which is why all model years of the SUV are selling in high numbers. The FJ Cruiser is the most robust SUV ever built by Toyota; it practically beats the 4Runner in every aspect (except capacity/space).

FJ Cruisers are expensive because they are incredibly reliable and suitable for any off-road adventure. There are other reasons why they are highly priced; which are explained below.

Why Are FJ Cruisers So Expensive?

1. FJs Have Higher Resale Value

One of the main reasons FJ cruisers are popular is because of the high resale value. For example, you could buy an FJ Cruiser at $25k, drive it for 2 years or more, and still sell it at $25k or even a little bit higher.

People still buy high-mileage FJ Cruisers because they’re confident the car would last them for many more years. Typically, a well-maintained FJ Cruiser can last over 400k miles without needing any severe repair.

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2. Exceptional Performance and Reliability

Why Are FJ Cruisers So Expensive

To start with, the FJ Cruiser is built for off-road tours and is built strong. The FJ Cruiser is remarkable for its outstanding off-road performance and reliability. Toyota FJ Cruiser is the highest-rated Toyota SUV in terms of reliability and off-road performance.

You can compare the performance of FJ Cruisers with Jeep Wranglers and Land Rovers, but the FJ Cruiser beats these rides in terms of reliability. The body of FJ Cruisers is fortified to withstand severe conditions; FJs typically last longer than other compact SUVs in its category.

3. The Build

Asides from the FJ Cruisers having a fortified exterior body, they also have a sophisticated interior. Yes, the SUV does not give so much space for passengers and cargo, but the interior is well designed for up to four passengers, and it’s pretty furnished to a great extent.

Along with the sophisticated interior and exterior build, FJ Cruisers have an impressive towing ability; you can use the SUV to tow up to 5,000 pounds. You can attach a trailer to this SUV and get going with your mountain climbing adventure. FJ Cruisers can go through any terrain – on and off-road.

4. Limited Supply

Toyota has stopped producing  FJ Cruisers since 2014, so there are very few new FJ cruisers out there. Chances are that you’d find more used FJ Cruisers than brand new ones, which is why the used ones are almost the same price as brand new ones.

FJ Cruiser lovers wouldn’t mind picking up a used (newer) year than a brand new older year. Why? Because, even as used, FJ Cruisers give you the confidence that you’re driving a strong, reliable SUV that can take you to any adventure, regardless of the terrain.

Hopefully, Toyota will resurrect the FJ Cruiser line sometime in the future, but for now, there is a very limited supply, and the demand is somehow higher than the supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The FJ Cruiser?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser sells between $23,000 and $45,000, you can still find some options with higher price tags up to $52,000. Basically, Toyotas hold their value even after many miles, and the FJ Cruiser is one of the most-dependable SUV models from the brand. It is pretty much better than the Rav4 and 4Runner SUVs.

Are FJ Cruisers Really That Reliable?

Yes, just like the Prado series, 4Runner series, Land Cruiser series, and Highlander series, the FJ Cruisers are very reliable and can go over 300,000 miles without having critical issues. However, you need to properly maintain the SUV – use the recommended fluids/engine oils, and go for servicing frequently.

Why Did Toyota Stop Making FJ Cruisers If They Were So Good?

The major reason why Toyota stopped making FJ Cruisers is due to declining sales. The FJs weren’t generating enough money to push the production into the second generation. Notwithstanding, and although discontinued, FJ Cruisers are still in high demand because of their dependability and quirky design.

What Does FJ Stand For?

The FJ stands for the engine type and vehicle type; while the “F” indicates the engine style/build, the “J” stands for “Jeep.” So, FJ Cruisers have an F-shaped engine that is fortified for all conditions. Well, the early FJ Cruisers had a B-shaped engine and were widely recognized as BJs.


So, why are FJ Cruisers so expensive? Standard, the FJ Cruisers are “monstrous” SUVs for off-road adventures and they are incredibly reliable.

The sturdy exterior design, waterproof interior, tough tires, rugged body, limited supply, and pretty much more are the reasons why FJs are expensive in the market.

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