How Fast Can You Drive In 4 Wheel Drive High?

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The 4-wheel mode on your car is there for a reason; literally, it engages all the wheels, but that doesn’t mean you should drive with the mode activated. There are special scenarios where you should engage the 4WD mode.

Of course, there are different 4WD modes, and you should clearly understand how each of them works. 4-wheel drive (High) is the most common 4WD mode you’d need to engage quite frequently – if you’re driving in the Winter season, or cruising off-road. But how fast can you drive in 4 wheel drive high?

Most automakers recommend maintaining 55mph while driving in 4WD High mode; this is to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t lose traction on the slippery road, which could cause damage (break) on one of the drivetrain components.

What is 4 Wheel Drive High?

Commonly shortened as 4H, 4-Wheel Drive High is a 4WD mode that is engaged when driving on rocky, icy, muddy, or snowy tracks. However, it is not meant to be used to attempt driving out when one of your tires gets stuck in a muddy path – such scenarios are salvaged using 4-Wheel Low (4L).

You shouldn’t drive on dry pavements with 4H mode activated; it’d cause your car tires to wear faster, and they may tear too. Driving with 4H on dry tracks can also cause fatal damages to the powertrain/drivetrain.

Furthermore, in your car owner’s manual, there are instructions on how you can use the 4H mode; stick with those instructions.

How Fast Can You Drive In 4 Wheel Drive High?

It is recommended by most automakers that drivers do not exceed 55mph when driving on 4H mode. This recommendation has been accepted by so many people, and it’s now seen as a standard. That said, the fastest you should drive in a 4-wheel drive high is 55mph.

However, this does not imply that you cannot exceed 55mph on 4H mode; but, if you do, your car is likely going to lose balance and braking would not respond swiftly. The purpose of maintaining 55mph is to ensure good traction, and also for a swift response when you apply the brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Drive 4H On Dry Highway Pavements?

The best roads to drive 4WD High are snowy, wet, icy, muddy, and rocky roads; asides from these types of roads, don’t activate the 4H mode, it’d cause expensive damages to the drivetrain or powertrain.

What’s The Maximum Speed to Drive in 4-Wheel Drive High?

The recommended speed level to maintain in 4H mode is 45mph – 55mph (maximum). If you go farther than this speed level, at the end of your trip, you may need to drive back to a mechanic shop to fix a couple of things.

Can You Switch From 4H to 4L?

Yes, you can. However, you need slow down the car to around 10mph, or even down to 5mph before making the switch. Also, ensure that you’re not pressing down the gas pedal and that the transmission is in the (N) Neutral position while you’re making this switch.

Final Words

So, how fast can you drive in 4 wheel drive high? it is advisable to maintain a maximum 55mph speed, and if you’re going to switch to 4L, reduce your speed to 5 – 10mph and also put the transmission in (N) Neutral.

4-wheel drive high (4H) is recommended when you’re driving through snowy paths, icy roads, muddy tracks, and rocky roads or off-road cruises. More so, inside your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you’d find the recommended speed to drive in 4H mode.

Hopefully, this article detailed the answer you needed about the maximum speed you can drive in 4H mode. Do enjoy the rest of your day.

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