Are Continental Tires Good? (Critical Analysis!)

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When you mention the top tire brands globally, definitely Continental Tires would find a space in the top 5. Continental Tires have longer tread life than most tires from its competitors – within specific ranges. Yes, you’d find a lot of good reviews about this tire brand, but for real, are Continental tires good?

Yes, Continental is among the top premium tire brands globally, so, tires from this brand come with a seemingly high price tag. However, in terms of performance, Continental tires are really good, and they typically last longer, thanks to the brand’s unique tread patterns.

There are different tire models from this brand, and here, we’d be making a general review of all Continental tire models!

Continental Tires Overview

Continental Tire is a brand under Continental AG, a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company based in Hanover, Germany. Tires from this brand are sold globally, and they are really good.

The brand is the fourth-largest tire manufacturer worldwide; asides from its main headquarters in Hanover, Continental Tire has another headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  

Whether you’re looking for a new set of tires for your SUV, truck, van, limo, or any other type of car, Continental Tire has tire series for these types of cars. The brand manufactures OE seasonal tires and all-season tires for top auto brands, including Audi, Tesla, and Porsche.

While many people complain that Continental tires are expensive, they are actually not as expensive as Goodyear and Michelin tires. The brand, Continental Tire, is focused on producing eco-friendly tires that guarantee safety on all roads types.

Are Continental Tires Good?

Continental Tire ModelTire TypeTreadwear ScoreTraction ScoreTemperature Resistance
TerrainContact A/TLight truck/SUV
ExtremeContact DWS 06Passenger
Ultra-high performance
TrueContact TourPassenger
Standard touring
CrossContact LXCrossover/SUV
Table Source: Automoblog

Generally, Continental tires are good; they last longer thanks to their unique patented tread patterns. Also, Continental tires are cheaper than higher-end Michelin and Goodyear tires; they deliver good performance on both wet and dry roads.

The brand has a long history of manufacturing good, and quality tires – since 1871 when it was founded. While the brands have a lot of popular tires in the market, we have just mentioned the most popular, and best-performing models.

What Makes Continental Tires Good?

Here are some reasons why we consider Continental tires a good choice for anyone looking for replacement tires to buy.

1. Good Handling and Traction

What else would you want from a tire aside from good traction and handling? Continental tires provide good traction and handling, thanks to the advanced materials used in the construction processes.

2. Top Quality and Good Performance

Continental all-season tires deliver excellent performance on all road types, regardless of the season. Also, the brand offers a limited warranty on all of its products to reassure its confidence in the quality of its tire.

3. Quieter and Long-Lasting

When choosing a new set of tires, one of the things to consider is the tire’s road noise level. Interestingly, Continental tires do not make a lot of noise as you drive. They promote quieter driving and they last long.

4. Multiple Size Options

Tires are sold by size. Continental Tire produces tires of different sizes. The VikingContact 7 model comes in g sizes: 15-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch. The section widths for this tire are 145mm – 285mm. Other models come in different sizes and widths, too.

Why are Continental Tires So Expensive?

Continental is a premium brand; the brand spends a lot of money on researching materials and technologies for manufacturing premium-quality tires. Continental tires are compared with tires from premium brands such as Michelin and Goodyear, and that’s why they seem pretty expensive.

How Many Miles Are Continental Tires Good For?

Depending on the model you bought, some Continental tire models have a 70,000 mileage warranty, which means they can last for up to 70,000 miles without wearing out.

Best Continental Tire Models to Buy

  • Continental WinterContact Snow & Ice (SI): A budget-friendly winter tire made with PolarPlusTM technology for excellent traction on snowy roads.
  • Continental TrueContact: Practically the best all-season passenger tire from Continental. This tire performs excellently in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.
  • Continental ExtremeContact: This is an ultra-high performance tire for sports vehicles. It performs well in snow and slush.
  • Continental PureContact LS: Made for grand touring. This tire is crafted with the brand’s patented ComfortRide and EcoPlus technology. It has a longer tread life than most other models from the brand, and offers great comfort while driving on wet and dry roads.
  • Continental CrossContact LX25: This is the brand’s best tire for SUVs and CUVs. It is equally an all-season tire made with multiple technologies to provide a luxurious ride quality.

Cost of Continental Tires

Continental tires costs from $70 to $500 per tire. Well, some very popular models cost above $400 per tire. One good thing about Continental tires is that you’d get what you paid for – good value for your money.

Thence, even with the high price tags, most drivers would still go for Continental tires when they need a replacement or upgrade from a lower-end brand.


Are Continental tires good? Yes, they are good, but may not be your best choice for some tire models. The brand is remarkable for making tires with longer tread life – backed by a limited warranty on each tire bought. Continental Tire is a German brand but has headquarters in the US.

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