What To Do With a Car That Needs a New Engine

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Okay, so you’ve been driving your car for many years now, and it’s obvious the engine is now too old and probably needs to be replaced? Is it advisable to change the engine of such vehicle or opt-in for a new one, instead?

You may be wondering what to do with a car that needs a new engine, and this article is your answer.

Before settling with changing the engine on an old car, there are quite many important things to consider. What if you also need to change the transmission? And what if other important parts of the car have severely worn out?

If your old car is up for engine replacement, first check other important components, if they’re in good shape, then you can go on with the replacement. But, if changing the engine would warrant replacing many other parts of the car, a new (used) car could be ideal.

What To Do With a Car That Needs a New Engine

What To Do With a Car That Needs a New Engine

First things first, you need to run comprehensive troubleshooting to validate if the car is worth fixing – changing the engine – or you should just get a new car.

Sometimes, although your car needs a new engine, it is worth getting the new engine. You may ask why, and here’s the answer.

1. Seek Mechanics’ Suggestions

Before a mechanic would suggest you get a new engine, he must have checked several factors and troubleshoot your vehicle’s central computer.

However, we all know that not all mechanics are “Professionals;” one may suggest you get a new engine, and if you visit another workshop, the mechanic there may suggest a repair.

That said, one of the things to do when it seems you should be getting a new engine is to seek the suggestions and opinions of different mechanics. Sometimes, changing an old car’s engine is almost as costly as getting a new (used) car.

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2. Sell The Car

There are people and websites that buy vehicles with blown engines or damaged engines. You can get in touch with such websites or junkyards to sell the vehicle. If every other component of the vehicle is in good shape, you’d get a great deal for the car.

After the sale, you could add up some more money and get another car that has a sound engine (and possibly low mileage).

Well, you can still sell the vehicle in parts (I.e., sell the components differently); in some cases, you may realize more money selling your wrecked car, parts by parts, than selling it as a “whole.”

3. Change The Engine

When you check and other parts of the car are in perfect condition, changing the engine won’t be a bad decision.

Apparently, the cost of getting a new engine is cheaper than buying a new car. Although, in some cases, the price difference isn’t so significant.

4. Go For Engine Rebuild

Ever heard of rebuilding engines? Yes, this means the bad engine in your car would be dismounted and thoroughly repaired (rebuilt).

Rebuilding an engine is cheaper than getting a new one, and much cheaper than getting a new car. This will also save you from selling off the car at a ridiculously cheap price as “Junk.”

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What More?

Are you still wondering what to do with a car that needs a new engine? These tips are the best suggestions you need to hear.

It’s either you get the engine rebuilt, sell off the car as junk, or get a new engine – probably a remanufactured engine. Well, you can just dump the car in your garage and get another one (chuckles).

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