Why Does My Drive Shaft Keep Breaking? (4 Possible Reasons)

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You’ve probably had to repair or replace your driveshaft a number of times, and this time you really want to know why each driveshaft you’ve been using keeps breaking or falling off. But why does my drive shaft keep breaking?

Drive shaft can break due to several reasons, such as fake spare parts, poor installation, etc, and we’ll discuss all that shortly. Truth be told, your driveshaft can’t just keep damaging without a cause.

Driveshaft repair or replacement should be done by an experienced auto mechanic; you shouldn’t try out DIY practices in fixing your failing driveshaft.

So, if you’ve been doing the repairs yourself, maybe you’re not doing it well, and that’s why it keeps failing. And you have to find a lasting solution to it as you can’t drive with a bad driveshaft.

In contrast, if a mechanic is in charge of your vehicle repairs, then any of these reasons mentioned below could the cause of the ordeal you’re facing with your driveshaft.

Why Does My Drive Shaft Keep Breaking?

Why Does My Drive Shaft Keep Breaking

The driveshaft isn’t fragile, so it is not supposed to break if excessive pressure is not exerted on it.

More so, driveshafts are not entirely the same; every car has its own, and if you use the driveshaft for another vehicle to replace yours, chances are that it would not serve you well, and would eventually break down.

So, what are the possible causes of the repeated breaking down of your vehicle’s driveshaft?

Let’s discuss them below.

1. Fake/Weak Products

Sometimes, when you take your car to a mechanic workshop to get it fixed, the workers may use fake or weak (used) products to fix your vehicle.

This could be the case with your ordeal; thus, you need to have a verified workshop or mechanic that works on your car.

A good driveshaft should work for a long time (under normal driving conditions), and would definitely show signs of failure before breaking down at last (if the signs were ignored).

2. Improper Installation

Driveshaft configurations vary from vehicle to vehicle, when the driveshaft is not properly installed, or the wrong one was used for your vehicles, chances are that it would last for a long time before breaking down.

Hence, improper installation is one of the possible reasons why your driveshaft fails all the time.

3. Something Else Is Not In Good Shape

The driveshaft does not function solely, it connects to many other components to form the drivetrain. When one of the drivetrain components is badly damaged, it could cause the driveshaft to break down frequently.

That said, you’d need to have a mechanic check every other component that connects to the driveshaft; one of them could be the culprit.

4. Harsh Driving Conditions

Another reason why your driveshafts keep breaking could be due to your driving style or your environment.

If you usually drive on rough paths with too many potholes and road bumps, your car may hit hard on a bump causing the axle or driveshaft to bend, and over time, that could lead to a break.

What Again?

These are the possible reasons why your driveshaft keeps breaking all the time. If you’re sure you installed a good shaft, then you need to check the other components around the driveshaft area and confirm that they are all in good shape.

More so, you must ensure that whoever is fixing or replacing your vehicle’s driveshaft using the appropriate u-joints.


Summarily, for the “why does my drive shaft keep breaking?” The answer is this, there could be different reasons why your driveshaft keeps breaking; it could be that you installed a weak/fake driveshaft or it was not properly installed.

When you start seeing signs that your driveshaft is about to fail, it is advisable to act fast and fix or replace it before the situation affects other connected components, thus, leaving you with a costlier repair.

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