What To Do If Your Transmission Goes Out While Driving?

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Some people may try to convince you that it is safe to drive a bad transmission. That’s not actually true – driving with a bad transmission can a suicidal decision.

However, what if you’re already on the road, and then your transmission goes out, what should you do? Is it safe to continue driving the car?

Well, this article explains what to do if your transmission goes out while driving. On a quick note, it’d be best to pull over at a safe corner and attend to your car before continuing with your trip/journey.

Regardless, we have mentioned quite a number of precautions and things you should do in such a situation.

What To Do If Your Transmission Goes Out While Driving?

Transmission Goes Out While Driving

Literally, transmissions don’t just go out without giving you a warning or send a signal to your car dashboard. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Hereunder are things you should do if you found yourself in a situation whereby you’re driving and your transmission went out (died).

1. Stop Driving

Firstly, you need to stop driving and park the car at a safe spot around the road (probably on the road shoulder).

After you have pulled over, wait for some minutes (20 – 30 minutes) for your car engine to cool down so that you check to confirm if the transmission actually went out or it was something else.

Driving with a bad transmission puts your life, and that of other passengers in the car, at great risk. If you confirm that the issue is related to your car’s transmission, call on a mechanic to come and help with the situation. You shouldn’t attempt DIY tricks in this situation, you may make things worse.

2. Look Out For An Alternative

Looking out for an alternative simply means finding another vehicle for the passengers you have on yours. In contrast, if you were driving alone, it means to find an alternative way to drive home. In essence, it is advisable to stop driving your car once the transmission goes out.

More so, sometimes, when the transmission goes out, your car would stop moving because it is the transmission system that controls acceleration and deceleration.

Well, if your car stops automatically, there’s no way you can drive it further without fixing the issue – attempting to drive further may ruin your car engine.

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Summarily, what to do if your transmission goes out while driving is to stop the car or allow it to stop automatically. Afterward, call a mechanic to check the actual problem – if it has to do with your car’s transmission, it is advisable to fix things up before driving further.

Driving with a bad transmission or driving a car when the transmission has gone out can lead to fatal engine damage or other severe situations.

To prevent ugly situations such as this, you should craft a maintenance schedule to have a mechanic examine your car and fix those little issues that may not seem significant. Also, always checkup your car every morning before driving out.

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