15 Best Things To Buy For A New Car

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What should I get for my first car? This is one of the many questions we often get from people after buying their first car.

Well, I know the feeling! You’re super-excited about your new car. Now, it’s time to think about the best things to buy for a new car.

You may have bought a car packed with sophisticated features, but these gears will add more beauty to your new toy and come in handy in different situations.

To an extent, we can say that these are necessary accessories for a new car. A few of them need to be integrated into the car; others only need to be saved in a cool save or place in the car (usually the trunk).

Without wasting much of your time, here are some essential car accessories for a new car that you should check out today.

Best Things To Buy For A New Car

Things To Buy For A New Car

We understand that individual preferences differ, but these gears are almost generally useful to every car owner.

1. Dashboard Gear

Yea, first things first, you should need a car dashboard gear. A car dashboard gear helps to hold your mobile device(s). In fact, this is one of the most important new car essential accessories we often recommend.

It is either glued to the dashboard or attached to the dashboard vent. This comes in handy when you want to use the GPS app on your smartphone or need to record a video while driving.

There are different types of dashboard gears, but they perform almost the same function, which is, helping you to safeguard your mobile device while driving. You should really consider this for your new car. Apparently, no car comes standard with this add-on.

2. Car Cover

If a car cover isn’t included in the purchase, you should quickly get one to use in protecting your new car from harmful elements. Car covers protect from heat and would make your new car’s paint to last longer.

There are quite a lot of things to benefit from using this gear. Hence, we’d advise you to consider it as one of the compulsory accessories for your new car. Interestingly, car covers are inexpensive and flexible; you can always find a place to store them when not in use.

3. Jumper Cable

Including a jumper cable to your car emergency kit is applaudable. This is because you’d need once in a while. Jumper cables, or jumpstart cables, are used to revive dead batteries to move a car.

Well, you may likely not experience a situation that’d require you to boost your car using a jumper, but someone else may need it, and you’ll be available to help.

Jumper cables are sold in local and online auto shops at affordable prices. They are available in types and sizes; you need to choose carefully. Some people would prefer a complete jump starter kit rather than just the jumpstart cable.

4.  Car Bluetooth Kit

This won’t be necessary if your new car already comes with built-in Bluetooth support. However, a car Bluetooth kit helps to promote hands-free communication while driving. You can find a car Bluetooth kit at a very affordable rate.

When you install a Bluetooth kit to your new car, you can stream music wirelessly to your car speakers. Furthermore, depending on the Bluetooth kit you bought, you may get a lot of smart features.

5. GPS Tracker

You certainly won’t love to hear stories that your car has been stolen or hijacked. But, these things happen; cars get stolen almost every day. However, if you install a GPS tracker, even if your car gets stolen, you can easily find the thieves using your car GPS mobile app.

This is one of the necessary accessories for a new car. A car GPS tracker is usually tiny that you can easily stash it in a place nobody else can see/access.

6. First Aid Box

Yeah, it is great to have a first aid box in your car’s trunk; a passenger may get cut, or you may be cut while trying to get things done. Also, there are other tools and gears that are included in a car first aid box, and they help in different situations.

Things that can be added to a car’s first aid kit include band-aids, gauze pads, ointment, scissors, and gloves. That said, you should consider adding a first aid kit to your car.

7. Emergency Kit

Like first aid boxes, but contains different stuff, a car emergency kit is necessary for virtually all car owners. Things that can be added to the kit include a jumper cable, window/seat belt breaker, car hammer, flashlight, and other gears.

However, this is not a compulsory gear for new cars. A lot of people don’t like occupying their cars with a lot of things; if you’re one of such people, it’s totally safe not to have an emergency kit. But, as the name implies, the gears in this kit can be very useful if you should get stuck with an emergency.

Essential Car Accessories For New Car

what should i get for my first car

8. Pressure Gauge

Considering that you can get a tire pressure gauge for as low as $10 or even $5, it is one of the necessary accessories for a new car. A tire pressure gauge helps to tell you the exact amount of air pumped into your tire.

Many auto manufacturers do specify the specific amount of air that’s perfect for your tire. So, a tire pressure gauge helps to ensure that the vulcanizer did not apply too much air or lesser air than recommended.

However, while a basic tire pressure gauge costs below $15, smarter ones cost up to a hundred bucks. For example, Carchet’s tire pressure monitoring system helps you keep tabs on your tires’ health but costs above $90.

9. Car Hammer and Tactile Flashlight

In case you ditched having an emergency kit in your new car, maybe you should consider these gears, a car hammer, and a flashlight. These tools can be a lifesaver in emergencies. More so, they are not so expensive, and you can easily find them in different auto shops (online or offline).

The flashlight can come in handy while traveling at night and get stuck on the road. It will help to provide illumination so that you can point out the fault, fix it, and continue your journey.

10. Dashboard Camera

Footages recorded by a dashboard camera can be used for further investigation in cases of collision or similar situations. Also, a dashboard camera to be a very important gear for someone who frequently picks up passengers in his new car. It helps to record activities that happen in the car while you drive.

A typical dashboard camera will cost you a few bucks, but it’s not expensive and would automatically power on once you turn on the ignition. Dashboard camera record footages at 30fps, but there are some higher specifications, and as you may guess, they cost more.

11. Car Charger

You’d definitely love to charge your mobile devices as you drive. This is only possible when you have a car charger. Basically, car chargers are plugged into a cigarette port, and then you can connect your device via USB.

But, there are some smart car chargers that provide more hi-tech features such as wireless charging capability and Bluetooth tracking.

12. Car Trash Can

A car trash can will help to keep your car clean at all times. Waterproofs, sachets, and other solid wastes from snacks can be kept out in the trash can. This is most important if you would be carrying different passengers in the car.

If it’s your private ride, a trash can may not be necessary, and you’re free to pass over this gear. However, car trash cans are very affordable and are considered one of the best things for a new car.

13. Vacuum Cleaner

The need for a vacuum cleaner cannot be overemphasized. It can help in different situations, most especially when you want to clean your car’s interior. Also, car vacuum cleaners can be used for some home cleaning tasks. So, you’re getting multipurpose gear if you buy this tool for your new car.

With the aid of a vacuum cleaner, you will easily remove dust and debris from your car to keep the interior looking good and shiny at all times. Typically, car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and portable – it won’t be difficult to find a place to store the gear before/after use.

14. Rear Cam and Parking Sensors

We are not sure about the new car you bought; it may include a rear cam that provides you with a clear view of what’s behind you. However, if the car is without this feature, consider this as one of the necessary accessories for a new car.

Many drivers end up scratching their vehicles or even colliding with static objects while trying to park in a space. But, with the help of rear cameras and parking sensors, you can easily park your car without experiencing issues. To install a rear camera, your new car must have a display monitor.

15. Blind Spot Mirrors

Attaching blind-spot mirrors to your side mirrors will help to quickly get your attention when someone is in your blind spot. Well, blind-spot mirrors are standard in most modern cars; so, this only applies if you bought an older car that lacks this important feature.

New Car Essential Accessories | Conclusion

Consider this as the list of best things to buy for a new car. These gears, gadgets, kits, and accessories mentioned in this article are essential. There might be other necessary accessories for a new car that are not listed out here, but these are virtually the most crucial ones you shouldn’t ignore.

Nevertheless, it is not compulsory that you get these gears when you buy a new car. Take your time to check out the features that are available in your vehicle.

Afterward, you can consider to install or purchase either of these gears to improve safety and prepare yourself for emergencies. We hope that you found this article worthwhile. Kindly share it with others.

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