Toyota App Remote Start Not Working (4 Causes & Fixes)

Remote start is a feature available to Toyota owners who have the Toyota app installed on their smartphones. But before you can start your Toyota remotely from the app, you must be driving a 2010 or newer model year of Toyota vehicle that supports the technology.

So, why is my Toyota app remote start not working again? There are many reasons why it stopped working; it could be that you’ve come to the end of your free trial period or the key fob battery is bad. Also, it could be a bug!

This article explains how to fix Toyota remote start problems and why you might experience the problems in the first place!

Toyota App Remote Start Not Working

Firstly, the Toyota app offers many features; Remote Start is just one of the features available in the app. Virtually all Toyota cars from 2010 onwards have the capability to be connected with the Toyota app for remote accessibility.

So, if the remote start feature stops working and other features seem to still be working fine, the possible cause could be your car’s key fob. Notwithstanding, Toyota released a note that its newer vehicles (from 2020) won’t support the remote start function any longer.

Reasons Why Toyota App Remote Start Is Not Working

1. You Got a Newer Toyota Car

The remote start function functions on 2010 thru 2019 Toyota car models. If you’ve been using it on your pre-2020 Toyota vehicle and then upgraded to a newer model year of your Toyota car, the feature won’t work for you any longer. Why?

Starting from the 2020 models, Toyota stated that it is removing the remote start function from its vehicles’ physical key fobs. But this does not mean Remote Start isn’t available on newer Toyota vehicles.

Instead, you will have to pay to have it added to your Toyota Connected Services to keep enjoying the feature. But if you’re driving a pre-2020 Toyota model and remote start isn’t working for you, try other tips explained below.


  • Pay to activate the remote start feature in your Toyota Connected Services subscription

2. App Bugs

Over time, mobile apps attract bugs that breach their performance and hinder certain actions you can previously do with the app. App developers are aware of these bugs, and that’s why mobile apps are constantly updated over time.

That said, the remote start feature isn’t working for you because you haven’t updated your Toyota app to the latest version; hence, the app is bugged.


  • Check if the app update is available on your app store; update to the latest version
  • Contact the app developer if the issue persists after updating to the latest app version

3. Dead Key Fob Battery

Probably your car’s key fob battery is dead, and that’s why your car isn’t starting remotely. In rare cases, you may need to reprogram the key fob to get the remote start feature working again.


  • Replace the battery in your car’s key fob
  • Reprogram the key fob if you did a major repair on the car’s electrical/steering system.

4. Subscription Issues

The Toyota Remote Connect app works with a subscription. You must have an active subscription to enjoy the benefits it has to offer you. If you’re on the free trial, maybe the trial period has elapsed, and that’s why you can’t use the Remote Start feature any longer.


  • Check your subscription status and reactivate your plan (if expired)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reset Toyota App Remote Start?

Use the remote car starter to lock the car when you’re inside. Turn on the car using the remote starter and after five minutes, use the key to turn off the car. Repeat the on/off cycle about four times, and the issue should be fixed.

How Much Does Toyota Remote Connect Cost?

Toyota remote connect costs $80 per month or $80 annually. Remote Connect subscription gives you access to several interesting features you’d find worthy of the cost. More interesting, new buyers may be eligible for a 3 – 10 years free trial.

Why Won’t My Remote Start Work From My Phone?

It could be fob battery issues; have you checked your key fob battery? Maybe it’s dead and needs replacement. Also, if you upgraded to a newer Toyota model, you need a Remote Connect subscription to keep enjoying the Remote Start feature.

Summary: How to Fix Toyota Remote Start Problems

Bothered about the Toyota app remote start not working? Explained here are the four common reasons why you’re facing the issue. It could be a bug, dead fob battery, subscription issues, or your car is not compatible.

Toyota remote start feature is available on 2010 to 2019 Toyota car models. However, for newer models from 2020, the feature became integrated into Remote Connect, and you have to pay a subscription to use it.

The remote start feature is quite useful and lets you start your car’s engine from anywhere. Hopefully, the tips shared in this article helped you fix the issues you were facing.

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