Get My Car Serviced At The Dealership To Keep Warranty?

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When it comes to protecting the OEM warranty on your new car, it’s important to be mindful of where you take the car for servicing to avoid stories that touches the heart. But do I have to get my car serviced at the dealership to keep warranty?

The simple answer is no; however, getting your car serviced at a dealership makes you feel much more relaxed and convinced that your car is being handled by some team of experts that really understand what to do on the car.

You could also drive your car to different dealerships (at different intervals) for servicing and maintenance, your warranty won’t be voided for that reason.

Do I Have To Get My Car Serviced At The Dealership To Keep Warranty?

There is no general rule that obliges car owners to stick with getting their new cars serviced at the dealership where the cars were bought. In fact, it is against the law in the US to insist that a car owner gets their car services in a particular dealership.

That said, and regarding the question, it is not compulsory to have your car services at the dealership just because you don’t want the warranty to be voided. According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you can service your car at any workshop or dealership, and still have the warranty intact.

Therefore, you’re the one to choose where you want to do your servicing – it could be a dealership of other car brands, or your most-trusted mechanic workshop. However, there is a condition that applies here.

If your car develops a fault after being serviced at your preferred auto workshop or dealership, the cost of fixing that fault won’t be covered by the warranty.

Can I Take My Car To a Different Dealership For Warranty Service?

Of course, you can take your car to different dealerships at different servicing intervals. However, your car comes with a manual that clearly tells when you should always check in for servicing and maintenance, ensure that you stick with that interval.

Also, each time you go for servicing and maintenance, ensure that your car’s service/maintenance manual is stamped and keep the receipts in a safe box. Another thing to note here is to ensure your car is being serviced with “Approved parts and equipment.”

These would be your proof if your main dealership tries to deny you warranty repairs simply because they didn’t do your servicing.

Unless the dealership is able to prove that the servicing done on the car is the cause of a problem you reported, they are obliged to fix your car if the repair was meant to be covered by your warranty.

What More?

No dealership or auto manufacturer has the full right to detect where you should get your car serviced so you won’t void the warranty. You only need to choose carefully and ensure that wherever you’re getting the job done is a workshop that used OEM-approved parts for servicing.

One of the reasons why you should consider your main dealership for servicing and maintenance is to ascertain that your car is being serviced professionally, and with the right tools/parts.

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