How Much Is The Cost Of Gas At Costco?

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Gasoline is undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses you face as a driver, and finding ways to save on it can make a big difference in your budget. 

So, to get the most out of every drop of gas right now, common consensus dictates that gas is always cheaper at warehouse clubs like Costco. But how much is the cost of gas at Costco?” 

There isn’t one accurate answer to this question because of the varying price of Costco gas in different locations. However, a gallon of gas at Costco costs around $3.29 or less, depending on the state. 

And if you are wondering if there are any benefits to buying from Costco, you are damn right there are. Below we give the exact price of gas at different locations and all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to fuel your vehicle.

Is Costco Gas Worth It?

It might be worthwhile to fill up your tank if you frequently purchase at Costco and utilize Costco’s other advantages, especially if the wait is short.

Via their loyalty programs and certain credit cards that reward you for buying petrol, you can save money on fuel from other gas station chains. You can save more money with these loyalty and rewards programs than at Costco.

You should ultimately perform the math yourself. Is the protracted wait worth a few dollars in savings? Along with the infamously long lines and awkward locations, you must use a credit card to make your payment and ensure your membership dues are paid on time.

Are you truly saving money by filling up at Costco instead of the gas station down the corner when you insert the numbers for your situation? Most likely not.

How Much Is The Cost Of Gas At Costco?

Did you realize that many people shop for gasoline at Costco as well? Many drivers find it a convenient option because of the affordable pricing and high-quality fuel they offer.

Costco is one of the best places to shop for various reasons, and the list keeps growing. However, the low Costco gas prices are the one thing that most of their customers choose as their top perk.

If you want to save money on gas or anything else auto-related, including tires, Costco is the place to go. In many states, Costco has the cheapest gas prices.

The location, season, and local patterns are only a few variables that may affect the answer to this question.

However, compared to conventional gas stations, warehouse club gas costs are typical $0.05 to $0.25 less per gallon. According to other research, Costco may charge as little as $0.30 less per gallon. 

The cost of gas at Costco in Florida is $3.17 per gallon, which is about average, given that it’s not the cheapest. Circle K has the most competitive gas prices, charging $2.97 per gallon. 

At $3.19 per gallon, Costco has the lowest gas prices in Idaho, matching Sam’s Club. Chevron has the state’s most expensive gas at $3.29 a gallon. The difference is only 10 cents, but we all know how it works.

At $3.35 a gallon, Costco shares the lowest gas prices in Washington with Amerimart. At $3.39, Maverik and Hilltop Service are next in line. On the other hand, the state’s most costly gasoline, at $3.59 per gallon at 76 gas chain stores,

Let’s now take a look at Pennsylvania’s gas costs. 

Costco’s gas prices are once again average at $3.44 per gallon. Stauffer’s One Stop and Sheetz have the lowest prices in the state at $3.34. 

You can download the Costco app to your Apple or Android smartphone to quickly check the price of gasoline at Costco.

Due to its ability to buy in bulk, Costco can provide lower gas pricing. Costco can negotiate lower pricing with suppliers since it buys huge volumes of fuel, and these savings can be passed on to customers through cheaper gas prices. 

Currently, Costco charges a $60 yearly cost for a basic “gold-star” membership, which entitles cardholders to in-store and online shopping, and a $120 annual price for executive-level members, who also receive other privileges. 

Assume you drive 12,000 miles a year and get 30 miles per gallon on average. So, you’ll use roughly 400 gallons of gas in a typical year.

If Costco gas is $0.30 less expensive than the gas station next door, you will save $120 a year. The cost of a standard Costco membership is half this. 

The annual price increased by $5 for gold members and $10 for executive members in June 2017. 

Costco can also maintain low overhead costs by selling petrol as a loss leader and encouraging customers to make additional purchases while they are in the store. 

Gas prices can fluctuate quickly and frequently should be kept in mind, so it’s always advisable to verify before you fill up.

By visiting the Costco website or utilizing a website or app that analyzes gas prices, you can obtain the most recent costs at your neighborhood Costco. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that the price of gasoline can change based on the fuel type you’re buying. For instance, diesel fuel can be more costly than regular fuel. Premium gasoline could also be more expensive. 

Although Costco has a reputation for having reasonable gas prices, it’s always advisable to check with other nearby filling stations. Let’s examine how Costco’s gas costs compare to its competitors.

By comparing prices at other stations, you can determine whether Costco’s prices are comparable with those of the general market or if better bargains can be had elsewhere. 

Purchasing gasoline at Costco has several advantages in addition to its affordable prices. For instance, Costco sells premium fuel that helps keep your car’s engine operating smoothly. 

Additionally, many outlets provide extended hours, which makes it simple for busy drivers to fill up before or after work. You should anticipate a great fueling experience because Costco has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. 

The location, the season, and local patterns are only a few variables that might affect the Costco average price of gasoline.

Generally speaking, Costco is renowned for having competitive gas prices that can be lower than those at other gas stations. This is partly attributable to Costco’s ability to negotiate lower costs with suppliers thanks to its large volume of purchases. 

We’ll now examine some samples to see how Costco’s gas costs compare to other businesses. 

Costco is renowned for having reasonable gas rates, and many consumers discover they may save money by filling up at Costco as opposed to other gas stations.

However, costs might differ based on several variables, so it’s always a good idea to check before you fill up.

Ways To Finding The Cheapest Gas Prices

Finding the cheapest gas prices can be difficult, but with a little planning and study, you can save some cash at Costco on your next fill-up.

Check Websites And Apps

 Real-time information on gas prices is available on some websites and mobile applications, including Costco pricing. 

Using these services, you can rapidly compare costs at many stations and locate the best offer in your area. A few well-known websites and applications are GasBuddy, AAA, and the official Costco app.

Use Costco’s Website

You can check the cost of gas before you stop at the pump, thanks to the information on Costco’s website. You can discover the current gas pricing at that location by searching the website for your neighborhood Costco.

Keep An Eye On Regional Trends

Regional factors might impact gas costs, including the season, nearby happenings, and weather. 

It’s a good idea to frequently check prices at nearby gas stations, including Costco, to get a sense of what costs are like in your neighborhood. 

You may see trends and benefit from price reductions by monitoring prices and keeping an eye out for them.

Join A Rewards Program

 Finally, you might want to consider signing up for a rewards program at a gas station like Costco. You may eventually save money on fuel if you take advantage of the rewards or discounts that many gas stations provide to regular customers.

Simply inquire with a gas station employee or visit the station’s website to learn more about these programs. You may save money the next time you fill up by using these suggestions to obtain the best gas pricing at Costco.

Furthermore, knowing what factors affect Costco’s gas costs is critical to make wise choices about where to get gasoline. Let’s examine some of the main elements that affect Costco’s gas costs in more detail.

Location And Regional Factors

 The Costco store’s location may significantly impact the cost of gasoline. The cost of transportation, local supply and demand, taxes, and other factors may all affect how much gasoline costs at a specific retailer.

Supply And Demand

The market’s supply and demand balance affect gasoline prices like any other good or service. Prices typically increase when there is a high demand for gasoline and a limited supply. 

On the other hand, prices typically go down when supply is abundant, and demand is weak.


 The competition from nearby gas stations may also impact Costco’s gasoline costs. To remain competitive, Costco may need to raise pricing if multiple gas stations offer lower prices nearby.

Seasonal Changes

 Lastly, seasonal variations in gas costs are possible. The gasoline demand often rises during summer travel, which rises during summer prices.

Consequently, even though Costco is renowned for having reasonable gas rates, it’s always a good idea to shop around before you fill up to ensure you’re getting the best value.

In conclusion, you may obtain a feel of a good value and decide where to fill up by routinely checking prices and comparing them to pricing at other stations in your neighborhood.

Does Costco Offer Discounts On Gasoline For Its Members?

Yes, Costco gives its customers discounts on gas. Costco offers a variety of advantages and savings to its customers as a membership-based store, including lower gas pricing.

While compared to other gas stations, Costco members can often save anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per gallon when filling up.

It’s important to keep in mind that the discount’s size can change depending on the place, the season, and local trends.

However, in comparison to petrol costs at other stations, Costco members can typically anticipate saving money on fuel.

You should also be aware that being a Costco member has many advantages beyond merely getting discounts on gas.

Costco members can benefit from lower costs on various other products, such as food, electronics, and home goods, in addition to lower prices on fuel.

Joining Costco can be a wise decision if you drive frequently or want to cut your gas costs.

Does Costco Accept Credit Cards For Payment At Its Gas Stations?

Yes, Costco’s gas stations accept credit cards as payment. Credit cards, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover, are accepted at Costco.

This implies that you can use any credit card to pay for gas at Costco, regardless of its type.

Additionally, using certain credit cards at Costco gas stations, including Visa and Mastercard, could come with extra perks and rewards. For instance, some credit cards give rewards points or cash back for petrol station transactions.

Therefore, inquire with your card provider to see if your card offers these advantages if you’re hoping to earn rewards for your petrol expenditures.

Before purchasing a Costco location, it’s a good idea to inquire about their specific credit card acceptance restrictions.

In addition, certain credit cards could have limits or limitations on the kinds of transactions they can be used for, such as a monthly gas station spending limit.

Knowing that Costco takes credit cards might be handy if you’re a member or simply want to save money on petrol.

Are There Any Downsides To Buying Your Gas At Costco?

Depending on how you look at it, solely purchasing gas from Costco has a few drawbacks.

 There may be lengthy lines, as was previously indicated. It could be wiser to fill up somewhere else if you need to or if your gas light is on or you’re in a hurry.

Additionally, as part of their primary goal to reduce operational expenses, they only accept Visa credit cards, Costco cash cards, or debit cards. Find out more about the top gas credit cards and how much money you may save.

Additionally, only some people live close to a Costco, so traveling further for Costco gas might not be worthwhile. Saving those extra pennies per gallon is not worthwhile if you’re consuming more gas getting to the Costco pumps.

Does Costco Gas Worth The Membership Cost?

For its Business and Gold Star Members, Costco charges a yearly membership fee of $60, while an Executive Membership costs $120. After accounting for it, you will have to fill up your fuel tank at least 34 times to up for the membership charge.

To recoup the membership cost, assuming you have an 18-gallon tank and save $0.10 per gallon at Costco, you would need to fill up there 33.33 times.

The likelihood of recovering your gas costs is slim if you don’t intend to use any of Costco’s other perks. For it to be worthwhile, you must fill up your petrol tank nearly three times every month.


At the end of the day, if you plan your shopping trip to line up with your gas fill-up, it really does pay off to be a loyal customer at Costco.

So, even if that means spending part of your morning waiting in line at the pump, it’s worth it for the low Costco gas price.

Also, Costco is known as a source of low-cost household goods, groceries, and gas stations. And that allows you to save.

Costco remains a great place to fill up because of its affordable gas prices, provided you’re patient enough for the long lines.

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