Top 6 Common Honda Crosstour Problems

The Honda Crosstour is one of the most attractive SUVs from the Japanese automaker, Honda. It is a crossover SUV with sufficient space for up to five passengers. Although Honda discontinued the Crosstour line after the 2015 model year, the CUV is still one of the decent rides to drive.

Honda Crosstour was discontinued due to “Low Sales,” but that aside, the CUV accrued a number of complaints on different platforms. Based on those complaints, this article explains the most common Honda Crosstour problems you should know.

These problems occur at different mileage, and depending on what went wrong, you could spend up to $4,000 in repairs.

Common Honda Crosstour Problems

1. Brake-Related Problems

  • Premature wear
  • Car shudders when the brake is applied

Having the brake pad or rotors changed after hitting over 150k miles can be considered “fair,” but having this change done for you in less than 25,000 miles is certainly not supposed.

A number of Crosstour owners, particularly the 2012 model year, report that the CUV brake pads and rotors wear off too faster than anyone can imagine.

According to most of the reports, the solution replaced all the brake brakes, and in some cases, the rotors were replaced too. It’s more like overhauling the car’s braking system, which costs quite a lot. The majority of the brake problems occurred before 25,000 miles.

2. Drivetrain / Powertrain Problems

  • Shuddering
  • Axle failure

The most common problem with the 2012 and 2013 model years of the Honda Crosstour was excessive vibration (shuddering) and axle failure. However, the majority of the reports hinted at “excessive vibration” while driving.

Also, there were a number of complaints that alleged the front and rear axles warped and needed total replacement under 50k miles.

The shuddering/vibration during acceleration is caused by the driveshaft or axles; it seems like the stock axles and driveshaft were poor and got damaged easily.

Fixing this problem(s) costs an average of $1,200 if you’re changing only the axles; if you have to change both the axles and driveshaft, the repair cost goes above $2,000.

3. Electrical Problems

  • AC/heater failure
  • Grinding Noise
  • Starter Failure

These problems were commonly reported for the 2013 Honda Crosstour. The complaints allege the CUV’s starter failed while the car was below 100k miles, it got replaced, and then it failed again after hitting 100,100 miles. The average repair cost for starter failure on Honda Crosstour is $600 (labor and parts).

The grinding noise reported by most 2013/2014 Honda Crosstour owners was caused by the failed starter. AC/heater problems typically occur due to failed compressors, which cost an average of $1,000 to replace.

4. Interior Accessories Problems

  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Connectivity issues
  • Door lock issues
  • Blank navigation screen

“Uncomfortable seats” were the most reported internal accessories problems for 2012, 2013, and 2014 Honda Crosstour model years.

Also, some complaints hinted that the Bluetooth system seems faulty – it doesn’t keep phonebook entries and locks up constantly. The navigation unit on the 2014 model year reportedly goes blank at intervals.

These were the most common problems, but the highlight problem was “Uncomfortable seats.” A reasonable number of Crosstour drivers allege that the seats are “just so uncomfortable” and cause back pain when you drive for quite long hours. Sadly, there’s no way to fix the seat problem; you have to deal with it.

5. Steering Problems

  • Power steering leak
  • The car vibrates when you steer

The steering is one of the most important parts of any vehicle; if the steering locks up while in traffic, that is a serious issue and may lead to critical conditions.

Some owners of Honda Crosstour allege that the steering typically goes out after some miles (no particular mileage), and some of these owners have had to fix the issue more than twice.

Another notable problem is with the power steering; there were a few reports of power steering rack leaks and module failure. These problems allegedly cost an average of $1,500 to fix. The annoying part is that most of the complaints were reported below 80,000miles.

6. Body and Paint Problems

  • Paint chipping
  • Interior leather peeling

You wouldn’t love to see your car’s interior peeling! Well, no one wishes for that, but some Crosstour owners said they had such experiences – the interior leathers got peeling, and the car’s exterior paint was chipping at some sides.

You’d need to do an upholstery repair to fix the interior peeling leather. The exterior peeling can only be fixed by repainting the car, and that costs an average of $700.

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is the Honda Crosstour?

The Crosstour managed to earn high-reliability ratings on J.D. Power and RepairPal. It scores an average of 3 out of 5 on RepairPal and 83% on J.D. Power. Honda Crosstour was one of the highly reliable Honda SUV models.

Why Was the Honda Crosstour Discontinued?

According to Honda, the Crosstour series was discontinued due to low sales and also in a bid to allow more production of the Accord and CRV models. The last Honda Crosstour was released in 2015; the series lasted for just four model years: 2010 to 2015.

How Many Miles Does A Honda Crosstour Last?

If properly driven and maintained, the Honda Crosstour CUV can easily exceed 250,000 miles, which is considerable for a crossover SUV of its caliber. The Crosstour is one of the highest-rated Honda SUV models across platforms and auto rating websites.

What More?

Explained in this article are the common Honda Crosstour problems you should know. Notwithstanding, the Crosstour is still an ideal crossover SUV (CUV) to buy. The last model – made in 2015 – holds up pretty well and delivers exceptional performance on long-distance routes.

Honda Crosstour is well-balanced and comes with a number of decent driver assistance techs and features.

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