How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild an Engine?

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There’s no argument that you’d be saving more on engine rebuild than replacement. But there are factors to influence your decision between going to have a rebuild or a complete engine replacement. One of those factors is the severity of damage that happens to your car’s engine.

If the engine is badly damaged, rebuilding may not save the situation; even if it does, the final cost would be close to what you’d pay to have a brand-new engine installed for you. But how much does it cost to rebuild an engine?

On average, an engine rebuild can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000, while rebuilding high-performance engines can go above $5,000.

The debate between engine rebuilding and replacement has lingered among car owners. Interestingly, this article addresses everything you need to know about getting your car’s engine rebuilt or replaced with a new unit.

What Does It Mean To Rebuild an Engine?

Put simply, engine rebuild means removing the engine parts that have gone bad, probably due to excessive friction, overheating, or any other reason, and replacing them with good, functioning parts.

When an engine is rebuilt, the mechanic may use the same exact parts that got spoilt (the same model, from the same brand) or upgrade to higher performance options as per the car owner’s preference and budget.

Apparently, if higher-performance parts are used to replace the old (bad) ones, your car would drive much better; you’d notice that the engine delivers better performance – even more than it used to when the car was bought new. Well, the better performance is because of the higher-end components used.

Some drivers go to rebuild their engines to get better performance, while most drivers who seek to know if “rebuilding an engine is worth it” are people who are stuck between choosing to repair their problematic or damaged engine and going for a brand new one.

Either way, rebuilding an engine can be the best thing you should do based on pretty many factors.

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild an Engine?

There is no “one price for all” when it comes to the amount of money you may spend on engine rebuilding.

But based on prices from various people who have done engine rebuilds in different places, the average cost ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, or much more higher if the car is a luxury or high-performance car.

One important factor influencing the cost of engine rebuilding is the price of the parts used. If you’re going to get higher-specked parts that are better than the previous ones on your car’s engine, then you’d be paying more; if you also go with OEM parts, the cost would still be high.

But if you go with regular aftermarket parts, you could be saving a ton of money.

In essence, the parts prices influence the final cost of engine rebuilding, then comes the labor costs, which varies based on the mechanic workshop where you’d be getting the job done.

Altogether, an engine rebuild may cost up to $5,000. Pretty expensive? You could get a new engine for a regular car around that same price – $5,000.

Is A Rebuilt Engine As Good As New?

Actually, this question has at least two correct answers: a rebuilt engine could be as good as new if the replaced parts are high quality and the mechanic also did a good job; also, a poorly rebuilt engine won’t be anywhere close to the performance and reliability of a new engine.

Also, there’s no way a rebuilt engine would have the same warranty coverage as a new one.

So, judging if a rebuilt engine can be as good as new depends on the replacement used and how proficiently the mechanic handled the task.

Definitely, if the mechanic used higher-end parts, your car would drive and feel like a brand-new vehicle, and the performance could be two times better than what you were getting prior to the rebuilding.

How Many Miles Will A Rebuilt Engine Last?

There is no specific mileage range to expect from a rebuilt engine. When an engine is rebuilt – depending on how the job was done – the engine may be as good as new, which means you can drive the engine for several hundreds of thousands of miles more.

Notwithstanding, regular serving, maintenance, and your driving style have a role to play here.

If you stick with going for oil changes when due, changing the oil, fuel, and air filters when necessary, while also sticking to a regular engine servicing/maintenance routine, certainly, you can drive a rebuilt engine for over 200,000 miles without needing any major repair.

But then, if you use the engine for heavier-duty functions, you should expect it to last for up to 150,000 miles.

What Is The Cost To Rebuild Engine?

There are two main factors that decide the final amount you’d pay to have your car’s engine rebuilt. The factors are your choice of replacement parts and the hourly charge of the mechanic workshop you’d be getting the job done.

Notwithstanding, expect your car’s engine to be rebuilt for an average of $4,200, and it may take 2 – 3 days for the job to be done.

What Is Worse, Salvage or Rebuilt?

Salvaged engines differ from rebuilt engines; a salvaged engine can be rebuilt and reinstalled in a car. A salvaged engine is simply an engine removed from a used car – it may be a wrecked car or a car that has been parked for so long.

A salvaged engine may still be good to use, while in some cases, the salvaged engine may need to be rebuilt before being put to use.

Does Rebuilt Status Affect Insurance?

Many insurers won’t give you insurance coverage for a salvaged or rebuilt engine due to the “diminished value.” If there are insurers to offer you coverage, the cost would be quite on the high side because the engine is not a new one.


So, how much does it cost to rebuild an engine? You should budget about $5,000 for parts and labor costs; you could end up going home with some bucks or may need to increase your budget, depending on the replacement parts to be used.

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