Flowmaster Super 10 Vs Super 44: Key Differences

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What’s the difference between Flowmaster Super 10 vs Super 44?

Well, that’s more like a comparison between loudness and throatiness. Apparently, Flowmaster mufflers are among the best options in the market, and there are different model series available; however, the Super 10 and Super 44 series are the most popular.

So, this article explains the key differences between these two muffler series from Flowmaster. The Super 44 series is the successor model for the Super 10, but the Super 10 series is still considered the best for V8 engines.

Choosing between the Super 10 and Super 44 is quite tricky; however, this article explains everything you should know.

What is Flowmaster Super 10 Muffler?

Flowmaster Super 10 is considered the loudest and most aggressive of all Flowmaster mufflers. Hence, it is recommended for drivers who are looking to get loud, aggressive tones when they hit the throttle.

Due to the high performance of Flowmaster Super 10, it is considered the better option to install on a car with a V8 engine.

Of course, the Super 10 series features Flowmaster’s race-proven Delta Flow Technology while flaunting a shorter, compact design that makes it fit into various cars easily. Flowmaster Super 10 muffler is more aggressive than the Super 40s and 44s, but it doesn’t really give you that deep throaty tones you seek.

What is Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler?

The newer models of a product are expected to outperform the older models; Flowmaster Super 44 takes performance to a whole new level – producing deep-rich tones, while not being so loud as the Super 10 series. The Super 44 muffler is equally aggressive and can also be installed in V8 heavy-duty engine vehicles.

The design makes installation easy; Super 44 features a two-chamber power and torque-enhancing design with integrated race-proven delta flow technology. Of course, the Super 44 is loud – but not so loud. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an aggressive, smooth-sounding muffler.

Flowmaster Super 10 Vs Super 44: Comparison

Factor/Muffler TypeSuper 10Super 44
TechnologyDelta FlowDelta Flow
Sound EffectAggressiveAggressive
Build MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel

Design and Build

The design and build of these muffler series look so similar – well, there are from the same brand. The most significant difference between the Super 10 and Super mufflers is that the former has a shorter body, while the latter is longer (not basically bigger/broader).

Both muffler series are made with stainless steel material. But the Super 44 has a thin case, which makes it lighter in weight and provides better ground clearance after installation than the super 10; this could be a deal-breaker for drivers who prefer higher ground clearance.

Features and Technologies

Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow Technology – which eliminates internal noise – is integrated into these mufflers, and that’s the major technology that differentiates Flowmaster’s mufflers from their competitors.

There is practically no difference between the Super 10 and Super 44 in terms of features and technologies.

Performance (Aggressiveness and Loudness)

Here’s the aspect everyone is looking to read. Apparently, the main reason for buying an aftermarket muffler is to improve and customize the sound coming from your car’s exhaust when you rev and accelerate. Well, the Super 10 muffler is the loudest between the two but not the “most aggressive.”

On the other hand, the Super 44 is loud (but not as loud as the Super 10) and produces a more aggressive rich tone. The deeper tones are like “old-school bass sounds,” very aggressive and rich.

The lightweight casing of the Super 44 also contributes to its better performance than the Super 10. More so, the Super 44 has no internal packing to blow out.

Flowmaster Super 44 Vs. Super 10: Key Differences and Similarities

Listed below are the main differences, as well as the similarities between these two Flowmaster muffler series.


  • The Super 44 muffler comes in a thin/lightweight case, which has more ground clearance than the Super 10
  • The Super 10 muffler is the loudest; if you want loudness, it is the best choice
  • Super 44 gives you richer, throatier sounds than the Super 10
  • You can install the Super 44 into any vehicle easily, but you may need a longer pipe to install the Super 10 due to its short-body design


  • Both mufflers are built with the same technologies, majorly Delta Flow Technology
  • Super 10 and Super 44 mufflers are built using stainless steel materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Flowmaster Muffler Gives High-Performance Exhaust Notes?

Practically, it is the Super 44 muffler that delivers high-performance exhaust tones while not still sounding so loud. Notwithstanding, the Flowmaster Super 44 muffler is loud enough as you’d expect from an aftermarket muffler of its caliber.

What Flowmaster Has The Deepest Sound?

Flowmaster alleges that the Super 44 muffler is the most aggressive, deepest sounding, and highest performing four-inch street muffler they’ve ever built! Well, users of the Super 44 confirmed that, too; on different fora, you’d find more people recommending the Super 44 over the Super 10.

Are Flowmaster Super 10 Models Street Legal?

Well, it all depends on where you live and drive. The Super 10 are so loud that the noise level exceeds the recommended average in some cities. So, if your city prohibits loud vehicles, you may have to ditch the Super 10 and go for quieter yet high-performing Flowmaster series like the Super 40s or Super 44s.

What More?

This is a straightforward Flowmaster Super 10 vs. Super 44 comparison article – focusing on the main points you ought to know. Summarily, the Super 10 and Super 44 mufflers are good and easy to install on any vehicle, including trucks and cars with a V8 engine.

The performance of both mufflers is acceptable, but you may want to go with the Super 44 since it’s less noisy and promises a better performance (especially in producing rich, deep exhaust tones) than the Super 10.

The price difference isn’t much; you’d only be paying an extra $6 – $7 to get a Super 44 over a Super 10 model. You get the manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty coverage if you buy from accredited stores.

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