Flowmaster Super 10 Vs 40: Fully Compared

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Mufflers play an important role in the type of sound your car’s exhaust makes. Although stock mufflers do a good job, some drivers feel they need more, and as such, they’d go on to install aftermarket options that are probably louder or less noisy.

Two of the most compared aftermarket mufflers are the Super 10 and Super 40 from Flowmaster. These two mufflers produce deep sounds that impress most truck drivers. In this Flowmaster Super 10 vs 40 comparison post, we’d analyze the difference between the sounds produced by these popular mufflers in the market.

Quickly, the Super 40 model is designed to outperform the Super 10 model, basically, but the Super 10 model sounds more aggressive.

Flowmaster Super 10

The Super 10 muffler model is the most aggressive of all Flowmaster mufflers; it is the best choice if you’re looking for a loud, aggressive muffler for your V8 engine.

Flowmaster Super 10 flaunts a compact design that makes it easy to fit into any vehicle and is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty coverage.

Flowmaster went on to integrate its patented race-proven Delta Flow technology into the Super 10 muffler series. The shorter design of the Super 10 makes it easy to install on any vehicle.

However, it is important to note that the Super 10 is mainly loud, not really deep and throaty like the Original and Super 40s.

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Flowmaster Super 40

The Super 40 muffler is a successor model series designed to outperform the Super 10 mufflers. No doubt, Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers are the “big bang!” in the market – they produce deep, loud sounds even at cold starts.

Nicknamed the “Granddaddy” of Flowmaster mufflers, the Super 40 series remain the preferred option for most drivers, thanks to the outstanding price.

Flowmaster Super 40 isn’t just powerful; it is well-engineered; built with 16-gauge aluminized steel or 409SS stainless steel, and fully MIG-welded for maximum durability.

The Super 40 mufflers can handle high outputs and still keep drone levels minimal. The Super 40 muffler also comes with Flowmaster’s Delta Flow technology.

Flowmaster Super 10 Vs 40: The Comparison

Factor/Muffler TypeSuper 10Super 40
TechnologyDelta FlowDelta Flow
Sound EffectAggressiveAggressive
Build MaterialStainless SteelAluminized Steel

Design and Build

Super 10 and Super 40 have somewhat similar designs, but the Super 10 mufflers are shorter in length (and overall size).

However, the Super 40 mufflers are built with aluminized steel, slightly heavier than the Super 10 mufflers. You may get better ground clearance with the Super 10 muffler, owing to the design.

Features and Technologies

Coming from the same manufacturer, Flowmaster, one can expect the Super 10 and Super 40 mufflers to have pretty many things in common, and yes, they do.

The Super 10 and Super 40 mufflers have pretty much the same design pattern, with very slight differences; both series feature the brand’s patent Delta Flow Technology.

Both mufflers also feature a two-chamber power and torque-enhancing design, and there’s no internal packing to blow out. When held up, the Super 40 muffler is a bit heavier than the 10. The main technology on Flowmaster mufflers is Delta Flow Technology, which works to mitigate internal noise.

Performance (Aggressiveness and Loudness)

When people go to replace their car’s stock muffler, the major reason for that is to have a more aggressive or louder exhaust that produces a particular type of sound.

Well, the Flowmaster Super muffler series doesn’t disappoint; they practically produce a deep, aggressive sound of different tones. You’d get richer tones with the Super 40 and louder tones with the Super 10 series.

Super 10 Vs. Super 40: Key Differences and Similarities

It’s difficult to point out the differences between these two mufflers; hence, hereunder are bulleted points to keep you clear.


  • Super 10 has a shorter, more compact design and can fit into many vehicles, while the Super 40 is longer and broader.
  • The Super 40 is made with aluminized steel, while the Super 10 is made with stainless steel.
  • You’d get more aggressive, loud tones with the Super 10.
  • Super 40 is the most expensive muffler series from Flowmaster.


  • Both mufflers produce almost the same sound; you wouldn’t spot the difference unless you listened closely.
  • They are both built with the same technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Flowmaster Super 10 Loud?

Yes, the Flowmaster Super 10 muffler is very loud and aggressive. According to Flowmaster, the Super 10 muffler series are the loudest and most aggressive models they’ve ever produced. Flowmaster Super 10 may not be street-legal in some cities due to the loudness.

How Does The Flowmaster Super 40 Perform?

The Super 40 muffler is practically the best muffler from the brand, and the most preferred choice for most drivers, thanks to its design and performance. Although the bulky size plays down the versatility of this muffler, its aggressive and deeper tones will thrill anyone who loves custom mufflers.

What’s The Best Sounding Muffler For a V8?

If you’re a fan of Flowmaster mufflers, then the Super 10 model is a perfect fit for your V8 engine. The compact design makes it fit into any space, but this doesn’t imply that it’s “very easy” to install – you may need a longer pipe since the muffler itself is short.


Choosing between the Super 10 vs. 40 series? You’d be fine with the Super 10 muffler if you love loud, aggressive sounds, while the 40 series are mainly the “catch” of Flowmaster mufflers.

Both mufflers have the Delta Flow technology and are backed by the brand’s limited warranty when you buy from accredited stores.

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