Flowmaster Super 40 Vs Super 44: Fully Compared

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Talking about two of the most spectacular mufflers available in the market today should be fun; talking about Flowmaster super 40 vs super 44.

If you are not looking towards any of the two for an overhaul of your broken-down exhaust system, you should have a rethink.

Excitingly, Flowmaster super 40 and super 44 mufflers are designed to significantly improve your engine’s sound, eliminate any creaky sound, and clean and boost up the entire exhaust system.

Now, if both of them are good, why do we constantly debate about which is better? Well, this article is targeted at showcasing the distinct features of Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 mufflers and their benefits and shortcomings.

What is Flowmaster Super 40?

How best can we describe the Flowmaster Super 40?

Let’s just say it is a product of careful thinking and innovation, produced as an upgrade to the initial super 40s collection.

This means that careful and thorough research of the initial product was carried out with their flaws pinpointed and corrected upon birthing the later set of flow master super 40.

The rebirth of the 40s series was designed to be a chambered muffler with unique attributes. One of such attributes is the trademarked Delta Flow® Technology, which helps improve your engine’s sound to become more refined and deeper. This is a feature lacking in the initial 40s collection.

The flow master 40 has low interior resonance and is constructed with a 16 Guage aluminized steel, which ensures the muffler stays in top-notch shape, devoid of any wear and tear.

A full MIG welding ensures the maximum durability of this muffler and guarantees the optimum performance of your vehicle. You will find the sound of this muffler stronger and deeper than the older 40 series.

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Distinct Features Of Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler

  • Top-notch performance in high horsepower cars
  • Interior resonance can be noticed, although very low
  • This muffler has a deep and powerful sound
  • The Delta Flow Technology, which has proven to be a plus to racing cars, is a prominent feature of this muffler

Pros of Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler

One of the benefits of this muffler is the fact that you do not need to follow any special manual to install it. Installation is easy and quick.

That aside, it makes your vehicle come alive, the sound improves, and the horsepower strengthens.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy all this at a very fair price.

Cons of Flowermaster Super 40 Muffler

Irrespective of the DF technology in place, you will still find the sound of the vehicle to be less refined, particularly with the noise that emanates from within it.

Asides from that, there still exists the fear of the aluminized steel rusting; what’s worse? The product warranty is never long enough to refix that when it does happen.

What is Flowmaster Super 44?

The Flowmaster super 44 mufflers came right after the Flowmaster super 40, and as expected, the same inbuilt technological system can be found in it as well, ranging from the Delta Flow® to the stainless steel plus a compact MIG welding.

There’s a difference, though, and one of the areas where this is made obvious is its enhanced sound.

But that’s not all there is to it!

If you ever thought the Flow master super 40 was sturdy, then you need to take a look at the Flowmaster Super 44.

In the words of the manufacturers themselves, “the Flowmaster Super 44 is their most aggressive and best performing muffler yet.”

Distinct Features Of Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler

  • The Delta State technology installed makes it excellent for racing
  • Interior resonance, albeit very low, can be detected
  • It has a very deep and turbulent sound extraction

 Pros Of Flowmaster Super 44

It is an improved model, tested and seen to have a stainless-steel construction that is more durable and less prone to rust.

It improves the sound of your vehicle, giving it a much bigger and better sound.

Just like the flow master Super 40, installing the Flowmaster Super 44 is equally easy.

Furthermore, the Flowmaster Super 44 is better designed, and the best part is the duration of its warranty. Do you wonder how long it is? Forever!

Cons of Flower Master Super 44

The internal noise is still very evident. Therefore, if you intend to get the loudest muffler ever, the Flowmaster Super 44 is definitely not what you need.

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Flowmaster Super 40 Vs Flowmaster Super 44 Comparison Table

A quick recap of the differences in the features of the Super 40 and 44.

Key FeaturesFlowmaster Super 40Flowmaster Super 44
Construction material usedThe Flowmaster Super 40 is made with aluminum steelThe Super 44 is made with stainless steel
Durability and longevityThe Super 40 is less durable than the Super 44 due to the construction material usedThe Flowmaster Super 44 is constructed with stainless steel, making it more durable than the Super 40
CompatibilityCompatibility is limited to specific vehiclesThe Super 44 has a compact design, making it compatible with a wide range of cars
Quality of SoundThe Super 40’s sound is a bit subduedHas a much deeper and richer sound
ThicknessHas a thicker case profileThe Super 44 has a thinner case than the 40  
SizeIt is wider due to the thick case profileHas a more compact design
PriceThe Flowmaster Super 40 is priced a bit higher than the Super 44The Flowmaster Super 44 is a bit more affordable than the Super 40

Flowmaster Super 40 Vs Super 44 Muffler: Compared

We shall be using important yardsticks to highlight some of the points that clearly differentiate their features:

1. Delta Flow Technology

As you must have found out, both the Super 40 and Super 44 are equipped with the Delta Force Technology. It is one of the key similarities that they share.

But, what really is the DF technology and what exactly is its function?

The Delta Force Technology, just like the name implies, is an innovation meant to eliminate, although not totally but, to a large extent, the internal noise emitted in your vehicle.

This means that, without your mufflers equipped with it, there would be way too much internal noise in your vehicle.

2.  Sound

Any tangible difference in the sound quality of the Super 40 and 44? Sure, there is.

It is a known fact that both mufflers help enhance and clean out the sound emanating from the exhaust in the combustion engine. With the initial Super 40s, Flowmaster carved a niche for themselves with that unique big sound.

Although the later Super 40s have the Delta Flow technology installed, some low noise will still be noticed.

The difference in this similar feature of the Super 40 and 44 can be clearly seen in their noise level. While the Super 40 is not so loud, the Super 44 makes a deep, violent noise.

3. Performance

It is essential to put out there that mufflers are fixated on improving the sound and not the vehicle’s overall performance.

Several studies have shown that mufflers might slow down the vehicle’s overall performance a tiny weeny bit. But is the flow master Super 40 and 44 any different?

With Super master 40 and 44, the experience is a bit different. There will be some sort of lift in the horsepower. But don’t get too excited yet, as that dwindles shortly after, resulting in a slight decrease in your vehicle’s strength.

However, placing the Super 40 side by side with the Super 44, the effect on overall performance when using the Super 44 muffler is not as significant as that of the Super 40.

On the whole, though, the core function of either one of them is to revamp the sound of the vehicle and not improve its performance.

Similarities Between Flowmaster Super 40 and 44

Apart from the fact that both the flow master Super 40 and 44 are made by the same manufacturer, there still exists a line-up of other things that they share in common. Let’s check them out below:

  • Their internal resonance is pronounced
  • It possesses the same DF technology that sees to the overall optimum performance of the vehicle. The DF technology has proven to be one of the best things to happen to race cars
  • Both the super flow master 40 and 44 mufflers are proven to improve the performance of vehicles with very high horsepower
  • When it comes to the sound, both of them have a huge sound that erupts once in motion, although that of the Super 44 is much deeper
  • When it comes to their price, one would expect the Super 44 to be a lot more expensive because it is a later version and, at the same time, believed to be an improved version of the Super 40 but guess what? It’s not! They cost just about the same price

Why is this so, you might ask? Well, it turns out that the prices are based on popularity and not anything else. Now, with the Super 40 being the first to be produced, many more people are familiar with it and, as such, stayed glued to it.

There are also those loyalists who remain fans of its authentic sound, keeping it steadily in demand.

The bottom line is that both the Super 40 and 44 are fixed at very fair and affordable rates considering their benefits.

With the similarities out of the way, let us now dissect their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Differences Between the Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44

Comparisons between the Super 40 and 44 are very essential as they will help you stay informed and know the exact muffler your vehicle needs.

We shall be highlighting some of the salient points that clearly differentiate them:

  • With the Super 44, you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty by the producer, Flowmaster. In contrast, the Super 40’s warranty only lasts for a limited period.
  • With the Flowmaster Super 40, your vehicle sound gets deep, but the Flowmaster Super 44 provides an even bigger and thunderous sound.

Therefore, if you want an aggressive or a toned-down sound for your racing car, you know which to go for.

  • With the Super 44, you get a thinner case than the 40, which has a thick case.
  • We really cannot talk about the difference between the Super 40 and 44 without mentioning the most evident fact of them all, which is; the pattern of construction.

If you recall, we mentioned that the Super 40 is styled to have an inbuilt aluminized steel construction, while the Super 44 is styled differently to have a stainless-steel construction.

Now, this is where the upgrade comes in; while the aluminized steel of the Super 40 stays susceptible to rust and damage, the stainless steel of the Super 44 sought to remedy that and, as such, is more formidable and less prone to rust.

  • The super 44 is designed to be compatible with many vehicles, unlike the Super 40.

This is made possible due to the texture of its case, which is not as thick as the Super 40. The thick case of the Super 40 inhibits its ability to properly fit into vehicles with little or no room for a muffler.

On the other hand, people with real muscle cars stand at an advantage with the thicker case of the Super 40 as it subdues the noise inside the vehicle.

Should You Buy Flowmaster Super 40 Or Super 44?

Judging by the clear description and analysis of both the flow master super 40 and super 44, knowing which to go for should not be such a hassle for you.

They pretty much serve the same purpose; however, you must not forget the most striking difference between both of them, which borders around the sound.

Always remember that the flow master super 40 has a subdued sound as opposed to the very turbulent sound the super 44 makes.

The bottom line, though, is the fact that anyone you decide to go for would definitely be worth your money.

Final Note

Digging up facts about the Flowmaster’s Super 40 and 44 has been quite exciting, and we hope you had as much fun reading about it too. It’s just exciting reading about both the similarities and differences they both share.

Talking about similarities and differences, let’s reiterate for the last time one peculiar function both the Flowmaster 40 and 44 share, which is the fact that both of them serve the same purpose as regards improving the sound emanating from the combustion engine.

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