Does Changing Car Battery Void Warranty?

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Understandably, you wouldn’t want to intentionally void the warranty coverage on your car, but what are those things you should avoid doing? For example, does changing car battery void warranty?

The simple answer is No! Changing your car’s battery cannot void the warranty, but there are conditions and exceptions.

Warranty coverage is one of the things that motivate people to buy new or used cars. It’d be extremely difficult, if not impossible to have someone purchase a vehicle that does not come with any sort of warranty coverage – even if the vehicle is dead-cheap.

Does Changing Car Battery Void Warranty?

You could wake up one day, and out of the blue your car refuses to start, then you checked and the cause is a dead battery. What are you supposed to do? Of course, it’s to jumpstart the car and move on with your drive. However, if the battery issue persists, then you may need to get a new battery.

Getting a new battery would not void the warranty coverage on your car, but if your car faces future issues due to the newly installed battery, you’d be solely in charge of the expenses required to fix those issues.

Well, You could hold the battery manufacturer/installer responsible if you were priorly given a warranty on the battery.

In essence, if the battery replacement led to the damage of your car’s electrical systems, components, and accessories, your car manufacturer won’t be responsible to fix them back up – you have to pay 100%.

Note: Car batteries power a lot of electrical components and systems, including the car’s dashboard, sensors, ECU, powered mirrors, car radio/console, and many other electrical “stuff” that may be installed in a vehicle by the manufacturer.

So, a bad battery can damage these components, and they can be expensive to repair.

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What Should You Do When You’ve Got a Bad Battery?

Apparently, your car comes with a warranty booklet that contains the dos and don’ts you’re expected to adhere to. Also, the booklet would contain the contact info of your warranty issuer.

Hence, when you face a battery-related issue with your car that leaves you skeptical about whether fixing the issue would null your warranty or not, the best approach would be to contact your warranty provider and explain to them.

They should be able to tell you how to go about the battery replacement/repair.

Regardless, if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere, using another vehicle’s battery to at least get your car off the road won’t void your warranty.

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What More?

So, does changing car battery void warranty? Nope. It doesn’t. Typically, what voids factory warranties are aftermarket modifications, changing a crucial engine component without getting a go-ahead from your car manufacturer, and using the wrong oil for your engine.

Minor actions like changing your oil (as long as you used the specified oil for your engine) and replacing your battery (with a good reliable one) won’t void the warranty on your car.

You can always call your warranty provider to seek their advice before proceeding with any crucial repair or replacement on your car.; they owe you explanations for their policies and exceptions.

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