Mazda Warning Lights Explained (With Video)

Your technician may have worked on your car, checking nearly every major part, then you start it one day and notice that the check engine turns on as usual.

These Mazda warning lights have meanings that should not be ignored. Generally, they mean that there is a problem to be fixed.

People are very familiar with the standard warning lights of the Mazda dashboard, like the low fuel indicator. But it is not the common lights that will come on every time on the dashboard.

A strange light may just turn on, leaving you worried. Thanks to our well-researched article on Mazda warning lights, you don’t have to worry about what they mean. Here, we will discuss the different Mazda 3 warning lights, Mazda cx 5 warning lights, and other Mazda models.

What Do Dashboard Lights Mean?

A view of some of the light types below shows that only a few are distinct because most are similar to the usual traffic lights. You would most probably be used to the green light signal, which is an indicator that tells you that a system is working and active too.

When there is a yellow warning light, it means that a system is malfunctioning or inactive. A yellow light may also indicate that you have disabled a feature such as Dynamic Stability Control. Red lights usually signify “stop.”

It might prevent the functioning of your vehicle. These lights will turn on in situations such as when the pressure of your engine oil is low, in conditions where it may be unsafe to use your vehicle on the road, or simply when a particular system is not functioning.

Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights (Mazda Cx 5, Mazda 3, and Other Mazda Models)

The indicator lights and warning lights are the two common types of lights visible on the Mazda vehicle’s dashboard.

The warning lights can be a warning about a serious problem, but the indicator lights are not much of an issue as they only inform the driver about a currently active feature.

The red warning lights often indicate a serious issue that needs to be attended to immediately. Although the yellow warnings lights point out that there is also an issue, it is often not severe and may not require urgent attention.

Mazda Warning Lights Indicators 

1. Brake system warning lights

The warning light indicates that there is a problem with the brake system of the Mazda car. The light often displays on the dashboard when there is a problem. It shows as a red-colored light.

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2. Charging system warning light

A red light on the dashboard of your Mazda car can indicate that the car’s charging system is faulty. This can have many implications on the efficiency of your car and its parts.

3. Engine oil warning light

The Mazda engine requires a certain engine oil level, and when this is not available, the engine oil warning light will turn on to alert the driver. There are grave implications for ignoring the oil warning lights.

4. ABS Warning lights

The ABS warning light showing on the dashboard refers to one of the following; The ABS module is not functioning well, the fluid reservoir is very low, the wheel speed sensor is broken, or there is a general turnoff of the system.

5. Others are high engine coolant temperature warning lights, 

  • Power steering malfunction indicator light
  • Master warning light
  • Electric parking brake warning light
  • Check engine warning light
  • Automatic transaxle warning lights
  • Air Bag Pretensoner warning light (red)
  • High Beam Control Warning lights (amber)
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control Warning System
  • LED Headlight warning light
  • Low fuel warning light
  • Check fuel cap warning light
  • Seat belt warning light
  • Low washer fluid warning light
  • Door ajar warning light

See the video and infographic above for what these Mazda dashboard warning lights indicates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does warning light mean on Mazda?

As I mentioned earlier, Mazda 3 warning lights, Mazda cx 5 warning lights, and other warning lights on Mazda indicate a problem with one of several systems in the car. Refer to the infographic above for a better understanding of these warning lights.

Can you drive with a master warning light on?

Yes, you can drive with a master warning light on, but you want to do that with caution. The master warning light on Mazda and other cars indicate an issue in one or more of the vehicle’s advanced systems. Consult an auto mechanic to diagnose the problem and proffer a solution.

What does orange light mean on Mazda?

If the orange wrench icon comes up on the dashboard of your Mazda, it reminds you to take the car for servicing and maintenance. It illuminates at certain intervals in your car’s lifespan.

What are the 3 main warning lights in a car?

There are basically 3 major types of warning lights in a vehicle; green, red, and amber:

  • Red warning lights on a Mazda and other cars mean you should stop the vehicle as soon as possible
  • Yellow warning lights mean that you need to take certain action
  • Green warning lights only illuminate to pass an information

Does Mazda tell you which tire is low?

Yes, if tire pressure in your Mazda is too low in one or more tires, the tire pressure warning light will display on your dashboard.

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Why is my tire pressure light still on after filling tires Mazda?

If the tire pressure warning light stays on after you have filled your tire with air, recheck the tire properly to ensure it is inflated to the normal air pressure. Now, if the tire air pressure is low, it means that you have an air leak and should either fix or replace the tire.

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