Top 12 Cars With Ventilated Seats (With Photos)

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Cars with ventilated seats are increasingly becoming popular because many more drivers are beginning to love the “feeling.” Yes, ventilated seats make you feel more relaxed when driving, regardless of the outside temperature; they also provide extreme comfort while on long trips.

Well, ventilated seats are often installed in higher trim levels of certain vehicles. Notwithstanding, you can get them as an optional extra on some cars.

This article lists some of the different cars that comes with ventilated seats as a standard option and/or optional extra. Interestingly, you can get these seats in SUVs, sedans, and other vehicle types.

Cars With Ventilated Seats

1. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is one of Jeep’s SUVs with ventilated seats on most models – particularly, the models produced from 2016 to date.

Jeep Cherokee’s Limited trims typically featured cooled seats or ventilated seats, that’s pretty cool! Other higher trims come with such seats too.

Cherokees are decent SUVs – more like crossovers – with well-built engines and “luxury” features. Typically of Jeep cars, the Cherokees are fit for off-road trips and you can get the 4×4 or 4×2 powertrain. Also, the Jeep Cherokee editions have multiple engine options to choose from.

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2. Ford Mondeo

Although Ford hints at closing down the Mondeo series, it’s 2022 and there are still brand new Ford Mondeos – though not on sale in the US and the UK – you’d find the new 2022 Ford Mondeo car only in China!

While we wait for Mondeos to return to the US and Europe, the Titanium trims come with ventilated/cooled seats.

The Ford Mondeos are “large family cars” with so much space for everything and everyone getting in. Mondeos are built with very powerful and fuel-efficient engines, paired with 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions. This saloon car is pretty attractive and reliable.

3. Kia Forte

Kia knows how to impress its customer with attractive “luxury” rides. The Kia Forte series has some of the finest, most luxurious Kia rides you can ever buy. This compact sedan, Kia Forte offers ventilated front seats in the EX trims.

Well, you’d be paying about $9,000 extra cost to jump from the Kia Forte’s base trim to the EX trim and get the ventilated seats. Actually, there are many other “Premium” benefits, features, and offers that come along with the Forte EX ride; you may find it price-worthy.

Other Kia vehicles with ventilated seats include the newer models – higher trims – of Kia K5, Sedona, Niro, Sportage, Sorento, Telluride, and Stinger.

4. Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna sedan falls among the best affordable Korean rides with ventilated seats. Vernas are built as 5-seater sedans with up to 12 variants/trims and three (3) engine options to choose from. This sedan offers ventilated seats starting from the SX(O) trim upwards.

The drivetrain? You get to choose from four (4) transmission choices: 6-speed manual transmission, 7-speed DCT, 6-speed automatic transmission, and IVT. Generally, the Hyundai Verna is a cool ride you’d enjoy; the interior is well-designed and comfortable.

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5. Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu has been redesigned pretty many times to look so good and match the exterior designs of similar cars in its class.

Talking of ventilated seats, you can get them as an optional extra on the base trims, while they are installed as the standard option in the Premier edition.

Chevrolet Malibu Premier comes standard with several “luxury-level” fittings and features, which include LED daytime running lamps, wireless phone charging, and a Chevrolet MyLink infotainment console with an 8-inch screen, and more.

Malibus are among the highest-ranking sedans in the US and are very reliable!

6. Skoda Slavia

A 5-seater sedan built with class in mind, the Skoda Slavia is a sporty-looking sedan packed with impressive features and in-car techs. This sedan offers ventilated front seats from the Style trim upward.

The drivetrain is pretty impressive and there are multiple options to choose from. The real catch about Skoda Slavias is the price; you’re getting a great deal.

7. Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport

There are so many things to like about this “monster ride.” Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport is a large family car to buy; it doesn’t only offer big space for the family, but it is also packed with a ton of “luxury” features that’d make you question the relatively “cheap price.”

Well, the option for ventilated seats is available as an optional extra – if you wish.

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8. Ford Edge

Here is another 5-door SUV on the list. Yes, the Ford Edge SUV is one of the most popular SUVs in the United States. It offers a lot of space, comes with very powerful engines, gives you all the luxury you need in an SUV, and of course, Ford Edges are reliable.

The 2022 Ford Edge comes with options for heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. This ride is engineered to give you all the power you need for any type of driving, on any terrain.

9. Tata Nexon

Moving on with this list, the Tata Nexon is another top-notch SUV that offers you a ton of “premium” features and in-car techs. The Tata Nexon series offers ventilated seats in higher trim levels while offering multiple powertrain options to choose from.

The 5-door compact SUV offers ventilated front seats in the XZ+ (P) trim. Meanwhile, the Nexon series is available with petrol and diesel engine options, you’d gain more power with the diesel option. Also, you get to choose between manual and automatic transmission options.

10. Chrysler 200

Although some models look pretty much like SUVs (when you stare from a distance), Chrysler 200s are built as sedans. Chrysler 200 is the brand’s entry into the mid-size sedan car segment.

The Chrysler 200 is notable for its long-lasting durability and inclusion of “luxury” features in the interior.

To step up your comfort riding this car, Chrysler includes the ventilated seat option in the Chrysler 200C series – in the premium package.

You’d be spending almost $8k extra from the price of the basic model/trim to get the 200C model. But then, there are other premium features installed on the 200C model.

11. Toyota Camry XLE

Toyota joins the league and adds ventilated seats in its 2022 Toyota Camry XLE sedan.

You’d get ventilated front seats on your new Toyota Camry when you pay for the Navigation Upgrade package; this package is only available to people buying the XLE trim and it comes along with the Driver Assist package.

12. Volkswagen Jetta SEL Premium

Lastly, on this list, the Volkswagen Jetta SEL Premium is one of the coolest sedans to drive around town. Not only does this sedan look stunning on the outside, but the inside is also well-furnished and sophisticated with several trendy in-car techs.

Also, there’s an option to get ventilated seats on the higher trims. Notwithstanding, this compact sedan comes standard with heated front seats, rear outboard seats, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

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Looking out for cars with ventilated seats? These are some of the best rides with the feature. However, you can only get ventilated seats as an optional extra on the higher – or highest – trim of certain cars.

Ventilated seats are different from heated seats, and they are considered a super-luxury feature to have in a car.

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