5 Best Car Colors For Long Term

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Which car color lasts long and has good resale value? You’re probably thinking black, red, and white; well, you’re not too far from the truth.

Typically, the best car colors for long term purposes are black, red, white, grey, and silver. These colors don’t easily fade away, and people typically love cars with these colors.

When choosing a new car, there are many factors the buyer looks to consider; from the main aspects (engine, drivetrain, safety features, etc.) to the outer parts (paint color, body design, check for scratches and defects).

Most people don’t like cars painted cobalt green; so, if you have such paint color on your car, you may find it difficult to sell out the car. If you don’t plan to sell the car, cobalt green does not hide dust and dirt perfectly, so you’d be washing the car quite frequently, which can cause the paint to fade faster.

What are the Best Car Colors for Long Term?

While every paint color would fade with time; some colors fade faster (because they absorb sun rays), while others tend to last longer before fading away (because they reflect sun rays instead of absorbing them).

With this basic explanation, it is safe to say that the best car colors for the long term are colors that reflect sun rays. Typically, it is light colors that reflect sun rays; these colors include Gray, Silver, White, and a few others.

1. Grey

According to WhatCar:

One in every five (5) cars sold in the UK in 2018 were painted “Grey.” This tells you that more people love Grey color – more than Black, Red, and other popular colors.

What’s the “Catch?” Grey is one of the best colors to paint a car; the color hides dust and dirt perfectly, and it doesn’t fade easily.

Maintaining grey color is less stressful than any other car color. More so, when finished exquisitely, grey shines brighter than red and white. If your car has this color, chances are that you’d sell it out faster than if it were painted any other color.

2. Black

Yes, black is still a thing; even though it absorbs sun rays pretty more than any other color, black is still one of the best colors to have on a car. All you need is to detail the paint and always use the right car wash for black cars; your car would keep looking cool and shiny even after several washes.

However, if you live in regions with extremely hot climates and dusty paths, you may have to reconsider choosing black paint because it (black) shows dust and dirt clearer than any other car paint color.

But for long-term and resale value, black is surely one of the colors to have on a car – especially SUVs, Hatchbacks, and the likes.

3. Silver

Silver is close to grey in appearance and conductivity properties. It is also one of the easiest car colors to keep clean. Cars with silver paint color are easy to resale – just as grey. One of the interesting reasons to choose silver is because it is a “natural” color and it can hide most light scratches.

If for any reason you’d bypass grey, you should fall back to silver as a color to use over a long time. It doesn’t fade easily, and if detailed, it appears glossy and really attractive.

4. White

Yes, white is still a decent color to have on a car. It is easier to keep a white car clean, than a black or red car. White does hide dust, but any stain – mud water splash or road salt – would show easily. As a white car owner, you’d be subjected to washing the car pretty often, but, even so, white doesn’t fade away easily.

The good thing about white is that you can use it on any car – SUV, sedan, hatchback, truck, van, saloons, limo, any car at all. There is actually no specific car wash to use on white car paints; just about any decent car wash would do a good job in keeping your white car clean.

5. Red

RED?! yes, red paint lasts long, and you can easily sell out cars with red paint. Absolutely, red is not easy to keep clean as it clearly shows dust and grime, but the main factor here is that it doesn’t fade too quickly.

Also, red cars have good resale value and typically falls behind “Black” in surveys about the best car colors – based on several factors and condition. Waxing a red car would cause the paint to last longer — shining and looking ever appealing.

Are Car Paint Colors Decided by the Car Type?

Somehow, yes. White on trucks doesn’t look too “chic,” but having white on an SUV, Sedan or other smaller car looks “lovely.” Smaller cars shine in the light, shawty, and cool colors, while the “Big Boys” – trucks, vans, RVs – look much better in dark colors like black, brown, and red.

If you’re a fan of motorsports, you’d notice that sports cars are mostly painted bright colors such as green, yellow, orange, and sometimes, red. This clarifies that vehicle types have a way of deciding the paint color to be used.


These 5 colors mentioned above are the best car colors for long-term investment. It is important to avoid colors like brown and blue – especially if you plan to resale the car in the future. Brown and Blue are among the worst car colors to have on a car.

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