Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Oil Good?

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Is pennzoil ultra platinum oil good?

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is inarguably one of the most efficient motor oils you can get for your engine. It is available in different grades and the formula is fortified with premium additives. This motor oil is made with Pennzoil’s signature PurePlus technology, and of course, the base oil is derived from natural gas instead of crude oil.

In this Pennzoil Ultra Platinum review, we’d explain the properties of this full synthetic oil and how it stands outperforming other close alternatives from other brands. Interestingly, this motor oil gives you more time between OCIs and it improves fuel economy.

Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Oil Good?

Definitely one of the best full synthetic oils you can drive for up to 12k miles before going for an oil change. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum keeps engines clean, as well as protects against wear; the formula includes additives that help to keep pistons 25% cleaner than other motor oils.

When you pour out the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil, it looks very clean – much like there are no impurities in the oil. The clean state of Ultra Platinum is due to the natural gas used as the base oil.

Also, Pennzoil’s PurePlus technology helps to ensure that this oil performs and flows smoothly at any temperature: hot or cold.

Furthermore, according to the company, its full synthetic oils help to protect against horsepower loss and engine wear.

Available Grades

Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Oil Good

The Ultra Platinum motor oil is available in the following viscosities: 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30. So, you have to choose the grade that is specified for your engine.


Industry SpecificationsAPI, ACEA, ILSAC
OEM SpecificationsChrysler MS-6395, Chrysler MS12633 (SRT), GM dexos1, Ford WSS-M2Cxxxx, Honda/Acura HTO-06

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is specified by most OEMs for specific viscosities. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to know the specific viscosity you’re required to use for the engine.


When you switch to Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, you’d clearly notice a difference in how your car performs. The performance improvement is because Ultra Platinum keeps pistons up to 30% cleaner than required by the toughest industry standard. It is the leading motor engine oil when to comes to keeping the engine clean.

When compared with Royal Purple HPS Full Synthetic, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum flows faster and better in cold temperatures.

Furthermore, Ultra Platinum prevents friction, which also helps to keep the engine from wearing off. Generally, most mechanics would recommend Ultra Platinum for high-performance engines.

Other Users Reviews

You’d find many people saying good things about the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil. Most of the users allege that the oil triggered a significant increase in their engine’s performance and fuel economy.

However, one common complaint about this oil is the “strange residue/dirt) found on the bottom of the container after you have emptied the oil into your engine. Pennzoil insists that the residue is “a very small amount of the additive package, which can drop out naturally during storage.”

The residue is not found in all Ultra Plat containers, and even if you found it in yours, Pennzoil assures that “it would not harm the engine.”

What We Like

  • Keeps the engine cleaner than any other full synthetic oil in the market
  • Contributes to improving fuel economy
  • Excellent performance in cold and hot temperatures
  • Effective protection against engine wear
  • Available in different grades/viscosities

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly pricey
  • You may find dirt at the bottom of the container

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Better than Mobil 1?

Ultra Platinum is tested to clean an engine up to 30% better than Mobil 1 and other leading full synthetic motor oils. It also offers better performance in cold temperatures and generally helps to improve fuel economy.

When To Change Pennzoil Ultra Platinum?

Full synthetic motor oils can last for up to 10,000 miles. The recommended oil change interval for Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is 7,000 – 10,000 miles. But you can run this oil up to 12,000 miles in between OCIs.

What Grades Are Available for Ultra Platinum

The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is available in 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 viscosities. Choose the right viscosity for your engine following the OEM indication in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is available in different containers and is sold in any auto shop that offers engine oils.

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