Are BMWs Reliable After 100k Miles? (Answered)

If you’re in the market to buy a used BMW, but decide to, first, seek advice on fora to decide on whether you should buy new or used BMW, you’d discover that a lot of people would try to discourage you from buying high mileage BMWs – why? Aren’t BMWs reliable? Are BMWs reliable after 100k miles?

Chill, it’s cool that a lot of questions are running through your mind; however, this article explains all you should know about buying used BMWs. Firstly, BMWs are “not so reliable,” and secondly, high mileage BMWs are very expensive to fix when something goes wrong in the engine bay or drivetrain.

BMW Cars Overview

BMW manufactures some of the coolest, sturdiest luxury SUVs and sedans. The brand is established as a premium/luxury auto brand just like Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, and the likes. BMW cars are well-designed; they look so much appealing and conceal very powerful engines inside the hood.

However, while everything about BMWs – from the exterior design to the sophisticated interiors – looks “perfect,” BMW cars have poor reliability scores and ratings across reputable auto review websites and forums.

A lot of people score BMW cars 2.5 out of 5 in terms of reliability; it’s an average score, but can be considered a “poor” rating;  how can you spend so much on a car that is predicted not to last up to 300,000 miles?

Well, BMWs are not bad cars after all; it’s just that some people expected more from them, and they got disappointed.

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Are BMWs Reliable After 100k Miles?

Are BMWs Reliable After 100k Miles

How good a BMW car (SUV or Sedan) would be after 100K miles depends on quite a number of factors, which includes the driver’s driving style, the roads the car was driven, and the maintenance schedules.

A well-maintained BWM that was driven on good roads can last up to 200k miles and still deliver good performance.

That said, BMWs are still very reliable after 100,000 miles; however, you should request a maintenance report to ensure that the car was properly maintained.

The engine in BMWs is predicted to last up to 250,000 miles before requiring major repairs; however, in-between, the engine should be serviced regularly.

But then, there have been quite a several complaints of BMWs needing serious repairs after 90,000 – 100,000 miles.

Well, usually, BMWs may develop minimal problems; the car would show you the signs that your car needs a checkup/tuneup/services, but many people ignore those signs, and thus, they multiply into expensive repairs.

So, if you’re getting a 100k (or higher mileage vehicle), it is important to look up the car’s maintenance and repair report(s).

Should I Buy a BMW With 200k Miles?

Well, most people would advise against such high mileage BMWs because they’d give you a lot of “expensive” problems, especially if the previous owner did not maintain it properly.

Notwithstanding, seeing a BMW with 200k miles on the odometer shouldn’t be an instant turn-off; any car can last well above 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and less abuse.

In essence, whether or not you should buy a 200k miles BMW should be decided by the maintenance and engine service “records” by the previous owner.

Also, a 200k miles vehicle is a “High Mileage Car;” hence, it is important to follow tips on how to inspect high mileage vehicles before purchasing them – go with a professional mechanic.

Related Questions

How Long Do BMWs Last?

BMWs, just like any other car, can last above 250,000 miles with proper maintenance and conservative driving. Apparently, if you’re a “hard-tack” driver, you’d spend a lot more money maintaining a high-mileage BMW (or any German car) than you’d pay to keep a high-mileage Japanese car.

How Many Miles Can a BMW Engine Last?

Virtually all BMW engines can last above 250,000 miles – they are built strong and engineered for any on-road tour. Typically, BMWs are not built for off-road, if you need an off-road BMW, you’d need to pick up the off-road trim, xDrive.

Are BMWs Good For Off-Road?

When buying a new BMW, there are pretty many trims to choose from; if what you need is an off-roader, you should go for the “xDrive” trim. Any BMW car with an xDrive label is suitable for off-road adventures and tours.

IS BMW Good For Towing?

Any SUV vehicle can be used for towing – don’t just attach heavier weight to the car. Most BMW cars can tow up to 4,000 lbs trailer weight. Of course, some models have higher towing capacity; check the owner’s manual for the maximum payload/towing capacity of your BMW.

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What More?

Are BMWs reliable after 100k miles? Well, yes, they are, but it all depends on how the car was maintained and driven.

The key factors that determine how long a car may last are maintenance, driving style, and the purpose the car is/was serving. However, a 200k miles BMW is a high mileage car and strongly inadvisable to buy.

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