Range Rover Air Suspension Won’t Raise (Reason & Fixes)

The air suspension technology is included in Range Rovers to help improve the riding experience and make it easier to carry heavy loads in the trunk and still drive comfortably.

However, a number of Range Rover owners have reported that their SUV’s air suspension won’t rise after it goes down. If your Range Rover air suspension won’t raise, there are a few things that could be the cause.

Well, the commonest reason why you’re experiencing such an issue is due to a bad air suspension pump – chances are that the pump has worn out or failed already. So, replacing the pump could fix everything back up. But then, it’s not only the pump that could cause such a scenario to occur.

Let’s quickly learn more about this problem and how to tackle it!

Why Range Rover Air Suspension Won’t Raise

There are just a few reasons why this is happening to your Range Rover vehicle – if you guessed the air compressor, you’re right, but that’s not the only reason. You may have also got a failed air transfer relief valve, or there might be leaks under the hood that you never knew about.

Dealing with Range Rover’s air suspension problem is one of the commonest issues faced by people who own the luxury SUV, and the average cost of fixing the issue sits around $200 or more, depending on your location and the mechanic workshop you went to.

Notwithstanding, there are a couple of YouTube videos that provide detailed DIY guides on how to get your Range Rover air suspension system working back again. More so, if you only got the “Air Suspension Inactive” notice, the fix is simple – recalibrate the steering sensor, and the notice would clear.

Enough said already; hereunder are the reasons why your Range Rover’s air suspension won’t raise and things you could do to fix the situation.

Possible ProblemPossible Solution
Leak in the air suspension hoseGet the hose replaced entirely
Worn-out air suspension pumpReplace the old pump with a new one
Air Suspension InactiveRecalibrate the steering wheel
Persistent Air Suspension InactiveThe height sensor is disconnected or faulty
Leak at the front connectorsChange the valve block and its hose

Note: It’s important, to say – the least – that an air leak will make the suspension pump frequently run, thus, causing it to fail quickly. You should get a Land Rover-specific auto scanner; it’d help you a lot in resetting your ride and clearing chunks of error codes.

How To Fix Range Rover Air Suspension That Won’t Raise

There is no particular way to fix things up here – it all depends on what is causing the air suspension system to not work.

So, you need to first troubleshoot the SUV to find out what’s actually causing the problem and then fix the faulty component. If the component has failed, of course, you’d need to replace it with a new one.

The cheapest and non-technical fix for Range Rover air suspension problems is when you’re getting the “Air Susp. Inactive” notice; in most cases, this notice can be dismissed by simply recalibrating the steering wheel. How do you recalibrate the steering wheel? Simply turn the steering wheel from lock to lock.

How To Reset The Air Suspension Inactive Warning Range Rover L322

Recalibrating the steering sensor might just fix this up without any advanced actions. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn the car on
  • Make sure the gear lever is in the park position, and put the handbrake on
  • Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock; this means you should turn the steering wheel until it gets to a point where it won’t turn anymore – then repeat this step the other way around

Here’s a video to watch:

What Is Suspension Fault On a Range Rover?

Range Rovers come equipped with a suspension warning light, so whenever this light comes on, it indicates you’ve got a problem with your SUV’s suspension system, and it should be given urgent attention.

The suspension warning lights won’t come on until the issue is very serious; hence, once you see the light, it’s advisable to act very quickly.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Range Rover Suspension?

Range Rovers are considered luxury rides, and typically, luxury vehicles are expensive to maintain. Fixing or replacing a Range Rover suspension would set you back up to two grand ($2,000) or more.

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