Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise? [3 Likely Reasons]

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Why does my tires make a humming noise? Could it be that the tires have gone bad? Well, there is no need to fret if you just started noticing the noise, but then, you need to act fast.

It is quite normal to hear your tires make some noise when you drive (especially during acceleration); however, it becomes a concern if the noise is very loud.

There are a number of reasons why your tires are making a humming noise; it could be wear, bearing issues, or bad alignment. Hereunder, we have discussed the most common reasons why tires would make a humming noise.

Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise?

Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise

Below are some of the primary reasons why your tires make a humming noice while you’re driving:

1. Wheel Alignment

When your wheels are not properly aligned, they could make a loud humming noise each time you try to accelerate after a stop.

This is the most common cause of humming noise coming from your tires. If you’ve not done wheel alignment for a long time, you should try that – it could be just what you need to stop the noise.

On the other hand, some drivers report that the humming noise can also be caused by suspension issues. You should run a diagnosis to ascertain what could be the actual cause of the noise.

2. Uneven Tire Wear

Another possible cause of humming noise is uneven tire wear – a situation where your tire threads have started to wear out.

When you hear the humming sound and it seems very unusual, one of the first things to check is your tire threads.

If the threads are already wearing out unevenly, that could be the cause of the issue. The solution here would be to get new tires to replace the ones with worn threads.

3. Wheel Bearings

If the humming sound continues for a long time, the problem could be from your wheel bearings. However, when the wheel bearings are bad, you’ll hear more of a grinding noise than a humming sound.

In fact, when the problem is with your wheel bearings, you need to act very fast, as wheel bearings are what fastens your tires; if they are bad, your tires could run off while you’re still driving, and that could cause a terrible accident.

How To Stop Humming Noise On Tires

DIYers would advise you to pull over, jack up your car and “spin the tires.” If you hear a noise when spinning the tires, it could be that the tires are bad already. But this requires strict carefulness and cautiousness.

The best way to stop the noise is when you know the actual cause. If you checked your wheel bearings and they all seem good, and you’ve also done alignment, yet the noise is still coming forth when you drive, then you should get a mechanic to run a comprehensive auto diagnosis test on the car to point out the issue.

More so, always ensure that your tires have enough air in them; insufficient air could cause different tire issues.

You will need to draft and maintain a wheel alignment plan. Remember to change any damaged tire on time and pay attention to every little unusual symptom you notice when driving.

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For the question, “why does my tires make a humming noise?” The answer is this, your tires are making the humming noise due to bad wheel bearings or uneven tire tread wear.

When you can find the cause of the noise, getting it fixed becomes much easier. Regardless, you need to get a mechanic to attend to the problem.

Furthermore, it is important to iterate the need to always have your vehicle serviced regularly; this maintenance practice helps to detect problems earlier and have them fixed before they grow into costly issues.

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