Can You Use Regular Gas in E85 Dodge Caravan?

Typically, an E85 engine can run with regular unleaded gas, which has 87 octane levels. However, some auto manufacturers do specify the exact fuel type to use on their specific models. But can you use regular gas in E85 Dodge Caravan?

For Dodge Caravan, the manufacturer specifies unleaded gas greater than 87. This implies that the manufacturer does not advise running regular gas on an E85 Dodge Caravan. Well, not everyone reads manuals, and some people love trying the “What If” clauses.

So, would your Dodge Caravan break down when you try to run the engine with 100% regular gas – no blends?

Let’s find out!

Comparing E85 Gas With Regular Gas

E85 gas is a type of fuel with a high ethanol concentration to reduce carbon/harmful emissions. It is renewable and has a friendlier environmental impact than regular gas.

Vehicles that use this type of fuel are referred to as “Flex Fuel Vehicles” or E85 vehicles. In most cases, an E85 vehicle can run with regular gas only.

On the other hand, regular gas is a gas with at least 87 octane levels. The octane level is what helps to prevent car engines from “knocking.” Hence, literary, the higher the octane level in fuel, the lesser chances for an engine using the fuel to “Knock.”

However, gas with higher octane levels has different names; 87 octane level is “Regular Gas,” above 87 but less than 91 is “Mid-Grade” gas, and above 91 is “Premium Gas.”

A vehicle running E85 fuel can also run any other type of fuel blend or regular gasoline. But particularly, does this apply to Dodge Caravan? Owning that the manufacturer instructs not to use 87 gas for the engine? Let’s see…

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Can You Use Regular Gas in E85 Dodge Caravan?

According to the E85 Dodge Caravan owner’s manual, here’s what the manufacturer says about using gasoline:

If your vehicle is E85 compatible, it will operate on unleaded gasoline with any octane rating greater than 87 (R+M)/2, or solely E-85 Fuel, or a mixture of these fuel.

Some additives used in regular gasoline are not fully compatible with E-85 and may form deposits in your engine. To eliminate driveability issues that may be caused by these deposits, a supplemental gasoline additive, such as Mopar Injector Cleanup or Techron maybe used.

This means that your Dodge Caravan, which is compatible to run E85 needs high octane gas if you don’t want to use it, or can’t find E85 gas in your region. In essence, the engine needs premium gas.

But in the same vein, there is no practical benefit for choosing premium gas over regular gas – asides from the higher octane level, which reduces the chances of engine knocking. Thus, yes, you can run regular gas in your E85 Dodge Caravan.

Regular gas is cheaper than Premium Gas and E85 Gas, and yet it offers almost the same benefits, well, asides from the fact that regular gas isn’t as eco-friendly as E85 gas – premium gas isn’t eco-friendly too.

What More?

So, in conclusion, can you use regular gas in E85 Dodge Caravan? For the fact that the engine can run on gasoline only, whether you use regular gas, midgrade gas, or premium gas, the engine should run fine and “normal.” However, you won’t gain any mileage.

Flex-fuel engines are currently the most versatile engines in modern cars. They are made to be versatile – accept different fuel types and blends – because you won’t find flex-fuel (E85) in most regions worldwide. Practically, all FFVs (Flex Fuel Vehicles) can run regular gas, midgrade, or premium gas without facing any fatal issues.

If the car seems to function abnormally after putting regular gas, check well, you got a faulty engine component, the issue isn’t from the fuel.

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