How To Reset Air Suspension On Range Rover

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How do you reset the electronic air suspension system in Ranger Rover SUVs? It could be as simple as ABC – resetting the steering wheel sensor can fix the issue – or as a bit tough, whereby you need to use Land Rover-specific auto-scanning tool to do the task.

Air suspension problems seem to be one of the commonest issues faced by Range Rover owners/drivers. The air suspension system is actually nice and advanced, but maintaining is practically a big deal.

Well, this article explains how to reset air suspension on Range Rover vehicles.

Let’s get started!

Can You Reset Range Rover’s Air Suspension System?

Yeah, in most cases, when your Range Rover’s air suspension system seems not to be working – especially if you got an “Air Susp.

Failure” notice on the dash – a simple reset would do the magic to fix back everything. So, yes, you can reset Range Rover air suspension system when it’s now functioning as supposed.

You know you need to reset your Range Rover’s EAS system when you experience any of the following:

  • Your SUV seems to lean on one side
  • “Suspension Fault. Stop Engine. Stop Safely.” Notification appears on your dash
  • Your SUV seems to be “squatting,” which means the suspension suddenly became very low and never raised up anymore

Range Rover’s EAS system may require a reset due to a number of reasons, but the common ones include battery changes and software upgrades.

How To Reset Air Suspension On Range Rover

Resetting the air suspension system yourself, you will save thousands of dollars charged by dealerships – and it’s even a simple task to do.

Hereunder are the steps to reset Range Rover air suspension system:

  • Get into the car and turn on the engine
  • Put the gear lever in Park and engage the hand brake (emergency brake)
  • Turn the steering wheel in one direction until it locks, typically 3 turns
  • Then, turn the wheel in the other direction until it locks again
  • This should clear the air suspension error notice, but if it doesn’t, repeat the steps again, and if it doesn’t clear the notice still, see a mechanic

How Much Does It Cost To Reset Air Suspension On Range Rovers?

Practically, it costs nothing to reset your Range Rover if you choose to practice the steering wheel, but if the method doesn’t work, then you’d have to pay to have the vehicle reset. You may also get an auto scanner for below $50 or a Range Rover EAS reset kit.

If you’d have a dealership or mechanic do it for you, the cost may get up to one grand, and if any component would be replaced, the cost could be up to $1,500 or more. Having the air suspension system worked on is one of the most expensive maintenance jobs to do on your Range Rover ride.

Can Failed Air Suspension Cause a Range Rover To Lower When In Park Gear?

Your Range Rover lowering a bit when you park the car isn’t a sign of a failed air suspension – it even means that the air suspension system is working fine.

Range Rovers are equipped with a smart EAS system with auto access that automatically lowers the vehicle’s suspension when in park gear. The “Auto Access Height” function can be enabled or disabled via the Vehicle Settings instrument panel menu.

Can You Convert Range Rover’s Suspension System?

Due to the high price of fixing Range Rover’s electronic air suspension system, some people choose to convert to regular coil springs, which are less expensive to replace and maintain.

Yes, you can convert the Range Rover suspension system if you feel like you can’t deal with the frequent problems of the stock EAS system.

Why is My Range Rover So Bouncy?

It could be that your vehicle’s suspension system is faulty; Range Rovers use a smart suspension system that constantly adjusts the vehicle’s height automatically based on signals received from the “height sensors” installed on all four wheels.

So, if you feel your Range Rover is bouncy, maybe you should have the suspension system checked and probably have one or two parts changed.

Anything Else?

These are tips on how to reset air suspension on Range Rover SUVs. Basically, you don’t need a helping hand – simply lock your car’s steering wheels on both sides (left and right), and you might have just fixed the issue.

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