How Much Money Should You Keep In Your Car?

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There are lots of things you would love to keep in the car so that you don’t always forget them. Also, some compulsory stuff needs to be left in the car, such as an emergency kit, toolbox, etc.

But how much money should you keep in your car? $200 should be the maximum amount you can keep in your car due to several reasons, which we’ll discuss below.

It is understandable that you want to leave some amount of money in your car so you can use it in certain situations (that may occur) while driving. However, you should be careful about this act; in this article, we will explain certain things you should watch out for when leaving money in your car.

How Much Money Should You Keep In Your Car?

If you regularly leave some amount of money inside your car, you should understand that things can go wrong someday – someone may break into the car and cart away with everything. Thus, it is advisable not to leave or save money inside the car.

You may be so confident about your vehicle’s security systems/features, but it doesn’t dispute the fact that even custom-designed cars get stolen.

What if you need to pick up certain things from different stores?

It’s pretty simple here, most stores accept card payments and transfers (cashless services), but if you must keep physical cash inside your car, then it should be a little amount and should not be left where other passengers in the car could see.

Even when you’re the only passenger in the car, don’t keep physical money where someone can easily see. This is a piece of security advice; when you keep money inside the car (and where it can be seen easily), some passersby might be tempted to break into the car and move away with the money.

Thus, not keeping money inside your car will prevent your windows from being broken (by a thief) in an attempt to steal physical cash (seen inside the car).

Considerably, you can get a box or find a hidden pigeonhole (or other hidden closets) in the car to keep money inside. We would advise you not to keep more than $200 in this save (either a box or your pigeonhole).

Hence, basically, when you’re thinking of “how much should you keep in your car,” consider a maximum of $200, and it must be kept in a hidden closet.

There are many other things that can be kept/stored in the car. These items are pretty important and help in different ways (mostly emergencies).

What Should You Keep In Your Car?

How Much Money Can You Keep In a Car

1. Emergency Kit

It is almost compulsory that you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. A lot of things do happen while driving, and having an emergency kit will help to save most unplanned situations.

Things you should keep in your emergency kit should include torchlight, jumper cables, gloves, gauges, and much other stuff, depending on where you drive frequently. More so, ensure that most (if not all) of the gears in your kit are water/weatherproof.

2. Medications

If you’re undergoing a therapy that requires you to take certain medicines at intervals, you should endeavor to keep those medicines inside your car. You can get a medical toolbox to store all the drugs you take to stay healthy.

3. Spare Clothes, Towels, and Rags

Some people keep spare clothes in their car so that they can quickly change to attend different occasions without getting back to the house. In the same way, you should keep rags and towels in your trunk – they help for various cleaning purposes.

4. Boots (Working Shoe)

For someone that works with boots and gloves, it is advisable to retain a spare boot & a pair of gloves in your car trunk. This spare kit can help out (safety-wise) in certain situations.

5. Chargers

Make sure you have spare chargers in your car for your mobile phones and other portable devices you use every day. In fact, it is very vital to keep these chargers, and when they go bad, get new ones.


How much money should you keep in your car? $200 should be the maximum, and you should keep it in a hidden place. Also, ensure that you reserve spares of your daily gears and wears in your car.

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