How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh?

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You’re looking at two car batteries and you’re imagining why it seems like one is heavier than the other? But how much do car batteries weigh? The weight of car batteries depends on several factors.

The average weight of car batteries is 40 lbs; most car batteries weigh between 15 lbs to 30 lbs; while there are fewer ones that weigh about 45 lbs – up to 55 lbs. However, it’s worth noting that the weight of a car battery has nothing to do with its performance.

Actually, the main determinant of batteries weights is the acid content! In this article, we’d explain the weights of different car batteries.

Let’s get started!

How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh?

Batteries are among the most important parts of every automobile. When a car’s battery is dead, the car won’t be able to start up. If the car is already running when the battery died off, most crucial parts of the car such as AC, power windows, dashboard lights, and other parts that need electricity would stop working.

However, the weight of a car battery does not have a way of affecting its performance. People that seek to know the weight of their car battery, do so out of mere curiosity.

The average weight of car batteries is 40 lbs. Most car batteries have their actual weight printed on a label on the battery’s body. So, check your car battery’s body to know if you’d find the actual weight of the battery.

On the other hand, electric car batteries are much bigger and are way heavier than regular batteries on ICE vehicles. Some electrical car batteries weigh up to 300 lbs – that’s pretty BIG!

Note: Whether a car’s battery is fully charged or the battery is completely dead, the weight remains the same. However, batteries that are bigger in size, are typically heavier than batteries that are smaller in size.

How Much Does a Lithium Car Battery Weigh?

How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh

You’d mostly find Li-Ion batteries on hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Li-ion batteries typically have longer battery life because they can store more charge than other battery types.

On average, Lithium-Ion batteries weigh between 25 lbs – 70 lbs. Notwithstanding, some Li-Ion batteries weigh up to 3,000 lbs (mostly the ones used in making Tesla’s electrical cars).

How Much Does a Truck Battery Weigh?

A typical truck battery would weigh between 40 lbs – 80 lbs. This includes semi-trucks, mini trucks, and big trucks. However, some trucks come with larger batteries that weigh above 100 lbs.

How Much Do Electric Car Batteries Weigh?

Electric cars run majorly with batteries; so, they need higher capacity batteries, which is tantamount to heavier batteries. Tesla electric vehicle batteries weigh from 1,000 lbs upwards; they are big and denser than batteries used on other EVs.

Asides from Tesla’s heavy batteries, other EVs and hybrids’ batteries typically weigh between 100 lbs to 500 lbs. EV batteries are Lithium-Ion, mostly.

How Much Does a Tesla Car Battery Weigh?

As mentioned earlier, Tesla car batteries are the heaviest out there. Some Tesla models have batteries that weigh a whopping 2,000 lbs.

The average Tesla car battery weighs 900 lbs. Model S battery weight is 1,200 lbs and Model 3 battery is 1,060 lbs.

Does Car Battery Size Matter?

Practically, the weight of your car’s battery doesn’t affect anything, except for when you need to take the battery out of the car; if the battery is very heavy, you may need a helping hand; but, performance-wise, the weight of a battery doesn’t really play a role.

Car batteries are built to power everything in the vehicle they are installed into; so, the size and design of the battery in your car were decided based on the accessories and systems it needed to power in the car. EV batteries are bigger because they perform more tasks than the battery on ICE vehicles.

What Makes Car Batteries Heavy?

The content of the battery is what makes it heavier or lighter. Basically, batteries made with “Lead” are the heaviest type of batteries because lead on itself is dense and heavy.

What More?

Conclusively, how much do car batteries weigh? Regular ICE vehicle batteries weigh between 20 lbs to 60 lbs, while electrical cars’ batteries weigh from 100 lb to 1,500 lbs. Practically, the weight of a  battery doesn’t matter in its performance rating.

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