Do Jeep Wranglers Have Remote Start?

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Remote start means you can start your car without coming close; this is very useful to many people as it allows them to start and warm up their car early in the morning or whenever they feel like doing it. Luxury cars come with this feature, and most non-luxury cars have the feature installed in their higher trim levels.

So, do Jeep Wranglers have remote start? Yes, but only on newer models. Wrangler models up to the 2018 model year do not come with a remote start feature from the factory. If you find a 2007 – 2018 Wrangler with such a feature, it is installed by the current or previous owner of the SUV.

In times like this, when remote start is one of the sort after features on modern cars, Jeep has started adding the feature to its Wrangler models, starting with the 2020 model year.

Do Jeep Wranglers Have Remote Start?

do jeep wranglers have remote start
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Wranglers are built with top-class in-car technologies, as expected from prestigious rides of its class. Some impressive techs on Wranglers include WiFi hotspots, touchscreen infotainment with navigation, a patented driver-assist suite, and much more.

But while Wranglers are equipped with many good technologies, most of them (particularly older models) lack an important one – remote start. Jeep Wranglers produced up to the 2018 model year do not have remote start as a standard feature across all trim levels.

However, many owners of these models range Wranglers installed the feature on their models; yes, you can custom install the remote start function on 2007 – 2018 Wranglers, and it would function seamlessly.

On older Wranglers, what comes standard is “Remote Unlock.” A feature that lets your car doors unlock once you’re in proximity. This is possible because the key fob is built with sensors that communicate with the sensors on the car’s body; so, when you’re close to the vehicle, both sensors trigger, and your car automatically unlocks – without even pressing a button.

Remote unlock is not the same as “Remote Start.” The latter starts the car and warms the engine for as long as you wish, and also allows you to turn off the engine when you feel like it has warmed up enough. On the other hand, remote unlock only unlocks the SUV’s doors so you can get into the car easily.

If you want to get a factory remote start on a Wrangler, you’d have to go for the newer models from 2020 upwards. Well, Wranglers aren’t so expensive. A brand new 2020 Jeep Wrangler costs around $29,000 for the base model, which integrates the remote start feature, along with many other impressive features on the UConnect suite.

The Jeep Wrangler remote start works within a 328-foot distance. This means you have to be closer or not farther than 328ft away from your Wrangler to start it remotely. Also, Wranglers after the 2018 model year features a “Push-to-Start” button installed in the car. Both the remote start and push-to-start features on newer Jeep Wranglers are really exciting to use.

How Does Jeep Wrangler Remote Start Function Work?

The remote start function is integrated into the car’s remote; you have to press the “Start” button on the key fob two or three times consecutively (within 5 seconds) to start the car. Also, you can use the remote feature to start your car up to times time while the car is parked out at a place; the third time, you’d need to manually open the car.

Don’t get confused here; this means that if you park your Wrangler, you can use the remote start feature to warm up the car up to two times while it is still parked (not driven yet), after which you’d have to start it up manually. This is a security feature; so, if you remote start the car and warm it up in the morning, and repeat the same in the evening and still don’t drive out, you won’t be able to remote start the car again until you manually do so, then the cycle continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Jeep Wrangler Come With Remote Start?

If you’re driving a pre-2020 model, apparently, the remote start feature is not available on your Wrangler. But if you’re driving a model built after 2020, it should have the remote start function; check the owner’s manual to know more.

How To Use Jeep Wrangler Remote Start?

Press the start button on the physical remote key, and the car will start up immediately. If you had a timeout setting, the car would turn off when the time out is reached. You can start your Wrangler using the remote start feature for a maximum of two times until you drive out, then the cycle continues.

Are Jeep Wranglers Push to Start?

Yes, newer models of the Jeep Wrangler have a push-to-start button feature installed in them. This button can be used to start the car instead of using the physical car key – it comes in handy if you misplace your keys.


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