Cars With Massage Seats

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Imagine having therapeutic relief on the road —that is EXACTLY with cars with massage seats do; you don’t need a masseur. 

And there are different models of cars (too many to count) with this feature that also has flexible positioning for comfortable seating and heated seats for warmth. But a seat unsuited to your body can feel like a tool of torture on long trips.

So this is what we did: 

Below we hand-picked ONLY the best cars with top-notch massage seats. In most of them, you don’t have to spend much money to be comfortable.

Cars With Massage Seats

1. 2016 Lincoln MKZ

cars with massage seats
Photo by Greg Gjerdingen via Wikimedia

A mid-size luxury vehicle that takes pride in its refinement is the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. Although Lincoln’s Active Motion massage technology primarily attends to the driver and front seat passenger, five passengers can unwind inside the MKZ.

However, the passengers in the backseat are not completely screwed. The 2016 MKZ includes many accessible entertainment and comfort amenities and heated back seats.

The 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder and the 3.7-liter normally aspirated V-6 engines are available with all-wheel drive in the gasoline MKZ versions.

The 2016 Lincoln MKZ hybrid, which offers 188 horsepower from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor, is notable for starting at the same price as the base model.

2. 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a lineup of upmarket midsize cars that serve as the company’s entry-level offering. The E-Class offers a wide range of options to potential buyers, with coupe, sedan, wagon, and convertible body styles all available.

Despite the various body types, the 2016 E-Class is available in many high-end configurations with luxuries like a massaging driver’s seat.

From the entry-level E250 BlueTEC, a turbodiesel four-cylinder, to the top-of-the-line E63 AMG S, a twin-turbocharged V-8, Mercedes-Benz builds the E-Class with a ton of potential drivetrains.

There are several desired solutions available to balance the budget and power priorities.

This car has many high-end safety features, such as front collision monitoring with automatic braking and blind spot monitoring, as you might anticipate.

3. 2016 Cadillac XTS

The 2016 Cadillac XTS is a full-size premium car with comfort, style, and high-tech features that contemporary premium consumers have grown accustomed to expecting.

A 3.6-liter, 304-horsepower V-6 powering the Cadillac XTS is available.

This engine is also offered in a twin-turbo variant, which increases horsepower to 410.

This luxury cruiser can be equipped with all-wheel drive to improve its all-weather performance.

Here is the exciting part!

The massaging seat option, which debuted only last year, is one of many high-end features equipped by the 2016 Cadillac XTS.

The driver now receives an invigorating pneumatic massaging cushion in addition to the 22-way massage function with unique massaging profiles and memory functions.

4. 2016 Ford F-150

Photo by harry_nl via Flickr

To be clear, this vehicle is a pickup truck, but a recent redesign added a variety of modifications that illustrate how work need not be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

The heated and cooled front seats have a massaging feature.

It features a choice of four drivetrains, all connected to six-speed automatic gearboxes. It is built around a lightweight aluminum body with bonded and riveted panels over a high-strength steel frame.

For off-road capability, it sports improved shocks, skid plates, and an electronically locking rear axle.

This vehicle gives a ride that is more pleasant than it appears, despite its rugged exterior.

It offers a pleasant cabin furnished with high-end materials and travels without incident over uneven terrain.

5. 2016 Jaguar XJ

Photo by Vauxford via Wikimedia

A vehicle as exquisite as the 2016 Jaguar XJ should not be surprised to include luxury options like massage seats.

This driver-focused sedan boasts a competitive price, surprising communicative steering for a car of its size, and an aluminum chassis.

Customers can choose between the 340-horsepower supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 in the base model and the 470-horsepower supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 in the Supercharged variant.

If purchasers want to go all-out, they can specify an eight-cylinder engine with 550 horsepower and choose all-wheel drive instead of the conventional rear-wheel drive.

Although this car has massage front seats, the long-wheelbase model has massaging thrones in the back, indicating that it was designed to be used as a chauffeured car.

6. 2016 Lincoln MKX (Repeated NO.1)

The mid-size crossover car Lincoln MKX has undergone a complete overhaul for this model year.

The MXK seats five people in two rows and has more of an emphasis on providing a luxurious ride than on performance.

But it’s a partial flop.

The 3.7-liter V-6 engine in the base model has 300 horsepower, while a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 with at least 330 horsepower is also an option (to be decided closer to the vehicle’s release date).

The power is managed by a six-speed automatic transmission, with front-wheel drive as the default and all-wheel drive as an option.

The equipment list for the 2016 Lincoln MXK has also been updated. Heat, ventilation, and a 22-way massager are all available for the front seats.

Other elements abound to complete the bundle.

7. 2016 Audi A8

Photo by RL GNZLZ via Flickr

The standard wheelbase variant of the Audi A8 executive sedan has been entirely removed from the lineup, which is a significant shift for 2016.

To put it another way, the vehicle that Audi is referring to as the A8 this year was formerly called the A8 L.

The A8 can now be powered by an engine from Audi that ranges in output from 333 to 520 horsepower.

However, the top-of-the-line W12 is still available even though the once-desired TDI has been taken off the market.

The A8 includes high-end amenities, luxury features, and Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive technology as standard equipment.

The 2016 Audi A8’s front and back seats are heated and ventilated and have optional massaging features.

8. 2016 Ford Explorer

Photo by RL GNZLZ via Flickr

Up to seven passengers can ride in the 2016 Ford Explorer SUV, which has received minor external and interior updates.

The 3.5-liter V-6 basic engine has 290 horsepower.

The new EcoBoost, with a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, produces 280 horsepower. The 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost turbo engine produces 365 horsepower.

All come standard with front-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic transmission; an all-wheel drive is an option.

The Explorer has three rows, but the second row can be converted into captain’s chairs, reducing the number of passengers to six.

On the front seats, there is a massaging function. 

Also, additional amenities include removable seatbelts, heated and cooled front seats, heated second-row seats, and a third-row seat with motorized folding for more cargo room.

9. 2016 BMW 7 Series

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

The 2016 BMW 7 Series executive sedan is outfitted with a considerable amount of high-end premium technology.

The massaging seats in the 7 Series could be more impressive.

The interior of this BMW is packed with amenities meant to make the passengers feel special, such as heated armrests that coordinate with the heated front and back seats. 

A fold-out table and additional legroom are available as part of the optional lounge seating package for one of the backseat passengers.

Additionally, a “Vitality Program” is offered to backseat passengers as “active training” in case they start to grow comfortable.

The 2016 BMW 7 Series comes in three trim variants at launch. 

The 4.4-liter turbocharged V-8 in the 750i and 750i xDrive has 445 horsepower, compared to the 3.0-liter six-cylinder in the 740i.

10. 2016 Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Photo by Benespit via Wikimedia

Nobody should be shocked that a Bentley sedan priced in the mid-six figures has a massage seat feature in the backseat.

After all, it’s unlikely that the owner of this car will ever actually use it. 

The 2016 Bentley Mulsanne Speed’s seat massagers are integrated into incredibly plush thrones that recline, and windows encircle them with power-operated blackout curtains for a peaceful snooze. 

Bentley’s rear compartments also have foldable wood tables where passengers can relax with a drink chilling in the console’s refrigerator. 

The stereo system is worth the same as two domestic subcompact automobiles that are brand new.

For those prospective purchasers who need more persuasion, the 2016 Bentley Mulsanne Speed’s twin-turbocharged 6.8-liter V-8 engine produces 530 horsepower and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Common Problem Involving Car Seats?

The most frequent errors are utilizing the seat belt improperly, neglecting to tighten the seat belts, and disregarding the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Furthermore, 20% of all drivers who carried kids claimed they needed to read the directions correctly fitting the child seat.

Additionally, your kid might die if a seat belt is inserted into the incorrect harness slot, it is not placed correctly, or the harness clip is not aligned with the child’s shoulders or armpits.

What Is The Safest Seat In A Car Accident?

I know you are anxious to know the safest seat in the car.

Here is a fact:

Due to the proximity of the outside seats to the anticipated site of contact in a side-impact incident, the center seat ends up being the most secure.

The individual positioned in the center of the rear seat is therefore located further away from the “crumple zone” of an accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all children under 13 should ride in the back seat.

However, according to experts, the statistics are only accurate if the person in the middle seat in the back is belted in. Younger children, of course, must always ride in an appropriate child car seat. 

Between Leather Or Cloth Seats, Which Is Better In A Car?

Do you find it difficult to choose between leather or cloth for your seats?

Then make sure to catch every word from this section.

You must consider your budget and whether or not you are willing to spend more for leather vehicle seats because they are often more expensive than cloth seats.

Between the cost of genuine leather and a lower-grade fabric, several cloth upgrades may give you more choices. 

Here is a confession:

Both materials have maintenance problems. Although fabric doesn’t require the same level of conditioning, it is frequently more prone to rip, discolor, absorb scents, and gather dog hair. 

Although leather is more resilient, you must condition the seats often to prevent cracking and fading.

Leather seats don’t keep you as cool as cloth seats in a heated environment.

Take this into account if you don’t have a garage or carport and don’t intend to get a car with cooled or ventilated seats or, at the very least, a remote start to chill your cabin before entering.

Unlike leather, which you could stick to when wearing shorts, the cloth is more breathable.

Do Car Seats Expire?

Typically, car seats lose value between 6 and 10 years from the date of manufacture.

They expire for several reasons, including depreciation, changing laws, recalls, and the limitations of manufacturer testing.


An uncomfortable seat is the last thing I want on a road trip.

Many buyers put performance at the top of their priority list when buying a car.

However, a comfortable car with a massage seat and a well-equipped interior is the best way to ride the miles.

It’s crucial for those of us who drive a lot to have seats that support our bodies rather than fastening them to a thinly covered piece of plastic molding.

And there you have it; with these cars, you should have a better idea of the car you’re looking to buy.


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