Will Your Car Shake If You Need An Oil Change?

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What are the signs that show your engine needs an oil change? Definitely, when the oil in your engine is due for a change, you will mostly notice a drop in performance. But, will your car shake if you need an oil change?

There are different signs that could depict that your car needs an oil change. Also, there are many conditions that would cause your car to shake while you drive – mostly when you try to accelerate.

So, it’s more about troubleshooting to discover what exactly was the reason for the shaking. Regardless, shaking is one of the signs that your car is due for an oil change – it is caused by low or dirty oil in the engine or crankshaft.

Signs That Your Car Needs An Oil Change?

Will Your Car Shake If You Need An Oil Change

To better explain our topic for today, it is important to explain the various possible signs that depict your engine needs an oil change.

1. Poor Fuel Economy

One of the common signs to notice when your car engine is short of oil is poor fuel economy. This happens because the engine would try to use more fuel to carry out its function since it’s not getting enough oil lubrication.

2. Engine Overheating

Overheating is also one of the commonest signs of lack of oil in the engine. The engine and its components need constant lubrication to prevent friction and also run smoothly as expected.

When the engine is not getting sufficient oil, or the oil is dirty, it can increase friction between the moving parts, and thus, you’d notice that your car overheats excessively even when it shouldn’t.

Overheating can wreck an engine faster than expected!

3. Poor Performance

Yes, when your car is due to an oil change, you’d notice a drop in performance. This happens because the crankshaft and other moving parts that make up the ICE are no longer functioning as supposed to.

You really should fix this issue as it could lead to costlier damages.

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4. Your Car Shakes

Now, this is our main focus. Yes, your car is liable to shake when there’s low oil in the engine. Dirty oil in the engine is heavy with accumulated debris and containments; hence, it won’t flow well into the important places it needs to lubricate.

When this happens, the engine finds it difficult to run smoothly, and thus, you make experience shaking while your engine is idling. The shaking is caused by excess friction in-between the engine moving parts.

Will Your Car Shake If You Need An Oil Change?

From what is said explained above, it’s obvious that your car is liable to shake when it’s due for an oil change. The friction in-between the engine moving parts is what actually causes the shake.

Thus, depending on the friction level, your car may vibrate intensively as the moving components struggle to rotate and move smoothly against each other. Plus, another sign that your car is due for an oil change is dark or dirty exhaust smoke.

More so, if you frequently use the dipstick to check the oil in your engine, once the oil is dark or dirty, you need to change it as soon as possible.

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