What Is The Best Engine Cleaner? (Top 8 Choices)

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What is the best engine cleaner? Engine cleaners are compound formulas that help to loosen the grim and dirt on your engine so you can have a neat, shiny engine bay.

Yes, you can wash your engine with waterWhat Is The Best Wax For Black Cars With Swirls?, but that requires a high level of carefulness and you need to protect certain components from being damp.

Well, that’s not our main focus for today; here, we’d be discussing how you can use engine cleaners (a.k.a engine degreasers) to clean your engine’s exterior. Apparently, as you keep driving, dirt, dust, and grimes accumulate in the engine bay, and that makes the area very dirty.

If you’re someone that loves an in-toto clean vehicle, then you’d want to always have your engine bay as neat as possible, and that’s where engine cleaners come into play.

What is an Engine Cleaner?

The first time you heard of an engine cleaner, you thought it was a compound that cleans the inside of an engine right? Well, no, an engine cleaner cleans the outside.

Basically, motor oils comprise detergents that clean the inside of an engine, so an engine cleaner is formulated for the outer part.

More so, engine cleaners do not only work for degreasing your engine bay, you can also use them to clean certain equipment and tools (especially metallic ones) at home. These compounds reviewed below are among the best and safest (eco-friendly) products in the market.

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Why Do You Need an Engine Cleaner?

There are several benefits of using engine cleaners; asides from making the engine bay look neat, engine cleaners also help to improve engine lifespan.

1. They Help To Prevent Engine Wear and Tear

There’s no doubt to this, “dirty parts wear down easily than clean parts.” With engine degreasers, you will keep the outer part of your engine clean at all times, and that can prevent excessive wear; thus, contributing to improving your engine’s lifespan.

Also, a clean engine would reduce the number of times you’d go for servicing in a mechanic workshop. Mostly, it is the dirt and grime that form in the engine that restricts the performance of some of the core components in the engine bay; thus, causing you to go for servicing frequently than supposed.

2. Keeps Your Engine Entirely Clean

You wash your car’s body regularly to keep it clean and sparkling, engine cleaners help you to achieve a completely clean vehicle.

They can loosen even the strongest dirt that sits on your engine’s outer body. If you love to see every part of your car looking neat and clean, you need an engine cleaner.

3. Can Be Used On Other Surfaces

Although they are called engine cleaners, the formula works on other surfaces too. Hence, you can use them to clean other hard surfaces, including your tire rims and other automotive parts. They’re practically versatile and can even be used to clean some home equipment.

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What Is The Best Engine Cleaner?

These are the best engine degreasers and cleaners you should consider buying. They are made with eco-friendly ingredients and work on all vehicles.

1. WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner

WD-40 Specialist Cleaner & Degreaser, 24 OZ [Non-Aerosol Trigger]
  • Powerful grease remover and grime fighter in a biodegradable bio-solvent formula with durable, shatter-resistance trigger and convenient refill port; no funnel needed and no-mess
  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces. Unlike other degreasers, this formula will prevent glass from etching and aluminum, copper, and metal from corroding and flash rust
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, low-odor formula that can be used in food-processing facilities
  • Biodegradable formula meets U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standards and is 50-state VOC compliant. NSF Registered A1, A2, A4, A8, B1
  • Excellent for cleaning greasy automotive parts, tools, shop floors, industrial machinery, commercial appliances, and equipment

Wd-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner is a highly-efficient degreaser and engine cleaner. It comes in a 24 oz container and is made with a biodegradable bio-solvent formula.

This product is safe to use on all engine types, regardless of the vehicle. More so, it is safe to use on several other surfaces.

Interestingly, this formula prevents rust and corrosion. It is non-flammable, has a mild fragrance, and can equally be used in food processing stores. The formula is water-based and eco-friendly, it won’t burn your hand, but you should wear protective gear when applying it.

Main Features:

  • Water-based formula
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • The formula is non-flammable and contains a unique bio-solvent ingredients


  • Good for the price
  • Cleans deep and staunch dirt
  • Works on all engine surfaces
  • Mild fragrance, non-flammable


  • Some users said it didn’t work to clean other dirty surfaces

2. Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser

Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser, Multipurpose Power, Safe for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, RVs & More, 16 fl oz
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH - Signature Series Orange Degreaser is a professional-strength citrus degreaser designed to safely remove the toughest dirt, grime, and grease that comes concentrated for flexible cleaning power.
  • VERSATILE IN ANY SITUATION - Orange Degreaser is blended with powerful citrus extracts and hyper surfactants to easily cut through and separate grease and oil from any surface.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED - Orange Degreaser ships at full strength. Without added water to dilute the product, users are free to tailor their own cleaning solution to take on whatever messes they are dealing with.
  • REMOVE YEARS OF GRIME - The specialty formula easily cleans motor oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, or diesel fuel from engines. Remove caked-on mud, grease, and road grime from wheels, suspension components, and undercarriage parts. The uses are endless!
  • THE GO TO BRAND IN CAR CARE - Beginners and professionals alike choose Chemical Guys, not only for the finest car care products, but the world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge Chemical Guys is more than a brand it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following

The Chemical Guys Signature Series degreaser is inarguably one of the best in the market. It is made with a professional-strength citrus-based formula, sure to remove thick grime, tough grease, dirt, and debris from car engines and a wide range of other surfaces (mostly machinery, rims, and tools).

This product works great in cleaning engines and undercarriages. The fragrance is mild and eco-friendly. One of the reasons to love this product is the efficiency; it cleans very well, much more than most other alternative engine degreasers in the market.

Main Highlights:

  • Super concentrated formula: needs to be diluted to match your needs
  • Formulated to remove tough grease and grime
  • Comes in a spray container


  • Cleans the engine perfectly
  • High concentrated to remove even the toughest greasy deposit
  • Versatile and applicable on various surfaces


  • Must be diluted before usage; and after dilution, it becomes watery, making it a bit though to apply

3. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

Oil Eater Original 32 oz Cleaner/Degreaser - Dissolve Grease Oil and Heavy-Duty Stains
  • Low VOC
  • Non toxic
  • Waterbased
  • Package Dimension : 7.112 centimeters L x 11.684 centimeters W x 27.94 centimeters H

Here’s an affordable 32oz engine cleaner from the Oil Eater brand. This engine cleaner works for all kinds of engines, and of course, you can use it on other surfaces.

Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser does exactly what you expect from it. Interestingly, it comes with a manual that contains instructions on how to use the product.

Furthermore, this degreaser is used by most professional auto detailers due to its high efficiency. It removes dirt faster than most other alternative degreasers you can find within its price range. The formula is eco-friendly, so there’s nothing to worry about using this engine cleaner.

Main Highlights:

  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Mild scent
  • Comes in a spray can for easy application


  • Affordable price
  • Works faster than many other car engine cleaners
  • Can be used for any type of engine


  • Does not perform very well on thick greasy spots

4. Gunk EBGEL Engine Brite Gel

This engine cleaner is nicknamed an “HD engine degreaser” because of its high efficiency. It works perfectly for cleaning the engine bay to appear as neat as a brand new car would look.

If you’re looking to sell your car, this degreaser would help you make the engine look as neat as possible, and that can improve the car’s value.

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Gunk EBGEL Engine Brite Gel comes in a 15oz container, and it’s the favorite of quite many car owners and auto detailers. The HD on this degreaser stands for “Heavy Duty;” it can really loosen up strong dirt and clean them out. This product is safe to use on all kinds of engines, including truck engines.

Main Highlights:

  • Made in USA
  • Cleans car and truck engines very well
  • Mild fragrance, eco-friendly formula


  • Removes strong dirt and grime
  • Easily to apply and rinse
  • Cleans better than most other options


  • It is somewhat expensive

5. Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

Meguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser - 1 Gallon
  • Strong and fast acting for the toughest jobs
  • Residue-free performance prevents unsightly white residue stains
  • Pleasant herbal fragrance
  • Quickly breaks down even the toughest grease
  • Easy to use, spray on and wipe off

Meguiar’s is a notable brand in the auto products space. This degreaser does not only work for cleaning the engine bay, it can also be used to clean the tire rims and other surfaces of the car. The formula is very effective and can remove though debts.

This is basically the cleaner to use if you’ve got a thick, greasy, oily engine bay. Since this particular product comes in a 1-gallon container, you need to get a spray can where you can be pouring out the liquid to use in washing your engine per time.

Main Highlights:

  • Reputable, top brand
  • Water-based formula
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Good scent
  • Big quantity for long term use
  • Cleans very well
  • Works on all kinds of engines


  • Some users said it didn’t clean their engine as they expected

6. Aero Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Aero Cosmetics Wash All Multi-Surface, Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser. Kitchen, Bath, Floors, Furniture, Appliances, Home, Car, RV, and Boat
  • Professional strength cleaner and degreaser. One product for all your cleaning needs.
  • Home, Kitchen, Bath, Car, Boat, RV, Motorcycles & Aircraft. Excellent on Counter tops, Appliances, Furniture and Floors.
  • Safe on all surfaces including Paint, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Fabric, Leathers, Glass and Rubber.
  • Spray On and Wipe Off or Spray On, Scrub, Rinse Off, and Wipe Dry.
  • Meets Boeing Aircraft (D6-17487P, D6-7127M), Airbus Industries (09-00-002), and McDonnell Douglass CDS cleaning specifications.

The name says it all; this is a multi-purpose cleaner, so it can be used on car engines, home equipment, and many other tools.

Coming from a reputable brand, Aero Cosmetics, this degreaser can loosen strong dirt and grime to give you a clean engine. There are different sizes available, but the 32oz option comes in a spray bottle.

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Applying this cleaner to your engine is quite easy, and it can clean diesel exhaust. Furthermore, this product meets AirBus and Boeing Aircraft Specifications; just in case you care to know.

Yes, it is made with a water-based, biodegradable formula; it does not contain alcohol and ammonia, so it’s eco-friendly.

Main Highlights:

  • Available in different sizes: 18oz, 32oz, 128oz
  • The formula works on various surfaces
  • Comes in a spray bottle


  • Easy to apply and it cleans fast
  • Removes exhaust fumes and black dirt
  • Good for the price
  • Eco-friendly, good scent


  • Some users said the results they got wasn’t as satisfying as they expected

7. SONAX Engine Degreaser and Cleaner

SONAX 543200-755 Engine Degreaser and Cleaner-16.9 fl. oz
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE - Engine degreaser for all car engines machine tools parts and more
  • POWERFUL FORMULA - The perfect degreaser for removing the toughest oil grease mud dirt and grime off all of your vehicle engines
  • SAFELY REMOVES DIRT & GRIME - Remove grime on vertical surfaces and other stubborn or hard to reach areas
  • RESTORES YOUR ENGINE - Restore OEM factory shine & look on engines tools & parts
  • PROFESSIONAL DEGREASER - Ideal for handling the toughest jobs that other degreasers can’t handle

Here’s another powerful degreaser and engine cleaner you can use on any engine It is very fast and effective; more so, the formula is safe and eco-friendly. You can use this degreaser/cleaner on all car engines, including trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles; it works perfectly.

The Sonax Engine Degreaser and Cleaner makes car engines shine, and it’s safe on all components found on the engine bay (except the belts that do not need to be damped). This cleaner goes for an affordable price and comes in a spray bottle. More so, you don’t need to dilute the formula before use.

Main Highlights:

  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Water-based formula
  • Safe to use on many surfaces


  • Good for the price
  • Easy to apply and rinse
  • Removes though dirt and grease


  • The 16oz container is quite small

8. Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner

Griot's Garage 10959 Engine Cleaner 22oz
  • Mild degreaser perfect for cleaning engines
  • Spray-On, agitate, and rinse-off
  • Leaves surfaces clean and ready to be dressed or waxed

This Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner is good in what it does. It is a powerful degreaser capable of loosening strong dirt, grime, and grease, and it works on all car engines. The bran, Griot’s Garage is a notable one, and this particular engine cleaner is loved by most users who bought it on Amazon.

Furthermore, the 1-gallon size is available at a considerable price; you’d get to use it for a very long time. You may need to buy a spray can where you can pour in small quantities each time you need to clean your car engine. As expected, this cleaner also works on other machinery surfaces.

Main Highlight:

  • Top brand
  • Available in a big container (1 gal.)
  • Mild fragrance


  • Eco-friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals on the formula
  • Good for the price
  • Does not require further dilution


  • It doesn’t really take out staunch dirt; at least not at the first try

Types of Car Engine Cleaners

There are pretty different types of engine cleaners, but the commonest types are water-based, petroleum-based, and foam.

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This type of degreaser is suitable for electrical applications because you don’t need to rinse it out. However, it is not as powerful, highly efficient as other types when it comes to spot cleaning.

Water Based

As the name implies, these degreasers are made with water; they’re in liquid form and do not need to be diluted. More so, this type of degreasers are milder, they are not as reactive as petroleum-based options.

Furthermore, you could use them as a regular home cleaning agent to clean your home equipment and garden tools.


Apparently, this type of degreaser is the one that removes thick grease and grime from the engine bay. They are more effective in cleaning the engine bay as they can dissolve any strong dirt or grease.

However, while this type of degreaser is good in cleaning greasy deposits and stains, they’re not so effective in cleaning dirt caused by other substances.

How To Choose The Best Engine Cleaner/Degreaser: Buyers’ Guide

What are the things you should consider when buying an engine cleaner from the market? Consider these factors below.


Although you’re looking for a product to use in cleaning your engine, it is important that you also consider versatility.

There are some engine degreasers that can be used in cleaning other surfaces, machinery, and tools. A versatile engine degreaser would work for removing grime from various other surfaces.


The size is also important; you wouldn’t like to be in the market always looking for a new engine degreaser. So, it is important to buy a sizable one; however, some highly reactive degreasers may eat through the container when left for so long.

Hence, you need to be sure if the degreaser you’re buying needs dilution before deciding the size or quantity to buy. If the degreaser needs to be diluted before using, don’t buy the biggest size, it may eat through the container.


You may also need to consider the scent of the product you’re about to buy. Although most engine cleaners have a mild scent, you should confirm from the seller before making payment.


These are the top best engine cleaners in the market, and they’re pretty affordable. More so, the products we reviewed above have a mild fragrance and they are eco-friendly.

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