8 Different Types of Construction Trucks

There are pretty many types of construction vehicles, from tractors, bulldozers, and graders to dump trucks, crane trucks, forwarders, and many others.

Construction trucks simply refer to truck vehicles used in construction sites to carry construction materials or to assist in different aspects where mechanical effort – rather than human – is needed.

Although there are different types of construction trucks, not all of them are used frequently on sites. The nature of the ongoing construction is what determines the type of construction truck to be used on the site.

Here’s a detailed list of the most common construction trucks types used worldwide.

What is a Construction Truck?

A construction truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used for construction purposes; this type of truck varies in length and design to meet specific on-site and off-site construction requirements. Construction trucks are ruggedly built to withstand tough conditions and work in any weather condition.

Although they are called construction trucks, most vehicles are trailer lorries, dumpers, and “plants.” The use of construction trucks can help speed up the completion of construction jobs and ensure optimal on-site efficiency. You can also refer to these trucks as construction vehicles.

Types of Construction Trucks

1. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are the most common construction trucks you will find on virtually any site. They are built to transport construction materials to the site and export dirt or “construction dumps” to a dump site.

This type of construction truck is designed to carry the materials in an open or enclosed bed, which raises vertically or horizontally to dump the content on a site.

Many dump trucks exist, including side dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, standard dump trucks, super dump trucks, and many other models.

While the designs vary greatly, they all serve the same purpose – transporting construction materials to and fro a site. Dump trucks are also called dumpers or dump trailers.

2. Articulated Haulers

These are super-heavy-duty dump trucks used to move heavier construction materials around or off a construction site.

They are different from regular dump trucks because they feature a pivot joint that makes them more easily maneuverable on tight roads. The pivot joint allows the back wheels to move in the same direction as the front wheels.

Articulated haulers are equipped with an all-wheel drive powertrain and feature an open box bed where you can load the materials to be transported.

This type of truck is used in construction sites where heavy materials are needed to get jobs done. They can be driven on any terrain, but there are some models meant to be used only for on-site operations.

3. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are the most prevalent type of construction plant seen in almost every construction site – during the early stages of the construction.

It is a heavy-duty vehicle characterized by its chained wheels and a very big blade attached to the cab. This construction truck helps dig, push, excavate, and level materials on a site. Bulldozers are not meant to be driven on regular roads.

4. Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers, or cement trucks, are a type of construction truck that serves a specific purpose. As the name implies, these are trucks used in mixing cement and concrete on construction sites. Some of these trucks do not mix the concrete on-site; they transport it from an off-site location.

They feature a revolving drum placed on the truck’s bed; the drum mixes the materials poured inside and discharges the resulting mix through a channel path.

The mixing drum and mechanisms are specially designed to mix specific construction materials. Hence, the concrete mixer truck to get depends on the aggregate you want to mix.

5. Paver Trucks

Paver vehicles, also called paver trucks by most people, are a type of construction equipment used in road, paver (landscape), patio, and other kinds of construction. It is always used alongside a dump truck, which dumps the material into the paver truck to lay it flat and offer minor compaction.

A paver vehicle on its own is not a type of truck because it does not integrate a container or bed where items or materials can be loaded onto and transported over a distance. However, many people now commonly refer to the vehicle as a paver truck, which is why it is being included in this list.

6. Forwarders

Photo by MarkusHagenlocher via Wikimedia

If there are many trees and obstructs on a new site, they have to be taken down during excavation so the site ground can be leveled for construction to begin.

Forwarders are a type of construction truck used to carry fallen trees and obstructs off a construction site to a dump pit or anywhere else where they are needed for recycling or other purposes.

Forwarders feature a hydraulic ram that raises vertically to carry the fallen trees off the site. They are mainly forestry vehicles, but they are also used in construction sites where there are large trees and woods to move out of the site for work to begin. This type of construction truck is built in different sizes and styles.

7. Crane Trucks

Yes, there are crane trucks used in various construction and engineering sites. These crane trucks are pretty handy because they make it easy to have a crane anywhere around the site.

Instead of setting up rigid cranes at multiple places around the site, you can have one mobile crane that moves about – providing crane services where and when necessary. Crane and boom trucks can carry heavy construction equipment to top heights – up to 100 feet away.

8. Industrial/Commercial Trucks

This refers to the regular trucks you see every day on the road. Industrial trucks, also called tippers, are used to transport sand, stones, and other materials to or from a construction site.

They are pretty much similar to standard dump trucks but lighter in weight. Commercial trucks may not be about to carry very heavy materials such as loads of cement bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Construction Vehicles Also Called Construction Trucks?

Construction trucks can be regarded as construction vehicles, but not all construction vehicles are considered “trucks.” A truck must feature a bed – usually long – to store materials and a means of offloading the content stored in the bed. Excavators, trenchers, tillers, and other similar equipment are considered construction vehicles, not “trucks.”

Is Bulldozer a Construction Truck?

Basically, it is not. Bulldozers do not have a big tank or box to load materials and transport them from one location to another, so they are not trucks. However, many people regard the bulldozer as a construction truck due to the large blade used to carry materials from the ground to a dumper.

What are Construction Trucks Used Today?

Many construction trucks are used on different sites, depending on the nature of the ongoing construction work. However, the most common construction trucks are articulated haulers, dumpers (dump trucks), crane trucks, and forwarders.

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