Take 5 Oil Change Prices – How Much Is A Take 5 Oil Change?

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Is your mechanic charging too much for an oil change?  If so, this article is for you! 

Here, we will discuss the Take 5 Oil Change price. If you’ve never been to the Take 5 but have been recommended, you will appreciate this post. This is because we will tell you what to expect from their service, pricing, and other things. 

In Take 5 Oil Change, it ONLY takes about 10 minutes for an oil change along with the filter. They are fast, friendly, and have simplified oil changes. 

Also, their prices are pocket-friendly, and depending on the type of oil you want; it could be cheaper. For instance, for Conventional oil change is about  $5.97, a Synthetic blend oil change is  $7.97, while a High Mileage oil change only costs $6.97. 

You can choose between three common motor oil but Take 5 offers way more. And we’re going to talk about those as well. 

But first, who is Take 5 Oil Change?

Who Is Take 5 Oil Change?

take 5 oil change prices
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Take 5 is an American oil change company with 674 locations in 25 U.S. states and three provinces as of 2022: British Columbia, Canada; California; and Washington state.

It was founded in Louisiana in 1984.

In 1996, Take 5 opened the first drive-through oil change location in the United States, where customers could receive an entire service—including changing their oil and filter—within five minutes.

But as the years ticked past, it was later owned by Driven Brands Company, a parent company of Maaco and Meineke, one of the most well-known car care companies on the planet.

And it was on March 30, 2016; Driven Brands announced they had purchased Take 5 Oil.

In 2022, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the company in its top 500 ranking of new franchise opportunities at number 161.

According to Franchise Times, the company ranked 134th out of 500 franchises in their America’s Top Franchises listing that year, having improved to 18 spots from 2021.

Take 5 comes to your home whenever you need us. They offer the best oil for an oil change.

The best part?

You can stay in your car and change your oil in 10 minutes.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices

So, back to the initial topic.

This section help expand the Take 5 Oil Change Prices to help you find the best price for your oil change.

This way, you can spend less time worrying about how much you’ll be spending on your car and more time enjoying it.

And as said before, you’re getting 5 different oil change offers. We set the prices per quart, so if you’re paying more than one-quart expert, a change of price: 

  • Mobil 1 change will cost $9.97 per quart
  • Edge oil change cost $8.97 per quart
  • High Mileage oil change will cost $6.97 per quart
  • Synthetic blend oil change cost  $7.97 per quart
  • Conventional oil change cost  $5.97 per quart

Generally, there are three types of motor oil you can possibly use:

It’s either conventional oil o standard oil, synthetic blend oil, or fully synthetic oil.

However, at Take 5, you get to choose other kinds of oil that offer better lubricating properties but are more expensive.

Amongst all, fully synthetic oil appears to be the priciest.

Meanwhile, conventional oil is the cheapest; next in line is the synthetic blend oil.

Full Oil Change Service Cost At Take 5

We have talked about how to Take 5 oil change prices. Now let’s add the charges for artistry. 

When you go to Take 5 for a full oil change, they offer several different motor oil brands.

And the cost of your new engine lubricant price doubles per quart.

At Take 5, here is the full-service cost of each type of oil change—from the most expensive to the cheapest:

  • Castrol Edge Extended Performance (synthetic) – $84.99
  • Castrol Edge (synthetic) – $76.93
  • Castrol GTX Magnetic (blend) – $58.93
  • Castrol GTX High Mileage – $56.93
  • Castrol GTX Ultra Clean – $41.93
  • 5 Minute Conventional – $41.93

If you so seek a full oil change service at Take 5 and other car service centers will use a maximum of five quarts of motor oil.

Again, you should consult your car’s manual to determine the type and amount of motor oil needed and how often you should change it.

Take 5 vs Other Popular Car Service Centers

If you’ve ever needed a car service; you know how hard it can be to find a fast, affordable, and reliable place. You also know that sometimes it’s hard to tell which service centers are the best.

We’ve done some research and found that Take 5 is one of the most affordable and reliable car service centers around.

Here is proof: 

Car Service CenterFull Synthetic OilBlended OilConventional Oil
Take 5 ($5 coupon online)$79.99$62.99$42.99
Jiffy Lube ($10 coupon online)$99.99$76.99$46.99
Sterling McCall Toyota$75.69No available priceNo available price
Pep Boys$48$28$18
Redline Auto Sports$59.00$41.00No available price

What Services Does Take 5 Offer? 

You might think ‘Take 5’ only changes oils, but they offer a wide variety of services. 

Take 5 offers regular and advanced diagnostic services for all types of vehicles, including domestic and foreign cars, SUVs, trucks, and hybrids. We also offer preventative maintenance programs that provide our customers with the highest quality of service and value.

But let’s extrapolate that below: 

1. Oil Change service

Oil change is what Take 5 has been known for since the dawn of time —which is why they’re probably hard to knock out of the market. 

Their reputation proceeds them as they are known for offering oil change service at a very affordable price that can’t be matched elsewhere.

The best part is: they don’t just change your oil and call it a day. The oil change service also includes replacing oil filters, speculating, and changing the car’s other fluids.

2. Automatic Transmission Inspection

If you are looking for a reliable automatic transmission inspection service, look no further than Take 5.

They offer routine preventative maintenance checks for your vehicle’s transmission, torque converter, and fluid cooler lines to ensure they are at optimal levels.

3. Air Filter Replacement

We all know the importance of air filters. It helps maximize the car’s gas mileage and the engine’s horsepower.

However, if your air filter is dirty, you may be experiencing an increase in fuel consumption and reduced engine performance. 

Take 5 can replace your air filter with a new one to help improve both issues. 

4. Radiator Inspection

Take 5 also offers a professional radiator inspection service.

They inspect your vehicle’s radiator and will diagnose any problems with it, including leaks or replacement of fluid inside the radiator.

And suppose there is any major concern with the design or functionality of your heating system. In that case, we ensure that you know exactly what needs to be fixed before you take action. 

5. Wiper Blades Check-up and Replacement

Take 5 offers a check-up and replacement service for wiper blades too.

If your wipers are not working properly or clean, take your vehicle to Take 5.

They’ll check them out and make sure that everything is running smoothly. And if they find any issues, they’ll replace any pieces that need to be replaced and ensure you’re back on the road in no time!

All of these services are of the highest standards. They NEVER fail to meet customers’ demands which is why the brand enjoys high brand recall among all their customers.

How Often Should You Get Oil Change

There is a lot to process regarding how often one needs to change engine oil.

For instance:

your driving style, the conditions of the roads you drive on, and the age of your vehicle —bla! bla!! blah!!!

But none of these really matter.

The real deal is to check the manual.

Manufacturers usually recommend that their car models be serviced (replaced, repaired, or cleaned) at certain intervals. The vehicle’s operator’s manual also lists the recommended frequency of oil changes.

There is no better way than to heed the car manufacturer’s recommendation: 

However, failure to change the oil routinely will lead to overheating on some parts of the engine.

And when this happens, the engine won’t be able to run efficiently; it will not perform as well when running under duress or at high speeds.

You would be surprised how the deterioration of engine components (like the hoses, gaskets, and seals) will happen pretty quickly.

The parts may warp or wear out completely before their designated lifespans are up, so you might need to replace them sooner than planned—or even buy a new car altogether!

You should follow the car manufacturer’s recommendation for how often you change your vehicle’s oil—usually every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or once a year.


Hopefully, this little report will help you take a smarter approach to change your oil with the right brand or open your eyes to some affordable oil change prices.

Many websites and companies are looking to take your money and offer you services or products you don’t need.

It can be hard to tell the good from the bad when so many look slick and professional, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask.

But Take 5 Oil Change is one that NEVER disappoints!


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