Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut: Key Differences

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Struts are an essential part of every car’s suspension system. The suspension system is part of the drivetrain and is quite linked with your car’s transmission.

When there’s a problem with your car’s stock shock absorbers/struts, or you wish to change the stock options as part of your upgrade plan, Monroe has some good struts you can choose from, Roadmatic and Quick.

Monroe Roadmatic vs Quick strut comparison isn’t a complicated one at all. Firstly, both struts are manufactured by the same company and are pretty sturdy.

The major difference between these two struts (or shock absorbers as some may call them) is the design; Roadmatic and Quick are made using different materials.

Monroe Roadmatic

Roadmatic is a robust and reliable strut produced by Monroe for budget-friendly drivers. The Roadmatic strut is typically sold with all its assembly, so it’s ready to use out of the box.

Monroe Roadmatic doesn’t require spring compression during installation, and practically all its parts are integrated.

You’d find a compatible Monroe Roadmatic strut for your older truck or small car. The RoadMatic struts support nitrogen gas charging, all-weather fluid, and velocity proportional valving. Roadmatic is the most-affordable durable Monroe struts in the market. The easy installation is also something to cherish.

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Monroe Quick

Quick, commonly called Quick Strut, is a strut designed by Monroe. It is well-engineered to offer better performance on all cars it is installed in. The assembly typically comes with sturdy rods that bend up to 15mm without cracking; this is very impressive and promises much better performance on any road.

The Monroe Quick strut is inarguably better than most of its alternatives in the market, and it’s actually not expensive – just priced competitively.

Quick struts are popular because of their exceptional vehicle control capability. Quick struts reduce body sway, vibrations, and road harshness before reaching the vehicle’s cabins.

Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut

Actually, there are more similarities between the Monroe Roadmatic and Quick struts than there are differences. That said, we’d simply highlight the similarities between these two struts and the differences.


  • The Monroe Roadmatic and Quick strut have the same PSI rating of 150 PSI and come with integrated coil springs, making them seamlessly easy to install
  • Roadmatic and Quick are built with superior materials and come complete, so you don’t need to buy anything else to install them
  • Roadmatic and Quick struts are made by Monroe
  • Both struts are protected with a protective coating that keeps them from rusting easily


  • Monroe hints that the Roadmatic strut comes with nitrogen gas-charge and all-weather fluid for improved handling; this feature is unavailable in the Quick struts
  • The Quick strut features an upper strut mount for improved steering precision. This feature also helps to prevent noise, minimize vibration, harshness, and memory steer. Unfortunately, you won’t find this feature on the Roadmatic strut
  • Monroe Quick strut rod can bend up to 15mm without fractioning; the same can’t be said about the Roadmatic strut
  • The Roadmatic strut comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, while the Quick strut comes with lifetime coverage

Comparison Table

Predicted Lifespan65K miles50k miles
Special Featurenitrogen gas-charge and all-weather fluidUpper strut mount
PriceCheaperMore expensive
Warranty3 yearsLifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut, Which Is Stronger?

The Roadmatic strut offers more reliability and durability than the Quick strut; hence, you’d find the Roadmatic strut used by people who drive heavier-duty cars. Yes, Monroe Roadmatic is cheaper, but it typically offers higher quality than Quick.

Between Roadmatic and Quick Strut, Which Offer Better Performance?

From many indications, the Monroe Quick strut seems to offer better performance than the Roadmatic model. Monroe Quick minimizes vibrations to the barest minimum that you may never feel it; Monroe also alleges that Quick is more flexible than Roadmatic.

Are Roadmatic and Quick Struts The Same?

They are from the same manufacturer, Monroe, but not the same product. Both Roadmatic and Quick struts are built for optimal performance and long-lasting use; however, the Roadmatic is sold at a cheaper price, even though it looks tougher and more reliable. Conversely, Monroe Quick struts are flexible and usually the preferred choice for small car owners.


This Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick strut comparison covers the straightforward differences and similarities between two of the best struts in the market. Making a final choice between Roadmatic and Quick strut depends on your budget, preference, and vehicle type.

One thing is for sure, installing Roadmatic or Quick struts is dead simple; you don’t need to compress anything; the struts come ready to install right out of the box. If the installation looks too mechanical for you, it’d be best to have an auto mechanic handle it.

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