Is Nissan Sentra a Good Car? (Is it Reliable?)

Nissan is one of the top Japanese automakers; the company manufactures various types of automobiles and auto accessories. Among all Nissan’s auto series, the Sentra series has some of the coolest rides you can buy from Nissan. But is Nissan Sentra a good car?

Yes, the Nissan Sentra is a good car; however, some years fails to score high in predictable reliability ratings. Notwithstanding, Sentras are “top-notch” cars you can drive in any condition.

The Nissan Sentra is ranked in the compact car category with the likes of Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, and Volkswagen Jetta. Sentra is basically the cheapest compact car among these aforementioned models.

Let’s quickly learn more about the Nissan Sentra and it’s reliability!

Nissan Sentra Overview

Sentras are built as compact cars and they come with several new features as you would expect from a car within the category. Typically, Nissan Sentras look good and attractive, and they come with active safety features that are really handy. But Sentras aren’t the best overall in their category of compact cars/sedans.

The Nissan Sentra series started producing in 1982, and over the years, Sentras have been redesigned a few times. Again, in 2020, Nissan introduced an all-new design for newer Sentras. The 2020 Sentra debuted the all-new design, and it looked pretty cool.

Although Sentras have always looked pretty attractive, the recent models from 2020 look better. It is easy to rank the new 2022 Sentra as one of the top 5 best cars in its class. There are three trim levels available for the newer Sentra models: S, SV, and SR. All trim levels come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities.

Furthermore, you may want to know that every Sentra comes with a 149-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and front-wheel drive. Sentras also come with an independent rear suspension – with wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches.

Is Nissan Sentra a Good Car?

Overall, Sentras are a good sedan to buy; they are pretty powerful to an extent and provide the driver and passengers with good comfort. The exterior styling, interior design, driving feel, and infotainment system are just the way you’d love them to be.

But, understanding that the design and feel of a vehicle are not all to look out for, Sentras are equipped with sturdy drivetrains/powertrains, coupled with decent 4-cylinder engines that deliver a few hundred horsepower and torque.

A few points worth noting about Nissan Sentras is that they do not come with hybrid powertrains or turbocharged engines, which is unlike what you get from competing models from other automakers. Also, Sentras do not offer manual-transmission options, and they are always designed as front-wheel-drive vehicles.

Even with the non-so-impressive engines packed into Sentras, they make a good ride for a lot of people (mostly males), thanks to the enchanting design, safety features, and comfortability.

The 2022 Sentra comes in three trims: S, SV, and SR, the SR trim has a sportier suspension and 18-inch wheels, along with other decent qualities many shoppers would appreciate. Furthermore, the 2022 Sentra takes home 5 out of 5 safety ratings by the NHTSA and 85 out of 100 for reliability by J.D. Power.

Is Nissan Sentra Reliable?

Sentras are very reliable – RepairPal rates Nissan Sentras 4 out of 5 in reliability, and the 2022 Sentra takes home 85 out of 100 in terms of reliability rating by J.D. Power. Sentras are cool and reliable, and they come with many safety features too.

Related Questions

Does Nissan Sentras Have a Lot Of Problems?

Sentras are among the least problematic Nissan cars to buy. They are built strong and have high-reliability ratings. Also, Sentras are affordable and cheap to maintain; they are among the best coolest cars from the Japanese automaker, Nissan.

How Long Does Nissan Sentras Last?

Sentras can last up to 250,000 miles, and with proper maintenance, they can go above 300,000 miles before needing major repairs. The drivetrain in Nissan Sentras is pretty sturdy and reliable to a great extent.

What is a Nissan Sentra Comparable To?

You can compare Nissan Sentras with Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, and Volkswagen Jettas. However, among all these, Sentras are more affordable (talking of the base trims).


So, is Nissan Sentra a good car? Yes, the Nissan Sentra is a good compact car to drive around the city. It is pretty attractive on the inside and the outside too.

Sentras are front-wheel drives with CVT transmissions paired with 4-cylinder engines. They are very much affordable with brand new models starting at $19,000 for the base trims.

In terms of reliability, Sentras are worthy and can last for a very long time if maintained and driven carefully. If you need a classic ride with so many safety features, Sentras are a perfect consideration. However, they are not the best in their class.

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