Goodyear Ultraterrain Vs Duratrac: Key Differences

Goodyear is one of the most popular tire manufacturers globally. The company owns multiple tire manufacturing plants in several countries and produces different types of tires for different seasons and vehicles. Goodyear is labelled a premium tire manufacturer; its tires rival Michelin, Firestone, and Yokohama tires.

The Goodyear Ultraterrain vs Duratrac comparison is more like a debate on which Goodyear tire is more suitable for off-roading and driving through rough paths. Notwithstanding, these two tire series are suitable for on-road tours and provide optimal traction regardless of the road condition.

Ultraterrain can seamlessly drive through the snow and muddy roads; the Duratrac series also perform well on snowy and muddy paths but seem at its best when off-roading. How do these “best” Goodyear tire series compare with each other? Let’s see.

Goodyear Ultraterrain

The UltraTerrain is alleged to deliver some outstanding off-road performance without compromise. Well, that’s what the manufacturer, Goodyear, says, and it’s actually not different from the truth.

Goodyear Ultraterrain looks “Rugged” and sturdy – mere looking at the tires, you could see the tough, adventure-hungry treads.

Ultraterrain tires are produced with a seemingly all-season rubber compound, which makes the tires suitable for use in any weather, season, or temperature.

The treads are thick and well-designed to resist chips and cuts while driving through rough paths. Also, Goodyear Ultraterrain tires feature a computer-optimized contact patch to ensure stability in any driving condition.

Goodyear Duratrac

Is Duratrac the opposite of Ultraterrain? No, they are actually similar in many aspects. Goodyear Duratrac is one hell of a tough tire that sticks with your car all year round. Yeah, it is an all-season, durable tire with aggressive treads that can go through the toughest paths without compromising performance.

More interestingly, the Duratrac is less noisy than most other Goodyear tire series. Duratrac tires are built with the company’s patented TractiveGroove Technology, which improves the traction capabilities of the tires when driving through different paths, including snowy paths.

Goodyear Duratrac tires are available in different sizes.

Goodyear Ultraterrain vs Duratrac

Available SizesMultiple size optionsMultiple size options
PurposeOff-road, snow, mudOff-road, snow, winter
PriceCheaperMore expensive

On/Off Road Performance

The truth is that both Utraterrain and Duratrac tires deliver outstanding on and off-road performance, regardless of the road condition (wet or dry). Whether accelerating, cornering, or drifting, the Utraterrain and Duratrac tires offer good traction to ensure your car doesn’t slip.

In other words, Ultraterrain and Duratrac tires deliver decent-enough grip when driving on wet or dry tracks.

When touring off-road terrains, Utraterrain tires may seem to produce less power, while the Duratrac seems to push harder. It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint the actual winner in this aspect as both tires inarguably give you what you want off and on the road.

Snow/Winter Driving

While the Duratrac tires can drive through any path, they do not perform so well in the snow. Yes, they are winter-ready, but they do not give you that excellent, seamless experience driving through snowy paths.

On the other hand, the Ultraterrain tires can easily go through snowy paths without hesitation. Yeah, Ultraterrain does much better in the snow than Duratrac.

Sizes and Specs

It’d be quite cumbersome to list all specs and sizes of Goodyear Ultraterrain and Duratrac tires. Both series offer several tire sizes, which also have different load ratings, speed index ratings, and other important specs worth checking.

One thing is sure; you’d find the right size for your truck or SUV, regardless of the series you decide to go with.

Handling, Comfort, and Noise

In terms of handling, Ultraterrain and Duratrac tires perform very well; they are also comfortable to drive – providing you with enough stability even in corners.

However, it’d be hoarse to say these tires are not noisy. Both the Duratrac and Ultraterrain tires are pretty noisy, but the thing is, you can cope with the road noise – it’s not too loud.

Highlight Difference

While many things seem similar about Goodyear’s Duratrac and Ultraterrain tires, here’s the highlight (main difference) worth noting.

Ultraterrain tires typically feature a tighter tread pattern and are built with newer tread and rubber technologies to offer a smoother, quieter driving experience, while Duratracs feature broader treads that minimize the void ratio and reduce road noise.


The Goodyear Ultraterrain vs. Duratrac comparison is quite tricky because both tire series offer similar performance, durability, and pricing. But then, if you drive in the snowy time, you’d have a much better experience with an Ultraterrain model.

Goodyear Duratracs are preferable if you’re just looking for a heavy-duty off-road tire you can use to tour rough paths all through the year.

Lastly, whether you choose Duratrac or Ultraterrain, the tread warranty coverage is the same, but depending on the store you bought from, there may be other coverage options available to you.

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