Does Adding a Cold Air Intake Void Warranty?

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Most times, you may be tempted to install certain aftermarket auto tune-up gears to improve the appearance of your car or boost the engine’s performance.

For example, adding a cold air intake to your car can help reduce overheating and stop other engine problems, but then, does adding a cold air intake void warranty?

For a fact, no car owner would intentionally want to void the warranty coverage on their car. However, certain actions such as using the wrong oil for your engine and modifying your car with some aftermarket accessories can void the warranty.

That said, adding a cold intake may, or may not void your warranty – we’d explain this below.

Does Adding a Cold Air Intake Void Warranty?

The simple answer is NO. However, there are conditions where the answer may be YES. What do we mean? Here’s a practical illustration of what we just hinted at.

If you install an aftermarket cold air intake in your new car, and then sometimes later, the car started having issues, which led to driving it to the dealership where you bought it for them to fix the car – as it is still under warranty (you guessed).

Your dealership would check the root cause of the issue, and if the problem is being caused due to the modification you made (in this case, adding a cold air intake), then your warranty claim would be invalidated. In essence, you voided the warranty with the installation of a cold air intake.

In contrast, if the detected problem is not traceable to the aftermarket cold air intake, then your warranty claim is valid, and your dealership is expected to bear the cost of fixing the issue (as indicated in the warranty terms).

Of course, if your dealership insists that the cold air intake is what caused an issue with your car, they must have to provide proof to back up their claim; else, your warrant is still valid.

These scenarios also apply if you’re on an extended warranty; in that case, you have to meet the warranty provider, not the dealership – or individual – you bought the car. So to say, installing aftermarket accessories do not instantly, or automatically void your warranty.

However, you should research and make such you’re buying an original aftermarket accessory (in this case, a cold air intake) that won’t cause any issues. Also, the installation should be done rightly – by an experienced mechanic.

If your warranty issuer or dealership says an aftermarket product voided your warranty, they have to provide proof – they owe you that.

What More?

Does adding a cold air intake void warranty? No, it doesn’t, but if the cold air intake contributes to a future problem on the vehicle, your dealership could invalidate your claim, and you’d have to pay for the fix 100%.

Modifications that instantly voids your warranty include altering the odometer and modifying the CAT converter; making these changes is also against the law.

Finally, always request a proof when a dealership or warranty issuer tries to invalidate your warranty claim – present the proofs to the dealership.

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