How Often Does a Dodge Charger Need a Tune Up?

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Well, after you have bought your Dodge Charger, what next to do is maintain the car so it can last for a long time. Maintenance and servicing are pretty important to ensure that your car would last longer.

Similarly, you should go for regular engine tune-ups to keep your Dodge Charger running at its best, at all times. Driving your Dodge Charger in for tune-ups implies having the spark plugs, filters, and many other components inspected and serviced (if necessary).

Engine tune-up does not necessarily mean replacing a component, and it doesn’t cost so much. But then, at what intervals should tune-ups be done? How often does a Dodge Charger need a tune up?

We’ll answer that below!

Dodge Charger Overviews

Dodge Chargers are decent rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive sedans with powerful V6 or V8 engines. The powertrain in Dodge Chargers are highly engineered for best-in-the-class performance, and they really deliver monstrous power for all kinds of driving.

Chargers are pretty reliable and can last up to 300,000 miles before needing a major repair. But well, for your Charger to last that long without needing a major repair, you need to be consistent with the maintenance and tune-up schedules.

Different drivers have different maintenance and tuneup schedules.

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How Often Does a Dodge Charger Need a Tune Up?

How frequently you should go for servicing or tune-ups depends on your driving style and habits.

If you’re a conservative and careful driver, yet you cover thousands of miles within a short period, you can keep a 7,000-mile tuneup schedule, which means you should take your Dodge Charger for a tune-up after every 7,000 miles covered.

However, the recommended schedule interval for brand new vehicles is 5,000 miles. This implies to say that it is advisable to drive in your car for tune-ups each time you add 5,000 miles to the previous reading on your car’s odometer.

This seems pretty too close for some people, so they choose to go with 7,000 – 10,000 miles intervals.

Also, you may decide to go for tune-ups each time you go for oil changes. Most drivers prefer to have their cars serviced – and the engine tuned up – at every oil change, which is usually between 5,000 miles to 12,000 miles depending on the type of motor oil you use for your car’s engine.

But then, one thing you should know is that you shouldn’t let your car break down before going for tune-ups – it’d cost you so much more.

There are pretty many places where you can go to get your Dodge Charger tuned up, such as Freehold Dodge centers, Firestone Complete Autocare centers, and RepairSmith centers.

When To Go For Tune-Ups?

Advisably, you should have a planned schedule for tune-ups – don’t wait until something goes wrong with the car. However, when the engine starts making loud noise, or you experience any of the signs listed below, you should quickly go for a tune-up.

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Related Questions

What’s Included In a Tune-Up?

Engine tune-ups may include filter replacements, servicing of the engine plugs, throttle cleaning, fuel system cleaning, and an overall inspection of the engine components to ensure everything is in shape.

How Long Does Engine Tune-Ups Take?

It doesn’t take more than 60 minutes to have your engine checked up; however, depending on a lot of factors, engine tune-ups could last for up to 120 minutes (2 hours). If something needs to be replaced or repaired, it could take up to four hours.

How Do You Know If Your Car Is Tuned?

It’s simple; your car would drive and sound better. If you were hearing some unappealing noise from the engine bay, the noise would stop, and if your dashboard lights were all illuminated prior to the tune-up, they’d get turned off after the tune-up.

What Does It Cost To Tune Up a Dodge Charger?

The cost increases as you keep covering more miles. Your very first tune-up may not exceed $100 for a brand new Dodge Charger. However, as you drive more miles, the cost could get to $400 or more. The average tune-up cost for Dodge Chargers as reported by RepairSmith is $600.


How often does a Dodge Charger need a tune-up? Anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 miles is suitable to set as the interval for tune-ups for your Dodge Charger.

It is important to go for regular servicing (tune-ups) even when nothing seems to be wrong with your Dodge Charger; this helps to improve the life expectancy of your car and saves you reasonable costs in the long run.

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