Can You Pump Gas With The Car On?

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Can you pump gas with the car on?

Honestly, this debate is never going to see an end. Many people can spin up a thousand reasons why you should completely turn off your car while refilling gas, and there are people who would give several reasons why it’s totally safe to pump gas while your engine is yet on.

But what do we have to say about this topic? Well, it is advisable to turn off your car when getting the gas tank refilled. Notwithstanding, if you leave the car on while pumping gas, you haven’t really broken any law.

This article explains everything you should know about refilling the gas tank with your car on or off.

Can You Pump Gas With The Car On?

The simple answer is yes, but it is not advisable. The high volatility of gasoline makes it very risky to leave the car on while refilling the tank. Below is a more detailed explanation to understand better.

Gasoline is highly volatile, and the slightest catalyst around an area where gas is being pumped into a car can trigger sparks, fire outbreaks, or even an explosion.

Also, as gas is being pumped into the tank, it releases vapors into the atmosphere; if your car is on at that moment, the gas vapors could come in contact with heat from the engine, which can cause a disastrous scenario.

Well, the possibility of encountering disasters while pumping gas with the car on is very lean, but fuel stations would always advise you to turn off your engine while getting a refill. If you leave your car on while pumping gas, the fuel attendant may politely ask you to turn off the car.

Quite surprisingly, some fuel attendants won’t proceed with fueling your car if you do not turn off the engine. So, while it’s okay not to turn off the car when refilling your car, it is advisable you do so – it’s for security purposes and a way of acting cautiously.

What Happens When You Pump Gas With Car On

The most likely scenario is a fire outbreak. If the gas vapors catch up with the heat produced from the steaming engine, it could cause fire to break out.

Although fuel stations implement various measures to help curtail such scenarios, sometimes, it could be severe and cause lots of damage, and of course, your car would be totaled.

What To Do When Filling Gas At The Fuel Station

If you’re feeling cold and need to keep warm, instead of leaving the car on and activating the heater function, you could wear your jacket for the few minutes you’d be in the fuel station. Some people may get off the car and find someplace warmer to stay until their car is refilled.

But then, if you’re going to leave your car for the attendant to fuel it (and probably go inside the store), make sure you turn off the car completely and go with the keys – keep an eye on your car (sit at a place you can easily see your car).

To further be on the safe side, you may want to consider getting your car insured against fire hazards. That way, even if your car goes into flames while at the fuel station (and it’s not because of your negligence), you could get decent compensation.

If you’re with kids in the car when getting the tank refilled, make sure the kids are not playing with anything that could trigger an electrical current. It is also important not to use your phone when pumping gas into the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Pump Gas While Your Car Is Running?

Well, some states or cities may have a ruling against leaving the car on when refilling gas. But in most places, it’s not a crime to pump gas with car on. The concept of turning off the car is a precaution/safety measure to prevent possible consequences, most commonly, fire outbreaks.

Should You Press Phone When Pumping Gas?

Avoid answering calls, browsing, or using your phone when pumping gas is advisable. This is also a precaution to avoid possible fire hazards that could occur. Mobile phone batteries are quite sensitive and carry enough charge to light gasoline vapors.

Asides from Fire Outbreak, What Else Can Happen When You Pump Gas With Car On?

Actually, the only possible thing that can occur is a fire outbreak. Pumping gas with the car on won’t affect any part of the engine or the components of your car. However, ensure you don’t light a cigar while refilling your tank.

What More?

Can you pump gas with the car on? Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t try it. Playing safe by turning off your car won’t cost you a dime. The possible dangers of leaving the car on when refilling gas are life-threatening. You don’t want to experience that.

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