Can You Drive With 35 Tint At Night? (Answered)

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Driving at night requires much lighting so you can see the road clearly. This is why most people use brighter headlamps and perform a few lighting tune-ups to ensure that they can drive comfortably at night.

Admittedly, tinting car windows, including the windshield, is one of the best ways to maintain privacy when you hit the roads. Tinting is also considered a “Luxury” tune-up to any vehicle; it is done in levels, 5%, 10%, 20%, 35%, and so on. But can you drive with 35 tint at night?

Yes, you can drive at night with 35% tint! 35% tint is quite light – you can see through it easily, whether during the day or at night. But of course, during the night drive, there has to be so much lighting on the roads.

What is 35% Tint?

35% tint means that only 35% of lighting is allowed to pass through your windshield glass. If you apply 35% tint on all windows, it means that only 35% lighting can penetrate your car from all sides. Actually, there are rules for tinting car windows; the rules are unique to cities and regions.

Most tint shops would recommend you do 35% tint all around, but of course, in some cities, tinting the front window(s) would get your tickets. Also, in some cities, 35% tint is too dark, and you’d be paying for tickets for driving with such dark windows.

However, in summary, 35% tint means to darken your car windows such that only 35% light can pass through. It’s all cool during the daytime, and you’re driving in the sun, the tint would help to keep out the sun so you can have a clear, undisturbed view of the tracks.

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Can You Drive With 35 Tint At Night?

Firstly, you need to get the information from your local authorities to verify if 35% tint is allowed in your locale. If you’re allowed to put 35% tint, then you can proceed with it. Yes, you can drive with 35 tint at night if there’s sufficient lighting on the roads.

In the absence of sufficient lighting, you may not be able to see “much” clearly what’s right in front of you. Also, it is advisable not to tint the front windows; you can tint all other windows you’ve got on the car – talking of the driver’s side windows, passenger’s side windows, and the rears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 35% Tinting Dangerous For Night Driving?

Not really dangerous, but you’d find it a bit difficult to see your blind spots and rear spots. It’d be cool to tint other windows 35% and leave the front windshield untinted, or 50% for clearer view in the daytime and nighttime.

Is 35 Tint Dark Enough?

For someone who cherishes their privacy and wouldn’t want anyone to quickly see them while driving, 35 tint is ideal. Yes, it is dark enough and people won’t get to see you unless they come really close to the window – to peek inside.

Will 35% Tint Attract Tickets?

Well, it depends on the location you drive. In some cities, the laws specify 70% – so, if you’re getting anything lower than 70 tint, you’d be in for the big tickets. So, confirm the minimum tint level allowed in your county/region/city before proceeding to get your car windows tinted.

Can You See Inside a Car With 35% Tint?

You’d need to walk really close to the windows before you can see through. While 35% tint inside isn’t much dark, it is dark enough to prevent people from seeing you immediately.

What Tint is Best For Night Driving?

It is quite personal; some people claim that 35% tint is cool for them, while some people say that 50% is the best for them. So, anything from 35% to 70% should be cool for night driving.

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So, can you drive with 35 tint at night? Yes, you can, but may have difficulties if there’s no sufficient lighting on the roads. In some cities, you must not tint the windshield, while in some others, you can’t go below 70%.

Find the rules for your cities and ensure to abide by them to avoid getting expensive tickets for your tints. Tinting car windows is a luxury and helps to maintain privacy – especially for popular figures.

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