BMW Warranty Coverage (Fully Explained)

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No doubt BMW has one of the spiciest long histories of selling reliable vehicles at fair prices. And comparing their vehicles’ performance, fuel efficiency, and safety features to those of competitors is simple.

But do you have any idea about the BMW warranty coverage and how to keep your car insured after it expires?

First, their warranty is a comprehensive package that protects you (the owner) against breakdowns and malfunctions and gives you access to parts support and, in some cases, even roadside assistance.

That is why it is crucial to know all of this stuff before buying a new car.

So in this article, we will learn all about BMW’s Warranty and what it covers, as well as some common questions you might have about it, like the benefits of extended vehicle coverage.

BMW Warranty Coverage: Everything You Should Know 

All new vehicles come with a warranty that covers certain mechanical parts and systems from manufacturing defects for a given period.

The bumper-to-bumper, emissions equipment and external body panels carry warranties covering specific years and miles.

BMW’s basic new-vehicle limited warranty is for four years or 50,000 miles and guards you against defects in materials or artistry. The BMW basic new-vehicle warranty applies to several areas, such as the engine, transmission, and suspension.

Should something break within the warranty period, BMW-certified technicians will make the necessary repairs using genuine BMW parts, free of charge.

The 12-year, unlimited-mile rust perforation warranty offered by BMW attests to their vehicles’ superior build quality, durability, and paintwork.

Additionally, BMW offers a government emission warranty that lasts two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, to ensure your vehicle operates cleanly and reduces pollution.

With the BMW Ultimate Care Program, you now get free routine maintenance for the first three years or 36,000 miles when you buy a new BMW.

This practical curriculum, which addresses oil changes, spark plugs, brake fluid, and other topics, ensures your BMW operates efficiently.

What happens, though, if your BMW is an older model with more mileage that is not covered by these manufacturer warranties? We also provide what you need if you’re looking to buy a used BMW and want the security of a guarantee.

We offer supplementary protection plans that cover your BMW regardless of age or usage so that you can travel worry-free for miles and miles.

While a BMW guarantee covers a lot of components and systems, you are responsible for certain parts that deteriorate due to normal wear and use. Brake pads and tires, for example, degrade with time and require replacement every few years.

Depending on the weather where you live, you can modify your BMW by adding brake pads appropriate for your driving style and adding particular tires, such as winter or summer performance.

Some of these exclusions include:

  • Damage to the interior trim
  • Damage as a result of  road salt corrosion
  • The use of non-factory replacement parts

You may protect yourself against future expensive repairs with habits like regularly washing your car, utilizing original factory parts, and keeping up with service.

Therefore, even though the manufacturer’s warranty from BMW is robust and generally protects you from costly repairs, regular maintenance, and care of your automobile will add an extra layer of security.

You have other options if you’re looking for coverage, even though BMW provides good possibilities through its new and used vehicle warranties.

Because of the brand’s familiarity, third-party extended warranties often cost less than those from BMW while still providing excellent protection against future repairs.

For instance, a vehicle protection plan covers the entire vehicle, including the engine, cooling system, electrical system, and more. And if your tank runs out while driving, you get the benefits of emergency fuel, jump starts, and tire changes.

Additionally, BMW extended warranties and CPO warranties are appealing options for safeguarding your vehicle. On the other hand, a BMW extended warranty takes a step further by providing ongoing coverage for your car.

The BMW CPO warranty is similar to their standard new vehicle guarantee. The traditional four-year or 50,000-mile warranty is included when you buy a certified pre-owned BMW with the option to extend coverage for an additional year and unlimited miles.

If you have a flat tire or need a jumpstart, BMW roadside assistance is available for your coverage. But their extended warranty plans are the complete option if you want the best protection as you use your BMW over time.

A BMW extended warranty covers your car for up to seven years or 100,000 miles beyond the original in-service date, whichever comes first.

Platinum Protection, Gold Protection, and Powertrain Plus are the three options that BMW provides for an extended warranty. Despite having the same validity, each plan has different coverage.

Lastly, BMW also offers extended warranties if you’re interested in adding further protection to your factory or CPO warranty after the first coverage expires.

A vehicle service contract, sometimes known as an “extended warranty,” “extends” a portion of the auto warranty that comes with your new automobile.

How Does The BMW Coverage Work?

The BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty is valid for 50,000 miles or four years, whichever comes first. It safeguards you against artistry or material problems relating to a wide range of covered components, as most guarantees do.

The BMW warranty can save you money on costly repairs, even though you’ll still be responsible for routine servicing and maintenance.

However, this warranty does not apply to parts like brake pads or filters that typically experience wear and tear.

Normal sun damage won’t be prevented by it, and faulty shifting won’t shield your engine from harm either.

Can I Get My Warranty After Losing The Receipt?

If your products or appliances are still covered by warranty, you must submit a claim even if you no longer have the warranty card.

You can still file a warranty claim in several ways, but you’ll need to demonstrate the item’s authenticity and provide proof of purchase.

However, a company must accept a warranty only because a warranty card was misplaced. They can check their system to see if the warranty has ever been applied. If not claimed, they must uphold the assurance.

Businesses must keep track of every product they sell and provide duplicate invoices or other necessary documents for clients to submit a warranty claim.

What Will Void Your BMW Warranty?

It will be in your best interests to protect your rights and avoid having your BMW warranty canceled if you fully comprehend all of the terms of your guarantee, especially if it is a limited warranty.

Full guarantees, which are required by law to pay for all replacements or repairs resulting from flaws throughout the guarantee period, are much less typical than limited ones. Therefore, the manufacturer or particular product decides what constitutes a voidable limited warranty.

By familiarizing yourself with the terms and limitations, you can identify when and under what conditions a warranty can be canceled. Keeping your receipt is also a good idea because it can be the sole record of the transaction.

Do You Need BMW Extended Warranty Coverage?

If a BMW warranty already covers your car, you may not require an extended one. However, as your automobile matures and the end of its manufacturer’s warranty period draws near, consider getting extended coverage.

The main perk of an extended warranty is your peace of mind. Although there is no guarantee that an extended warranty would save money in the long run, it does eliminate all ambiguity surrounding the price of auto maintenance.

You won’t be surprised by a large repair bill because your extended warranty contract already covers the total cost of all covered repairs. If you purchase an extended warranty from BMW, you will receive this help around the clock.


A BMW is a technical masterpiece, from the pistons to the brake system. Additionally, a BMW offer countless miles of enjoyable driving with proper care and maintenance.

But if you have technical issues, a BMW warranty will nearly always cover them as long as your car is still covered throughout the guarantee period.

However, you also can look for an extended warranty from a third party, which frequently provides comparable levels of protection at a lower price.

The choice is up to you, but whichever you decide upon, a warranty gives you peace of mind.

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