Top Best 9-Passenger Vehicles to Buy

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Nine-passenger vehicles are usually the best choice for concierge businesses and big families. These long vehicles provide a ton of space to contain up to nine passengers, including the driver. Primarily, people who buy 9-passenger vehicles are concierge/executive car hire businesses or enterprise businesses with many board members.

best 9 passenger vehicles
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Best 9-Passenger Vehicles to Buy

9-passenger cars can come in different styles – could be a wagon, van, SUV, or minibus. However, these types of vehicles are typically built with luxury features to provide executive coziness for the passengers. If you’re looking for a decent 9-passenger vehicle to buy, you could make a perfect choice from this list.

1. Chevrolet Suburban

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: SUV

Average Price: $50,000

The Chevrolet Suburban has always been built as a large car for large families. It is a super-spacious SUV from the GM brand, Chevrolet, that seats eight passengers as the standard configuration, but the seating capacity can be upgraded to a maximum of nine passengers. This SUV isn’t just spacious, it is well-built and equipped with a ton of accessories.

Chevy Suburban comes standard with rear-wheel drive for the base models, with an option to get four-wheel drive. Thanks to the sturdy engine and transmission options, it can go through any route. There are several model years of the Chevrolet Suburban; older years are dead-cheap to buy, while newer ones may cost up to $55,000.

2. GMC Yukon SLE

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: SUV

Average Price: $57,000

GMC Yukon SLE is a superb ride for large families and concierge businesses. It is a big SUV, sturdily built, and engineered for all kinds of driving. The GMC Yukon seats up to nine passengers on the SLE trim; other trim levels are 8- or 7-passenger seaters. Interestingly, the SLE trim is also the cheapest in the lineup.

GMC Yukon SLE can tow up to 8,000 pounds, is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and flaunts a superb interior design. It is a 4-door SUV that looks very much impressive on the outside and the inside. This large car comes with several driver-assistance technologies. The main attractions are the refined exterior highlights and heavy-duty engine options.

3. Ford Expedition EL

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: SUV

Average Price: $55,000

Ford built the Expedition SUV series to offer nine-passenger seating space up to the 2007 model year. After the 2007 model year, the Ford Expedition EL was built to offer a maximum of eight seating space. So, if you’re looking for a Ford 9-seater passenger vehicle, you should be looking at pre-2007 Expedition EL models.

The 9-seater Ford Expedition EL models came with a standard V8 engine that offered 213+ horses and 290lb-ft of torque. These were heavy-duty SUVs that can go through any terrain. But then, if you would sacrifice one seating space, the newer models of the Expedition EL are really a “great deal” for their various prices – starting at $55k for the base version.

4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Maximum Seating Capacity: Fifteen (15)

Vehicle Type: Van

Average Price: $49,000

Well, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter exceeds the seating capacity discussed here, but it’s a great minivan to consider when looking for multi-passenger vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter seats a minimum of 12 passengers and a maximum of 15 passengers; the seating capacity you get depends on the configuration you choose.

This minivan can tow up to 5k pounds with power from the 4-cylinder, 1,991cc Bosch direct injection engine. Horsepower rating for the base model is 188hp at 5,000 rpm and 258lb-ft of torque at 2,500-3,500 rpm. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is a luxury ride, and it comes with lots of exquisite features, technologies, and systems.

5. Ford Tourneo Custom

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: Van

Average Price: $45,000

Here’s another great ride from Ford with a seating capacity for up to nine passengers. It comes standard with an EcoDiesel engine – a 2.0L Ford EcoBlue – and offers up to four powertrains options. Altogether, you get up to 185 PS of horsepower; there’s a hybrid variant if you care to explore.

The Ford Tourneo Custom comes with flexible seats that can be configured in many styles. There’s also an L2 long-wheelbase version if you need more space for cargo; you’d get either three separate seats on the 3rd row and/or individual seating on the 2nd row, depending on the model you choose.

6. Extended 9-Passenger Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: Van

Average Price: $50,000

Chevy Express and GMC Savana are the same vehicle built by the specific GM brands in different years. However, these are full-size vans that could contain up to 15 passengers. Well, we’re looking for 9-passenger vehicles and not 12- or 15-passenger models; so, ExplorerVan has a custom Extended 9 Passenger Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana built on Chevy Express 2500 chassis.

This model by ExplorerVan is built for large families and it can be customized in many ways. It is equipped with lots of safety features and driver-assist technologies, including GM’s patented StabiliTrak system. The van is pulled to work by a 4.3L V6 paired hhhh a 6-speed automatic overdrive transmission with preset tow/haul mode. It is a great choice.

7. Chevrolet Tahoe

Maximum Seating Capacity: Nine (9)

Vehicle Type: SUV

Average Price: $50,000

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV built for executive transportation and large families. It seats seven to nine passengers depending on the seat configuration you choose. This SUV offers around 122.9cu.ft of cargo space and can tow up to 8,400 lbs. The inside is well furnished, making the car look pretty much like a luxury SUV.

Chevy Tahoe is available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations with a standard 5.3L V8 engine that puts out an average of 355hp and 383lb-ft. of torque paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Everything about the Tahoe SUV is solidly built for the harshest conditions. Other available features and techs vary based on trim level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any 9 Passenger Vehicles?

Yeah, there are a few 9-passenger vehicles; they are not many out there because what most automakers produce are 7/8-passenger, 12-passenger, and 15-passenger vehicles. But then, you’d find a good number of SUVs and minivans that offer just a nine-passenger seating capacity.

What is a 9-Passenger Vehicle?

Put simply, a 9-passenger vehicle is any large car that can contain up to nine persons, including the driver. These cars are usually longer than typical SUVs and vans and can be further customized in most cases.

How Many Passengers Can Fit in an SUV?

Basically, SUVs are built to carry up to five passengers, but because there are larger families that need a bigger vehicle, some SUVs are meant to feature a third row and increase seating capacity to up to seven or eight. Similarly, some SUVs have been designed to contain up to nine passengers – the maximum seating capacity for SUVs so far.


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