Who Makes NASCAR Engines?

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NASCAR teams have different companies that make the engine of their cars. So, asking who makes NASCAR engines is more like asking who makes the engine for some particular NASCAR teams. Racing engines are built to a standard, and they are carefully structured.

Companies like Toyota, Chevy, and Ford all make the engines used by different NASCAR teams. These companies build NASCAR engines to meet the specifications of the organization. NASCAR vehicles are not like regular ones, so they use particular engines.

This article is going to cover the companies that manufactures NASCAR engines and how they do it.

Who is NASCAR?

In simple terms, NASCAR is a car racing governing body founded in 1948 by Bill France Sr. The company’s headquarters is located at Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. NASCAR is actually an acronym for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Who Makes NASCAR Engines?

Just as F1 cars are specially built, NASCAR cars are also specially built to the standards of the organization. The engines used in NASCAR vehicles are not built by only one brand.

Currently, there are three top auto companies that produce engines for NASCAR; these companies include Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet.

So, NASCAR engines are made by Toyota, Chevy, and Ford. Dodge used to be one of the makers of NASCAR engines, but the company is currently no longer certified to make engines for NASCAR teams. It is safe to assume that Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet are the manufacturers of NASCAR vehicles.

When watching NASCAR racing, all vehicles you see on the track are either made by Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota. The engines of these vehicles are typically EFI V8-powered and use carburetors.

NASCAR engines are strongly built; they could last for over 100k miles, but in reality, they are meant for just 500 miles – one race. At the end of each race, the engines used on the various racing vehicles have done their jobs; they are taken down and rebuilt for the next race.

NASCAR Engine Manufacturers

Each company that makes engines for NASCAR teams must abide by the organization’s strict regulations. Notwithstanding, each manufacturer has a way of fine-tuning their engines to deliver the best performance.

1. Ford

Ford engines for NASCAR teams are manufactured by Roush Yates Engines; then engines are called FR9, and they are specially built for NASCAR vehicles only. There are currently seven (7) teams using Ford’s FR9 engines for NASCAR racing; new engines are for each new race.

2. Toyota

The engines provided by Toyota to its NASCAR teams feature a 725 horsepower rating, and they are all V8 engines, especially optimizing for racing in NASCAR.

Toyota makes around 350 to 400 racing engines every year for its NASCAR teams – with each engine built using blueprinting to ensure it meets NASCAR’s parameters.

3. Chevrolet

Chevy engines for NASCAR are called R07 – debuted in 2007. R07 is a small block V8 engine specially built for NASCAR racing.

Chevy’s R07 engines for NASCAR are capable of outputting 10,000 RPM and used “oil” as an engine coolant liquid. The engines are made by GM Racing.

Are All NASCAR Engines The Same?

They are not the same when you talk of physical design and appearance; however, all engines used for NASCAR racing are built to meet spectacular parameters in terms of horsepower, tuning, and other aspects.

So, basically, all NASCAR engines have almost the same displacement. They are built to be a 90-degree pushrod engine with a Displacement of around 358 cubit inches using Electronic Fuel Injection and Compression Ratio 12.0:1.

Notwithstanding, each of the NASCAR engine manufacturers does find a way to tweak their engines in terms of torque and powerbands. You won’t find NASCAR engines on regular street vehicles.

What More?

So, who makes NASCAR engines? Three companies that make engines for NASCAR teams are Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. NASCAR engines are built to meet strict regulations, and as such, the engines are not used on other vehicles not meant for racing.

In terms of performance, all NASCAR engines deliver almost the same output, but of course, the manufacturers have a way of tweaking the engines to try to deliver a little bit more performance than others on the track.

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