How Long Does a Water Pump Last?

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Definitely, at some point, you’d need to replace the components used in your car. This is because, after several miles, these stock components would wear out and begin to fail. The water pump system is one of the most important engine components you need to inspect regularly for failure signs.

But how long does a water pump last? Water pumps are built to a standard and can last for a long while. You should start paying attention to the water pump in your car after you have passed 80,000 miles on the odometer.

Here, we’d analyze how long car water pumps can last in a vehicle (regardless of the vehicle’s make).

How Long Does a Water Pump Last?

The cooling system in every car does a lot of jobs because it has to keep the engine cool at all times. As you drive, the engine heats up to extremely high temperatures; if the cooling system (particularly the water pump) is not functioning as supposed, the engine would overheat and damage.

Water pumps are integrated into the cooling system of modern vehicles to help keep the engine running at the right temperature levels.

The function of water pumps is to circulate the coolant throughout the engine blocks to keep the engine cool. The water pump component features a propeller and is driven by a drive belt.

Basically, the water pump is designed to last with your car; in other words, it is supposed not to be changed. But due to several mechanical reasons, the pump may start to fail and eventually damage if not fixed earlier. When a water pump starts to fail, it exhibits quite different warning signs to draw your attention.

You should start paying attention to the water pump after putting out over 80,000 miles on the odometer.

At this time, the water pump has been subject to several factors that may affect its build and functionality. Notwithstanding, some drivers never needed to work on their car’s water pump until after 200k miles, even.

Some common signs of a failing or faulty water pump include constant engine overheating, coolant leaking from under the engine bay, and hard starting.

There are other signs a bad water pump would exhibit, including rough idling; when you experience any of these signs, ensure to check on the water pump.

Changing a bad water pump is pretty crucial because it’d do your car’s engine a lot of good. Running a car without a good water pump is simply risking the engine for fatal damage that may total the engine and send you to the market for a new engine.

What More?

When a bad water pump is replaced, it is important to check on the drive belt and probably have it replaced too. Also, during the installation, the mechanic should be careful and fix everything back well, else the new water pump would fail quickly.

So, how long does a water pump last? It should last the life of your vehicle, but for several reasons, it could fail earlier – usually after 80,000 – 100,000 miles. Replacing a bad water pump is an important fix to carry out.

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